No words

I was getting my food photos and birthday photos all edited and loaded onto WordPress (you know, because I’m like 4 days behind of course) when I finally turned to Yahoo News.

And my heart hit the floor.

I have no words to express the sheer horror I feel over what has happened.  I can’t stop crying after reading about how the police had the kids close their eyes as they got them out of the school.

As an eventually-future mom, my heart grieves with those parents.  As an eventually-future teacher, my heart hurts but grows so big knowing those teachers did what they could to keep their students safe.  But as an only-too-recently kid, my heart just breaks.  At that age, no one should have to deal with PTSD or losing their best friend or walking the hallways of their school worrying that it’s going to happen again.

I cannot fathom.

My thoughts & prayers are with that community tonight.


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