The Best Margaritas Ever

Seriously.  Way better than those overly sweet margarita mixes you can buy, which is what always makes me feel not so hot when drinking margs.

Real Fruit Lime Flavored Popsicles (usually a box per half fifth of tequila)
Lemon Juice
Optional Ingredients: Fresh strawberries, beer

Remove the popsicles from the sticks. Put in blender. (Usually you can only do about half the recipe at a time)

Start pouring tequila, make sure the mixture remains pretty thick, like a blended margarita. Add about a tbs of lemon juice, and VOILA! Delicious margaritas. You can also add a beer, as the fantastic Chris Thompson likes to do with his margaritas, and/or fresh sliced strawberries. And really, you can use any flavor of the real fruit popsicles, it’s just a lot less fake sugar, which is why I prefer it.


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