Trader Joe Inspired White Berry Sangria

Since this recipe is kind of a fluffy recipe, let’s discuss my fluffy TV addiction.  I LOVE reality TV.  Not so much Real Housewives or anything, but Dance Moms, Masterchef, SYTYCD, and this season I’m LOVING the Bachelorette.  DMs and Bachelorette are totes trashy, but you gotta love them.

My OnDemand doesn’t keep SYTYCD for long enough!!  I’m not caught up!!  But I’m looking forward to Vegas week!  Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

Masterchef: Christine is obviously just adorable, and I loved her apple pie scene!  I’m always a basketcase when she’s on the screen.  I love Monti’s sass, but I don’t think she’ll be on for much longer.  I freaking HATE Ryan!!  His comment about throwing people under the bus?  WTF, dude?  I was glad his big master plan failed.  Still not sure who I’m rooting for yet, we’ll see.  The judges crack me up, though.  I ♥ Gordon Ramsey.

Dance Moms: I watch because I want to know how long the mom’s are going to put up with Abby’s ridiculous-ness.  Their girls are all fantastic little dancers, though.  Holiness.  The two solos from this week were great.  I was bummed they only got 4th & 9th, but I wish they showed more of the other dances.  The spoon dance was a joke.

Bachelorette: Another Ryan I hate!!!  UGH so skeezy.  So glad he got kicked off.  I adore Arie, and I want to see more of Sean and John.  Jef,  Chris are sweet, but not my top choices right now.  Not a huge Doug fan anymore.  I started out just loving him, but he hasn’t grown on me at all like the other guys have.  (PS I secretly hate that I am enjoying this show so much because I think it’s ridiculous…I wonder how much the producers control…but I like Emily a lot, and I do want her to find love!!!!  We’ll just see how long it lasts.)

And as I write this, I’m totally watching the pilot for the Bristol Palin reality show.  I’m ridiculous.  And curious.  I can’t help it!
*UPDATE* This is the worst show ever in the history of reality TV.  There is no reality TV with a pampered 20 year old single mom.  Bristol totes takes advantage of her sister as a babysitter, AND WHERE IS TRIPP WHEN SHE AND HER SISTER ARE OUT TO COFFEE???!!!!  Ugh.  Just pissed me off.  Never watching again.

Now on to the PERFECT drink to drink while watching all your favorite trashy reality TV shows!!

Trader Joe Inspired White Berry Sangria

1 bottle Charles Shaw Savignon Blanc
1 can Hanes Ginger Ale (I accidentally bought Diet, not sure how that would affect taste)
1/2 orange, sliced
1 white peach, sliced
1/2 bag frozen strawberries
1/2 bag frozen raspberries

The ingredients!

Mix everything together.  Let sit for a few hours in the fridge, then serve cold.  The orange and peach just flavor, but the berries soak up the alcohol and they’re delicious.  The original recipe called for 1/4-1/2 cup of sugar, but you totally don’t need it!  It’s the perfect amount of sweet and carbonated.  But this sangria has sparked some ideas.  Don’t worry!  I’ll keep you posted all the way!  🙂  (Champagne raspberry sorbet, anyone?)

HUGE jar of sangria!!

Tasty alcohol soaked fruit.


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