Layered Jell-o Shots

Raspberry Lemon Margarita Jello Shots!

College kids everywhere, take my advice: ditch the dixie cups, hit up a restaurant supply store, and pick up a ton of the 2oz salad dressing to-go containers with lids.  I traveled all the way to the Tri-cities from Seattle with 100 of these tasties for a bday adventure.  And an adventure it was.  Birthday boy fell asleep at the restaurant wearing a sombrero.

Danny and his first birthday Jell-o Shot (pre-Mexican food). Happy Birthday, Uncle Wilson!

Basic Jell-o Shot Recipe

~2 cups alcohol (one fifth = almost four cups)
2 cups boiling water
6oz Jell-o

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, and use a tablespoon measuring spoon to measure 2 tbs worth into each small cup.  Put into fridge and let set.  Mine were ready in about 2 hours, if that.  They were really speedy.

Orange Creamsicle, Raspberry Lemon Margarita, Strawberry Lime Margarita, Berry Cherry Vanilla

Layered Jell-o Shots

If you’re layering, half the above recipe, using the 3oz package of Jell-o, and only put 1 tbs worth of the mixture into the cups.  Let set for about 20-30 minutes, then add the second layer.  Make sure it’s set pretty well, or else you won’t get that impressive (yet easy) line you see in my pictures.  🙂

My combos were: Orange+Vanilla Vodka (not layered), Berry+Cherry+Vanilla Vodka, Lemon+Raspberry+Tequila Blanca, and Strawberry+Lime+Tequila Blanca

These traveled SO WELL.  We even left a few out of a fridge for a solid 24 hours, and they were still totally set (thank you, alcohol!).  I used real orange juice in the orange creamsicle and in the strawberry part of the strawberry lime, making it 1/4 part juice, 3/4 part water.  Each person had a different favorite, so I can’t say which was the most popular.

Our hotel fridge full of Jell-o shots


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