S’more martini

In honor of my birthday week, I created a cocktail that is a LOT like my secret guilty pleasure winter coffee beverage.

Wait for it.




I KNOOOOOOW!!! I KNOW!!!! Ridiculous. Everyone always gives me a face when I make them try it before dissing it and then they continue dissing it.

So if you don’t like overly sweet, this might not necessarily be for you. But if you’re as obsessed with the marshmallow vodka as I am? Make this. Today. Even if you judge my love of marshmallow mochas.


Marshmallow Mocha Martini

Yields ~2 drinks

1 part Kahlua
1 part marshmallow vodka
1/2 part white creme de cacao
2 parts fat free half-and-half
Sprinkle of Hershey’s Cocoa Powder


Shake all the liquids together with ice.  Pour into glasses.  Sprinkle with cocoa powder and serve.

I tried so hard to garnish with toasted mini marshmallows…didn’t really turn out.  😦  But I had so much fun lighting the on fire with the candle lighter, I couldn’t not post the pic!


One thought on “S’more martini

  1. Look at you and your fancy styling lately!! I want this with a side of that nutella fudge! PS, I made those mint crinkle cookies the other day and it made me miss you. Also puppy chow. With cookie butter. It’s been quite the season and I wish you were here!

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