5K = 3.1 miles = no excuses

I did it.

I ran 5k.  3.1 miles.  In under 31 minutes (with one stop for water).


The girl who hates running.

I do.  I really do.  I want to like it; it’s a great way to exercise, it’s something you can always get better at, and it’s FREE.  Doesn’t mean I like it yet.  But this is something that’s been on my bucket list for a while.  Be able to run a 5K.  A ran 5K…now I want to run A 5K RACE.  So in order to challenge myself, in order to get a better time, in order to keep focused, I’m doing this:

When my BFFFF Ari started running, this was her very first 10K. I was reading back through some of her old blog posts and realized that the Iron Girl was a traveling 5K/10K/etc group, so I decided to see if they come to Seattle.

Of course they do.

In one week.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will be running my very first 5K race on Sept 9 at 8am at Greenlake Park. Which is perfect, because that’s where I usually like to run. It’s flat. It’s easy.


Last week, I was talking to Brent about how I don’t like to do things unless I’m 100% prepared for them. “I haven’t run 3.1 miles yet. A few times. I haven’t run for 30 minutes straight. I don’t want to stop and walk…”

“I don’t like to fail at things.”

And he was like, “Just do it. Once you’re out there, you’ll be fine. You’re close enough now, you have a couple weeks more to prepare.”


But nothing.  Fuck excuses.  There are always so many reasons not to do something.

So I got my ass out of bed Saturday morning and I RAN.  I was super pumped and got started way too fast (about a 9:45 min/mile…yikes!  Considering my average time has been 10:30-ish).  But I did it.  I ran all the way around Greenlake, stopping only for a drink of water, and I pushed myself to do it.

So I signed up. No excuses.


Would anyone care to join me?? Here’s the course map via the Iron Girl App on my phone:


Goal time: 32:59 min
Ari’s goal time for me: 29:59 min

I’m holding myself accountable and doing something that will make me feel good about my accomplishments this summer.  I’m announcing on my blog that I am going to do this so that I HAVE to do this…no backing out.

Plus I want a t-shirt.  Don’t judge.  😛


One thought on “5K = 3.1 miles = no excuses

  1. You will be so surprised what a difference being in a race makes! Also, stopping to walk does NOT mean failing! When I ran my fastest 5k (just in July), I went out to fast and had to take walking breaks near the end. I still PRed and finished in 27:16. Just do YOUR personal best on that given morning. There are so many circumstances that affect race day, but the only thing that matters is that you do it and you finish. If you have to take a walk break, try to keep it under a minute, then go right back to running. SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!

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