Pickled Onions

Inspiration: I found a recipe for pickled onions and black bean burgers, and *LIGHTBULB*.  Two of my favorite things on one burger?  Add some avocado and a slice of cheese, and I’m there.  I absolutely adore Gardenburger’s Spicy Black Bean Burgers.  So easy and really flavorful.  Yes, I could make my own, but this is another one of those super convenient situations.

My first real experience with making pickled vegetables, and understanding them, was on the Banh Mi sandwiches I love to make.  Legit, I would make just the meatballs and put them on top of the pickled carrots and daikons and eat them it like a salad.  Then I had my first taste of pickled red onions on my hummus plate at McMenamin’s in Olympia, and it was love at first bite.

So this beautiful, beautiful burger is now going to become a Meatless Monday staple:

1 small red onion, cut into thin slices
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp sugar (I used Splenda because we have a lot we need to get rid of, and it actually turned out well!)
2 tbs rice wine vinegar

Over medium heat, heat the oil.  Add the onions, and cook for about a minute.  Look for the beginnings of translucency.

Using my mandolin that I rarely take out. Always looking for new things to do with it so I can get some use!!!

Add the sugar, and stir until dissolved.  Add the vinegar and cook until the onions are all looking pink and pickled (really only a couple minutes, there might still be some vinegar in the pan).



But seriously.  Add these to your burgers, your Banh Mi sandwiches, your hummus plate (hummus plate suggestion: Pita, Hummus, Feta, pickled onions, pickled carrots, some cherry tomatoes…it makes for a really lovely snack, and the onions stay nicely in the fridge for a week or so)…just eat them.  They’re amazing.


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