TJ Finds, BPMs, and losing weight at a pizza job

Ladies and gentlemen!

*drum roll for exciting announcement*

I am hitting numbers on the scale I haven’t hit since my last break-up (ie lower numbers). And it’s all thanks to conscious eating and just making an effort to get my ass off the couch.  (Also strep throat.)

It’s not all about the numbers on the scale, but it’s been a wake-up call. I’m attempting to be healthier, I’m reading labels, I’m eating less processed foods when possible, I’m integrating more meatless meals.  I feel good about myself right now.

Last week was 35 hours at the Pizza Place…full time!  Lots of quick, easy meals, so no real new recipes.  But I did have some time to make new TJ (and Starbucks) discoveries!  Drank a lot of wine with a super cute boy, and drank a lot of coffee to keep my energy up for those open to close shifts I had.  :-\

TL: Columbia Crest Red Blend. TR: Mahi Mahi Burgers. BL: Starbucks Treinta. BR: Escudo Rojo

Columbia Crest Vineyard 10 Red Wine: One of the featured wines at TJ’s this month.  $4.99 a bottle, super yummy.  Fruity, not a lot of tannins in the aftertaste,  so an easy red to drink if you’re trying to get into them.  Loved this.

TJ’s Mahi-Mahi burger: A really delicious burger patty.  110 calories/patty, but the box was $5.99.  A little expensive for my personal taste, and I’d rather spend the $6.99 on a dozen turkey patties at Safeway *BUT* if you’re doing a pescatarian diet or if you’re looking to eat a more natural burger patty, these are really tasty.  I used up my leftover Peach Salsa Guacamole and put an egg on it.  A really quick, low-cal, filling dinner.

Starbucks Treinta: I only feature this because I was like WHAT.  I asked the girl to give me the biggest iced coffee they had, expecting a 20-24 oz cup, and she hands me this motherf*@(#&r.  Took me the full six hours of my shift to finish it.  Crazy.  Way too much coffee in a cup.

Escudo Rojo: Another featured wine at TJ’s…the flavors are supposed to be subtle tobacco, vanilla, and some fruit.  I personally didn’t get the tobacco, but it was a pretty strong wine.  Took me half the glass to really grow accustomed to the full flavor; a sort of spicy red wine taste to it.  Tasty, but I definitely preferred the Columbia Crest personally.  Another $4.99 a bottle wine.

Close up of the burger!

I always keep Sandwich Thins on hand and frozen patties, be them salmon, black bean, turkey, or these tasty Mahi-Mahi burgers.  They just make QUICK meals.  And minimal clean up.

You can organize by BPM!

I spent a lot of time Monday organizing a 5K training playlist. My favorite running tempos are Girlfriend and Never Gonna Leave Me, so I figured out what their BPMs were and looked for songs on my workout playlist that were close. I am going to use the 150-170 BPM songs for the run, with the slower songs for pumping up the warm up and the cool down.

Initially, the problem was I tried using to find BPMs and a lot of them turned out to be incorrect.  Going back through and doing it myself made a major difference.

Right click the song, “Get Info”, and you can enter the BPM

I used this website to determine BPMs for my songs.  I loved it!  It was really easy to use and very accurate.  I corrected some of the BPMs I got off the first website, and compiled a list that made my 25 minute run bearable and consistent.

I love the rocker blades at work!!!

I’ve also solved the Pizza Love & Hunger problem I’ve had at work; I freaking love pizza (as you know) and I am trying to try as many of the pizzas as possible so I can legit sell them to people, but I have major willpower problems with pizza and can’t stop eating it when it’s sitting right in front of me.  So I’ve brought in some whole wheat pitas to maintain portion control!  Check this out:

I forgot the cilantro, I was so excited to eat it.

I made our Thai One On pizza, a Thai chicken pizza that is to die for. Instead of pizza sauce, we use a house made peanut sauce, cheese, chicken, bean sprouts, and carrots, and we finish it off with some cilantro. I added pineapple and broccoli on the two halves to try that out as well, both of which were amazing. Seriously. I would make this all the TIME. Or maybe roast the veggies and put them in the pita??? DELISH.

Super filling for lunch, so it allows me to try new things without feeling guilty. Don’t get me wrong, I freaking love our crust, but this is awesome. I highly recommend this to anyone else who works in a pizza place. Although I bet if you wanted to just bring a pita into a pizza place, they’d figure out a way to top it and charge you pretty inexpensively. Anything to get your money. 😉



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