Workout 12/3-12/10

Monday, 12/3 – Got my ass handed to me in a 30 min personal training sesh. You think you’re in decent shape only to want to die after some lunges and burpees. Next week we’re going to work on arms and targeting all the muscle groups in my upper body.

Tuesday, 12/4 – My ass hurt so bad today. Seriously. I looked ridiculous trying to walk. But I did a 25 min run, and I hit a really great stride at about 19 minutes. Ended up lowering my mile/min average to 9:49!!! So stoked!


Wednesday, 12/5 – Attempted to do a 30 minute run around my house, and discovered my usual route isn’t quite a 30 minute run.  Or my speed has gone up… 😉  So I cut my run off early, but still felt good about it!  Went to the gym afterwards and did some arms.  (Each was 3 sets of 10 reps, a couple of them I had to adjust midway through.)



Thursday, 12/6-Saturday, 12/8 – Rest.  Had a colposcopy on Thursday, a procedure where they do a biopsy of my cervix.  My mom came down and we spent the day shopping and went out to dinner after the doctor (more on all that later!).  Ended up getting super sick that night, we think it was a combination of being so tense during the whole procedure and then all the rich food.  It was no fun, so I spent all Friday recouping.  Saturday I worked all day, so no workout for me.  :-\

Sunday, 12/9 – I was totally going to be a lazy ass and claim pre-birthday rest, but I realized if I was going to spend the next three days indulging and being awesome, I needed to get out and run today.  And WHAT AN AWESOME RUN IT WAS!  I hid my phone under my sweatshirt so I couldn’t spend the whole run looking at it, hit the 2.75 mile mark around the lake and realized I could keep going the whole 30 minutes.  This was legitimately the first run where I’ve run the whole 3 miles non stop!  I’ve got the next 5K in the bag!!  😀



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