What I’ve Been Up To

So here’s a brief (photographic) summary of what I’ve been up to!!

20121115-011446.jpgI ran my first 5K: The Iron Girl in Seattle, WA.  We ran around Greenlake, and my time came in at 32:31.  An early NYR is to get my mile avg to 9:30, and to come in under 30 minutes.  By the summer, I’d like to get the mile avg down to 8:30.  That’s what I’m aiming for.

I got my headshots retaken by my lovely friend Jasmin (she also did my hair & makeup).  We settled on the middle one for obviously reasons.  (The corner ones are my favorite.)

20121115-011512.jpgI went camping for the first time in FOREVER!  We went out to Lake Crescent, about an hour out of Port Angeles.  Beautiful beautiful beautiful and a lot of fun!

We spent a lot of time playing Queen of Spades and drinking Miller High Life.  Jasmin did all the cooking as I am afraid of fire.

This was our campsite in the daytime!  Look at how gorgeously clear the water is!!!

We went on a hike on an old rail road path.  In full lesbian garb.  Jasmin attempted a dip in the freezing cold water while I made friends with the butterflies.

The PNW is seriously one of the most beautiful places in the world.

We made friends with this butterfly.  He latched onto my backpack and hung on for dear life for the last like 30 minutes of our hike.

The water was SO blue.  Seriously, could that top right picture not easily be Hawaii??

20121115-012300.jpgI discovered my new favorite fall beverage: Hard Cider with a shot of Fireball.  It tastes like fall deliciousness.  Also, it goes down really easily, so definitely be careful!

20121115-012319.jpgMy hair is back to dark FINALLY.

20121115-012337.jpgI got to vote YES for marriage equality in my beautiful home state.

20121115-012350.jpgGot to celebrate my parents’ birthdays at Wild Ginger!

Got to be a zombie back-up singer in my friends Danny & Michael’s Halloween cabaret.

Got to dress up at work.  As Super Margarita.

20121115-012539.jpgI hella sliced my finger with my mandolin.  Didn’t have any bandages, so I wrapped it up in paper towels and duct tape.  Walked around target looking for bandaging with my hand on my head to get the bleeding to stop, it definitely kept going for about 24 hours.

Forced my coworkers to have an election party since I had to work a close shift.  Luckily it wasn’t busy, so we could keep our eyes on the TV for most of it!  I themed the food for hot issues on the WA state ballot: Not-Pot Red White & Blue Brownies for I-502, Rainbow Fruit Skewers for R-74, Corndog Bites for I-1240 (one of my fav cafeteria treats from my younger years), and Deviled Eggs (because the devil you know…)

So there we go.  I’ll see you next time for my GF post!!!


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