Back in time for the holidays

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been too long.

I was going through some stuff in life and just kind of lost motivation.  To stay in touch with people, to cook, to run, to read…to be 100% honest with you, I was sad, and I spent too much time watching TV, drinking wine, and eating shitty food.  It went past mopey-wallowing and into a habit.  It was easier to wake up at noon, waste time facebooking and playing iPhone games, go to work at 4pm, stay up watching Netflix until 3am and start again the next day.

I mean, I did some things.  I did a week of Gluten Free (which will actually be my next post).  I started knitting an AWESOME infinity scarf pattern that I’m excited to share with you as soon as I get a little further into the project.  I went camping with Jasmin.  I saw Argo, which was phenomenal, and I saw Moonrise Kingdom, which was really sweet.

And best of all, I BOUGHT A PLANE TICKET TO GO SEE ARI RUN HER FIRST MARATHON IN JANUARY!!!!  That’s what I’m obviously most excited about.  🙂  Thanks to my mom & dad having a $160 credit towards Alaska Airlines, I was able to buy a round trip flight for $170.  I’ll be down in Phoenix for about 4 days, cheering, eating, playing with the two cutest dogs in the whole world, cooking, and of course, hanging out with my bffff Ari.  I’m looking forward to the vacation.

Anyways, friends, here’s what’s coming up.  Christmas is my absolutely most favorite holiday, hands down.  Pretty much from Thanksgiving to New Years.  I think it’s the most beautiful, magical time of the year, and a time to really spend time loving one another and ourselves.  So I have some Christmas goals for you I plan on meeting, life-wise AND blog-wise.
1) Gluten Free Week post, Where I’ve Been post, & Meat Free Week post –> coming soon.
2) Weekly workout updates.  So many other bloggers do it, and guess what.  I fell off the exercise wagon and it’s time to get back on and to hold myself accountable.  This Sunday, you will see my first post.
3) Weekly WINS.  I loved doing those posts.  That was actually the biggest reason I stopped blogging, I was having a hard time focusing on positive aspects of my life.  Time to change that.
4) 25 days of Christmas.  Every day, starting on the 1st, I will be posting Christmas-themed posts.  Every.  Day.
5) Transfer Spain blog to WordPress and finish it.
6) Finish categorizing and calorie finding the recipes on my blog.

1) I’ve started training towards a 10k.  The plan is to start training, do a few more 5ks over the next few months, and then by May-June, be able to do a 10k.  Essentially the goal progression is: getting my running lungs back, getting my 5k time down, keep pushing how long I run for up until I can run the full 10k.**(see note at bottom)
2) Focus on healthy habits and friendships.
3) Keep working on guitar and knitting.
4) Clean out my life.  I have too much stuff.
5) Do more Seattle exploring.  Want to join me?
6) Be more productive.  Wake up earlier, get my workout done, get some errands and laundry and cleaning done, go to bed earlier…I am so much more productive in the daytime!

There it is, ladies and gentlemen.  I will see you later this weekend!

**Does anyone else have trouble breathing while running?  Not in like an asthmatic way, more in a phlegm-y sort of way.  I can’t seem to kick it, which leads me to believe it’s not just a cold, and I take allergy meds, so I don’t believe it’s that either.  Just curious.


One thought on “Back in time for the holidays

  1. EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know what I’m more excited for: your visit or 25 straight days of Christmas posts. I mean, duh, I know, but SQUEEL! I’m excited! As far as the breathing, sorry this answer SUCKS, but try slowing down and staying at an easy talk pace. If that doesn’t help, then you should go to the doctor, but it may just be that you’re going too much in your anaerobic zone which makes breathing more difficult. BUT, I think I actually might be MOST excited to see you’re training for a 10k! I couldn’t be more proud of you, and I’m thrilled to see you reaching higher! LOVE YOU!!!

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