Weekly Wins

Weekly Wins Reinstated!!! I apologize for the lateness, I’m still planning on doing these on Fridays…unfortunately, due to some not awesome situations, I was forced to postpone. An explanation coming at the bottom of this.


This is actually from the previous week…roomie wine & movie night!! We watched Moonrise Kingdom and tried a couple new bottles of wine. To be honest, the skinnygirl wine was actually not bad! Very drinkable. But red wine isn’t bad enough caloric-wise to be spending $13+ on something that’s “skinny”…I’ll stick with my $2(.50) Chuck from TJ’s.  And Moonrise Kingdom was fab!  Super sweet, I highly recommend it.


But Happy Thanksgiving Week, y’all!!!!  Check out this hysterically slightly racist Thanksgiving sign we found in my mom’s classroom decoration drawer.  Apparently she hasn’t been hanging it up for the last couple years because she realized, but she still had it in her drawer.  Cracked me up.


Started Thanksgiving off with Ari’s Skinnifed Cranberry Bliss Bars.  YUM!


Got to see my sisser!!!  Also dad forgot to put sugar in the pumpkin pies…soooo…Em decided to imprint her face with one of them.  Meet my sisser.


And last, a verge weekly fail…left my iPhone 4 out on the server station at work only to have it stolen by a 5’8″ish Caucasian male with dirty blonde hair and a short mohawk (so if you happen to be in the craiglist market for an iPhone only to find the seller is THAT guy…well…).  But, in all truthfulness: as shitty a situation as that was, and as inconvenient as a time of year it is to have something that expensive stolen, I was lucky enough to 1) be eligible for an upgrade, and 2) have the money to spend.  It wasn’t a financial devastation, I didn’t have to buy a cheap-o $20 phone to use until I could save up, and I was planning on upgrading in the next few months anyway.  The optimist in me hopes that this guy uses the money to put groceries on his table and pay his electricity bill.  The realist in me assumes it’s going to fund a drug habit (because honestly, why is someone in the bathroom of a restaurant for 20+ minutes?).  Regardless, I hope he can find something to help him out of whatever situation he’s in to feel like he needs to stoop so low and steal someone else’s property.
Also, Officer Schroeder on the SPD force is really just awesome.  Seriously.  He was super sweet and helpful and had a stellar attitude.  Thanks, Officer Schroeder!!  And my coworkers were kickass too, they were just as pissed as I was (and also excited to potentially go and ID the suspect)!

A side note: do you have an iPhone?  Get the “Find My iPhone” app AND make sure you’re backing up regularly to iCloud.  iCloud has saved my ASS the last few times.  And the Find my iPhone app assured me that the phone was stolen and not just misplaced somewhere, so I felt sure when I called the police.  Super great.


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