Weekly Wins

I never spend a lot of money on jewelry and accessories.  I cringe at the idea of spending more than $25 on a purse!  But I saw this JCrew bubble necklace and was obsessed.  The $150 price tag?  Not so much.
So when I saw a positively blogged-about statement-necklace-maker, Cheerfully Charmed, who made a MUCH more affordable look alike ($29.99), I was all ears (eyes?):
Lovely Little Things
Living in Yellow (bubble necklace & not bubble necklace)

Apparently everyone else’s favorite color is turquoise as well.  ~le sigh~  BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!  Now I need to go shopping and find more outfits to build around this awesome necklace.
Also, I ordered the necklace on the 24th, and it was here the 27th.  So she ships stuff FAST which is great for someone as impatient as me!

My current craft project is coming along nicely.  A picture to keep you satisfied until I post a full blog about the soon-to-be-finished (fingers crossed) project.

You should have heard my squeals of delight when I saw my basil plants were coming in.  I DID IT!!!!!!!

And the next day…the chives!  The chives too!!

I’m not going to lie…I love Blue Moon.  I love their seasonal sampler packs, but I usually don’t buy it unless I’m going to party.  I love pumpkin beer, which they also sell in six-packs.  But they always have a limited edition seasonal flavor that only comes in the $15 sampler packs…and of course this fall it is Caramel Apple Spiced Ale.  Which I had to try.  WHY ARE THERE ONLY THREE OF THEM IN THE BOX, BLUE MOON????  Please sell these by the six-pack!  It’s not as sweet as you would expect, but a nice subtle caramel-ly aftertaste.  Really refreshing and definitely hits fall notes.

Gah, I know.  It’s not fall yet.  Pumpkin beer?  Knitting?  I’m so ready for fall though.  So like I said, I’ve started early on the knitting in hopes I’ll actually have it done in time to wear for the season.  Maybe even get some gifties made for Christmas.

And I created this for a post-run breakfast.  YUM.  Simply Potatoes with Onions, Grated Zucchini, Garlic, 2 Eggs, 2 Egg Whites, 2% Grated Sharp Cheddar.

If only I’d had some sausage.

My little brother and I chatted on Friday for 45 minutes…he’s now down in Texas for some schooling related to his chosen field in the Navy.  And he can accept food gifts!  So the above picture is my inspiration for some cookies I plan on making this week.  Recipe will obviously be posted.  Anyone recognize what the above picture is?  If you do, I’m sure you’re stoked and now think I’m brilliant.

My running is coming along!  I’ve now finished the 28 minute running sections, and it’s time to bump it up to 30!  (I know, 8/30 was cut a little short, but mother EFFFFer was it hill-acious…I also mapped it out on Mapmyrun.com, and miscalculated, I guess).

HOORAY!  Happy Friday, y’all.


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