Weekly Wins

First things first.  I read this blog post this week, and I was really moved to re-post and comment on it here.

Hey, Fat Girl

Please read it.  Seriously.  Especially if weight is something that’s been dragging you down.  If you’re out there, and you’re trying, please look up.  I want to give you a mental high five and a big, encouraging smile.  You are AWESOME.  You aren’t making excuses.

YOU inspire ME.

Being overweight has never been a problem for me.  I’m currently at a weight I want to get down, but I’m not overweight by any means.  I don’t understand how that feels, and I won’t pretend to understand.  What I do understand is being intimidated by people I think are real athletes.  Who are actually runners.  I understand lacking motivation, thinking, “I’ll eat this bowl of ice cream today and then run tomorrow” and then not going.  It’s easier to just not try than to fail.

I get that.

So if you’re out there and you’re working your butt off, you inspire me more than you know.  You haven’t given up.  Be proud.

High five.

Now on to weekly wins!

My last 3.1 before the race on Sunday.  This includes a stop and walk for a minute for water!!  Yes.  Followed by my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and a motivational text/phone convo with Ari.  🙂

Last week, I made Eat Yourself Skinny’s Caramelized Peaches with Fresh Rosemary, had some leftover, so I blended them up, warmed it up, and tossed it on some vanilla bean ice cream.  HOLY SHITTAKE MUSHROOMS.  Amazing.  Seriously, I liked the peaches, but I LOVED the sauce on ice cream.  I’m legit thinking of making this as a sauce for Christmas gifts this year.  And experimenting with blended peach beverages with rosemary infused vodka…to be continued…

Getting to see SARAH & co at Matt DC’s going away party!  It had been a while.  (I also enjoyed seeing Matt DC obviously, but he was so busy with all his guests, I didn’t get a pic with him.  Best wishes in NYC, Matt!!!  MISS YOU!!  LOVE YOU!!!).  But seriously, Sarah…Margarita Madness ASAP, please!!

Football season!!  I have always enjoyed watching football (I maaaay have been a cheerleader in high school…obvi…), so in order to keep up, I downloaded the NFL app to stay up-to-date.  GO SEAHAWKS!!!  Then it’s NY Giants all the way.

I got to spend my Wednesday off with my amiga Jasmin.  She’s pretty freaking awesome.  We went to Lake Washington, floated around a bit, drank a cheap tallboy, then to Paseo’s for a Caribbean sandwich.  Holiness.  Get there.

Thursday off, I went up to Alderwood Mall and got my iPhone mic cleaned.  Because apparently that was all I needed done, it was working fine, just clogged.  Seriously!?!  But I got some fall candles that smell AMAZING.  Bath & Body Works was doing a special, 2+ medium sized candles for $5 a piece.  So I bought 3: Farmstand Apple, Pumpkin Carving, and Cider Lane.  Apparently the girl wasn’t supposed to be selling the Pumpkin Carving, but it was on display and the only pumpkin one that smelled like pumpkin, so she was like, “ssssh…here”.  WIN!

And proof that I’m a grown-up: when I got home, I checked my electric bill I’d gotten in my email, only to find our bill to be $100 more than we’d been averaging.  WHAT!?!  So I called my dad, and he was like, “Nope, that’s sketch, call them now”, so I got on the phone, and the guys were super helpful.  The first one had me take a pic of the meter, and then I had to call back and read it to the second guy, and he did the math, and told me to expect a substantially lower bill in a few days.  Thank goodness.  But I was very proud of myself for just getting it done.  I’m a super procrastinator.

New favorite snack: Trader Joe’s Mini Brie Bites with honey and TJ’s Gorgonzola chips.  The brie bites are perfect size for a snack, 70 calories a piece, AND they still have the rind (which is the best part, duh)!!  I remember trying President’s Wee Brie, and I felt like it was more like Laughing Cow spread than brie.  Underwhelmed and overcharged.

Also today, I bought a spice cabinet organizer.  The pictures really don’t do it justice, but it totally helped.  Love it.

I love Storables.  Thank you for existing.


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