Fruit Feast

I’ve been wanting to do a cleanse for a while, but I needed a few days off work to avoid the inevitable crankiness. Also, I was tired of looking at cleanses that looked gross. Protein powder? Nasty water? No actual food!?!

Check out this beautiful bounty, thanks to Pike Place Market, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Safeway.

Fruit Feast

Three days of 1800 calories of RAW FRUIT. (And coconut water.)

There is no cooking. Just slicing and blending and preparing.

It’s gonna be a long three days.

I’m following the guidelines of this book: The Fruit Feast (

I’ll be updating this page with how I do, and with recipes as I go (if I like them). Wish me luck!

Day 1
Breakfast: Strawberry Pineapple Peach Smoothie, 1/2 cantalope
Lunch: Guacamole, Zucchini, Banana, 1/2 Cantalope, Grapes
Snack: Banana Pineapple Peach Smoothie
Dinner: Avocado-Tomato-Pepper “Soup”
1832 Calories
Week 3 Distance Training
End of Day 1: I have been eating literally ALL DAY, and I still feel hungry. I am hardcore craving bread, dairy, and meat. I also am tired, but not un-functional (I did take a nap today…). Everything today was pretty tasty, it was just a LOT of food! I like fruit, I do, but I’ve always been more of a veggie person, so it just felt like when you were a kid and trying to clean your plate, and it’s not going down easily.
Exercise wise, SHIT. Both of my 3-min run intervals, I hit hills about :30-1:00 in. Overall, just a not good run. I averaged 11:24 min/mil, which was decent for what I’ve been doing, but my ass got kicked hardcore today. My strength/weights workout in the evening went a lot better. I’ll post that if I start seeing results.

Day 2
Breakfast: Banana Strawberry Blueberry Smoothie, 1/4 honeydew melon
Lunch: Avocado-Pepper-Tomato “Soup”, Mango
Snack: Apple, 3 Kiwis
Dinner: Guacamole, Zucchini, Berry Salad
1781 Calories
Week 3 Distance Training
End of Day 2: First off, started the day down two pounds in 24 hours. w00t! Still have bad cravings, and I realized today it’s cravings for a lot of processed foods. Hmm, interesting… So I’d like to start looking into what I can start adapting in my diet, eating less processed and more natural. I still feel like it’s a lot of food. The amount of guacamole I eat comes to about 1.5-2 cups worth. Holiness. Definitely more irritable, and still tired. Headache most of the day from caffeine withdrawls.
I definitely didn’t run today. I was too lethargic for that, and it was pouring down rain. This fruit feast just isn’t giving me energy, and it may be because I just quit caffeine cold turkey for three days (although usually I can go a couple days without it and be fine, so I’m not sure). I did a lot of at home strength-type training, and I think tomorrow I will do the Jillian Michael’s Yoga DVD instead of running.

Day 3
Breakfast: Strawberry Banana Smoothie, 1/4 honeydew melon
Lunch: Guacamole, Zucchini, Grapes, Strawberries
Snack: Strawberry Cranberry Pomegranate Smoothie, Apple
Dinner: Zucchini Pasta, 1/2 Avocado
1763 Calories
Week 4 Distance Training
End of Day 3: Down 0.8 pounds, and ridiculously lethargic and sleepy. I completely conked out for a two hour nap today, despite the fact that I slept until 10:30am. Seriously excited to drink some coffee tomorrow.
Here’s the thing. It’s a cleanse. It’s not sustainable over a long period of time. But honestly, I was looking for something that I could incorporate into my everyday life. And while I think there are things in the 3-day plan that are incorporatable (yes, I made up a word), I’m so burnt out on raw fruit. I cheated today; I put cheese on my zucchini pasta, mainly because I wanted to see if that made it more tasty. It did, but the sauce still didn’t do much for me. I’ve never been an over-salter, and I rarely actually use salt (something fellow cooks have scorned), but holy SHIT, ALL I WAS CRAVING WAS SALT!!! That’s ultimately what it boiled down to. I wasn’t getting any salt, and in retrospect, I eat a lot more than I realize.
Overall, it was a do-able cleanse. The sweeter fruit tasted great, and I think I could have done the veggie-fruit had it been in more moderation. I just wasn’t excited about it, and I love food too much to not be excited about meals. :-\ If I were to do this again, or if I were to recommend it, definitely do it on days you aren’t expected to do anything, or take the time to really prepare your body for it. I’m talking weeks. Ween yourself off of caffeine, processed foods, salt, sugar, slowly. It’s gonna be an effort tomorrow to not binge eat.

Exercise Plans:
Training to Run Long Distance
Sun Salutation Flow Chart
Spring Break Workout
Weight Training

Cost: $70.53
You don’t really realize how expensive produce is until you buy a whole lot of it…I did buy frozen peach slices, strawberries (for the smoothies, fresh for the salad and snack), and pineapple chunks, so there may be some leftover of those. The honeydew, grapes, and cranberries were what set me back the most; I couldn’t find honeydew chunks, just a whole honeydew ($8.18), the frozen cranberries was a huge bag ($4.79), and grapes are just expensive right now ($5.51).
I think if I were to do this again, I would better plan, have a couple options in case I couldn’t find something in my price range. I think I probably could have gotten my bill down to $50 if I would have done all my shopping at Pike Place, I just didn’t have my list. :-\


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