Fitness Update

Guys. I forgot to tell you.

This happened:

(includes 5 min warm-up, 0.31 miles)

WHAT. I ran for a solid 25min/2.46miles???? WHO IS THIS GIRL??

Why I love Seattle

I ran around Greenlake again…holy shittake mushrooms, Batman, did it kill.  My quads were giving my major problems immediately after and for the whole next day.  What is up with that?  I guess I should stretch a little better before AND after.  Possibly invest in one of those foam rollers.

I’ve also been doing a lot of strength training while I catch up on my trashy reality TV shows…Peyton gets a solo?  JEF??  Justin beat Yvon???  FELIX WENT HOME!?!?!?!?!?  <end embarrassment here>  But seriously, I grab my 5 pound weights, do a few different moves, do some abs, and I feel great afterwards.  I will definitely be posting my workout calendar I’ve been trying to follow as soon as I have enough spare time to make it look pretty.

I am starting to see some definition (at least, I’m hoping it’s not just wishful thinking).  If I am feeling good in the next week or so, I definitely took a before pic that already I’m like HOW DID I LET IT GET LIKE THAT.  I’ll post an in-process during pic maybe.  We’ll see.  I really don’t like the before pic, but I’m proud of the fact I’m getting consistently lower than 125 on the scale.  120 is my maintainable goal weight, 115 would be kickass.  When I hit a little above 130 a couple months ago, that was a wake-up moment for me.  I’m not saying that’s big; it’s actually a normal weight for someone of my height.  But I don’t feel GOOD at that weight, and I know where I can get to and still be mentally and physically healthy.  So wish me luck, I’m gonna keep pushing my run time up, hopefully!


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