Workout 11/12-11/18

Monday, 11/12 – 1.5 mile run in 15:01,strength & abs workout

Tuesday, 11/13 – Strength & abs

Wednesday, 11/14 – 1.82 mile run in 20:04

Thursday, 11/15 – 1.38 mile run in 15:06

Friday, 11/16 – Walked to work! 3.26 miles in 1:06:28 (forgot to stop the clock when I was at Starbucks :-/)

Saturday, 11/17 – 2 mile run in 21:23.

Sunday, 11/18 – Rest

After posting about my respiratory problems when running, I took ari’s comment and some research to heart. I slowed down my runs, and I’ve also started using an herbal nasal spray pre-run to help with dripage in my throat. Both seem to have helped immensely, and my runs have not culminated in coughing fits, which I’m stoked about. I still feel like I’m pushing myself, but not to the point of feeling sick. Hooray!

Also, I had to get some new headphones (misplaced mine, of course). I was hesitant to spend the $30 to replace my iPhone headphones, but I love the mic attached, and happened to be at the apple store, so I buckled. OH MY LANTA they’re great. The new earbuds are 10x more comfy, and the sound quality is way better. I’m not usually one to notice that sort of thing, but my first run with music (I’d been listening to podcasts up until Thursday), I could tell immediately. I love them so much! If you’re on the fence, they’re totally worth the $30.


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