Ari visits, and I get strep

Of course.

My bffff comes to visit and what happens? I get strep throat for the first time ever.


In the middle of making the Caramel Apple Cup Pies from last week, I realized I wasn’t feeling any better than I had the day before, I so took it upon myself to get my butt to the doctor. He said it was only an upper respiratory virus that was going around, and I would probably not be 100% for my callback on Monday, but I could see how I felt.  Gave me some cough syrup with codine, I went to work, worked a shift, and came home with a fever.  Awesome.

But Saturday, ARI CAME!!!!!  We ended up going to Pam’s Kitchen on the Ave, which was AMAZING.  I’d never been, but all four of us had the Jerk Chicken Sandwich and loved it.  Ari was taking pics, I’m sure they’ll be up on her blog soon enough.  Hint hint.  😉

Worked another shift Saturday night, and took Ari to Pies & Pints because I’d been talking up the beer cheese sauce.  I gorged and got the lamb & potato pie with a side of the mac & cheese so she could try both.  Of course both were to die for.  Seriously, P&P, can we just have a bath tub full of that sauce!?!  I want to put it on everything!!

Woke up Sunday feeling terrible, saw white spots on the back of my throat, said goodbye to Ari waaaaay too soon, and got myself to a walk-in clinic.  The doc pretty much just looked at my throat, immediately handed over an antibiotic prescription, and gave me this, “Really?  Opera at 10:20am tomorrow?  Good luck with that…” look.  (Monday morning: most embarrassing callback of my life.  Terrible.  Couldn’t produce quality tone to save my life.)

But called in sick to work for the first time in three years.  (One of many things you don’t actually want to know about the restaurant industry…people don’t call in sick.  Ever.)  Laid around for three days (I had Monday & Tuesday off, thank goodness), ate only popsicles and vanilla fro-yo milk shakes (hence the reason no new real recipes) , lost a solid 4-5 pounds.  So…I’m riding this weight loss thing as long as possible.

Iowa Girl Eats posted this dip.  It’s amazing.  I’m not going to post the recipe because it’s super easy and you should see her pics.  They look great.  My only thing I did was I pickled the red onions and used regular black olives!  Of course.  Also, I’m pretty sure we have the same plate-bowls.

Served with zucchini and TJ’s RG pita chips!

Make this immediately and eat it all the time. It really is perfect for a hot day.

Then for dinner a few nights ago, I roasted up some pieces of cod, made a pineapple salsa and a peach guacamole, and made a super fruity fish dish.

Pineapple salsa

Easiest thing in the world.
1) Roast the cod.
2) Chop up 1/2 C pineapple, 1/2 tomato, 1/2 onion, 1/2 red pepper. Saute over low heat with 1tbs Splenda, 1 tsp salt.
3) Mash an avocado with TJ’s Smoky Peach Salsa to taste.  I use about 1/2 C per avocado.
4) Layer that shit. Guac, cod, salsa.
5) EAT.

(Above recipe serves about 2-3 people)

Fruity fish!


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