Workout 11/26-12/02

Monday, 11/26 – Rest. Still recovering from stomach flu

Tuesday, 11/27 – 25 min run, easy. Forgot my nasal spray and was definitely phlegmy. And apparently Greenlake turns off their water fountains for the winter!!? So I definitely walked for a minute, but I was still pleased with the distance considering, so nbd. 🙂

Wednesday, 11/28 – Got my gym membership set up. Unfortunately, because I OF COURSE was doing some special deal, they tried to sell me on a contract. I have commitment-phobia when it comes to shit like that (also since the plan is to not be here this summer…yeah…), so I awkwardly backed out. Seriously. Awkward. But I have my first of three personal training sessions on Monday, so we’ll see how that goes! Also, I remembered how much I hate running on treadmills. So…I think it’s gonna be elliptical/cardio classes for me from now on.

Thursday, 11/29 – Ended up getting sidetracked by life and only had 20 minutes to run. But this run was actually an achievement! First time in a really long time that I’ve been able to do the run by my house (hilly) without stopping. I still plan on talking my running ass to flat and lovely Greenlake next time for tomorrow’s three mile run I have, but seriously, I was pleased with how far I was able to get on this course nonstop!


Friday, 11/30 – Got my ASS kicked by an improvised run route.  I was all like, “Lake City is pretty flat…I’ll just run around the gym then go in and work my lower body….oh haaaaaaiiii hills…”  Holy hurt.  Had to walk for a minute or so twice, I’d get about 2/3 upa hill and feel like dying.  But I stopped my timer when I walked so I would be legitimately running for 30 full minutes.  And the gym was great!  So happy to be able to get some real weight training instead of just my little 5-pounders.



Saturday, 12/1 – Rest

Sunday, 12/2 – Rest

I really need to start getting my ass out of bed earlier on Saturday and Sunday to do SOMETHING.  I hate working mornings only for that reason.


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