Vegetarian Week

The week before Thanksgiving, I decided to do something crazy.

I was nervous. I like meat. I always would find myself craving it on Meatless Mondays. So I decided to do a whole week vegetarian (and low gluten). And you know what? It was actually not bad at all.

The goal coming out of this is to really work on adding more veggies to my meals in a comprehensive way. If I have to cook them separate, you can forget it. I’m a lot less likely to want to throw something else on the stove. But incorporate it into the main meal? Absolutely.

I always forget when I’m doing things like this that I can still eat foods like mac & cheese and pizza and pretty much anything. There are a lot of options out there!! I will be the first to admit I really could have planned it better…I did minimal meal planning and ate a lot of pasta. BUT I was full every night! I lost a couple pounds, but I think that was just because I wasn’t snacking. I was eating three meals a day, and I was really trying to bulk everything up with veggies. I didn’t really do salads, but I did a lot of leftovers. Below were some of my favorite meals:

Gluten Free Rotini with Zucchini & Skinnified Alfredo Sauce

Annie’s GF Shells & White Cheddar with frozen peas…this actually was NOT necessarily one of my favorite meals, but I really wanted to emphasize the fact that I didn’t notice a different in the pasta texture. I would add more cheese the next time around, the sauce didn’t really do much for me. That being said, I usually add more cheese to any sort of boxed pasta. Hence the reason I don’t eat a lot of boxed pasta anymore.

Tortelloni with Asparagus, Zucchini, Cherry Tomatoes, and Mozzarella Cheese Chunks. Definitely my favorite of the week, and I will be making this more often. (Also, TJ’s frozen grilled asparagus is a godsend.)

Pad Thai with 50% cabbage, 50% rice noodles. Ummm…yeah, expect a recipe soon inspired by this one. I’m gonna bulk it up with more veggies and cut out the noodles completely.


And the all-time Heather Meatless Monday favorite, open face grilled cheese with TJ’s roasted red pepper & tomato soup with some added gorgonzola. Delish.


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