Irish Nachos: Repurposed (or, mashed potato cakes)

Or, what to do with your leftover cheese fries, essentially.

Irish Nachos are this wonderful happy hour dish at Pies and Pints in Seattle. Here’s the thing…I’m kind of obsessed with this place. The Lamb & Potato pie is amazing, you can do a special Pie&Pint deal for happy hour, and the beer cheese sauce they put on the mac & cheese and the Irish nachos makes me want to die so I can die with a great taste in my mouth.

Service can be a bit slow, especially if you go in for the post 10pm happy hour, when it can get decently busy for the one bartender (three times in a row now, “sorry, I forgot to ring in your food order!!”) but always worth the wait. And at least they’re always friendly!!!

Last night, I went out with some people from work, which was a blast! It was one of the girls’ last nights, so we took her out for beers, and I couldn’t NOT get the Irish Nachos!! (*sidenote: can we discuss the fact that after a night of about 3 beers and some nachos, I STILL was down 1.8 pounds this morning? Yet there are days I can eat healthy all day and only maintain or gain weight? I hate my body.) Anyway, server was like, “ooooh, one order for that table? Probably not enough.” So I got two (HH prices are phenom as well…apps are $4.95). And of course everyone was like “ooh, I ate already…” Of course. But being someone that HATES wasting food, I was like, I’ll take them and figure out how to reheat them, I guess…

The anatomy of Irish Nachos:
Beer Cheese Sauce
Green Onions

Not really something you can just chuck in the microwave and it will still taste delicious. Time to brainstorm.

I went for my morning Friday run (Week 5.2 – 12:07 mi/min for 2.15 miles, thank you very much) and remembered I had pinned a recipe for leftover mashed potato cakes. I figured, why not just blend up the disgusting looking blob of leftover cheese fries with some milk and greek yogurt, bake instead of fry, and eat those for lunch??

Excellent decision.

Irish Nachos: Extreme Food Makeover

Irish Nachos: Repurposed

Leftover cheese fries (I had probably a little more than a full order leftover)
Any other toppings you want to throw in there
1/4 C skim milk
2-3 tbs Plain Greek Yogurt
Fat Free Sour Cream

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Spray cookie sheet with baking grease. Make sure you cover it well, these babies like to stick!!

Throw everything into the food processor or blender. Add more milk if it’s not getting creamy enough; better to start with too little than too much! I liked it still kind of chunky, so I didn’t blend it for that long, just long enough to mostly break down the fries. It will probably be pretty messy. Use your hands to form some patties, and place on baking sheet, kind of flattening them down to about an inch thick. I was able to make six patties 2.5 inch wide.

Bake on one side for 11-12 minutes. Flip, flatten a LITTLE, and bake the other side for another 11-12 minutes. Eat while hot, topped with some sour cream!!!

Beautiful golden brown cakes of yumminess!!!

We also have this guy chilling with us for the weekend.

This is Bigfoot. He was just all like, “oh haaai, I’m just chilling by the side of the couch, minding my own business…”

Then he snuck around the couch was like “OH HAAAAAAAAI THERE, WHATCHA EATTIN’??”


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