I promise I did not fail you!


I just fell behind on life.  AS USUAL.

I made a goal and actually, for the most part, I really stuck with it…I just forgot to post things.  I mean, I’ve got about 5 more recipes to post!  Unfortunately, a couple recipes I tried were abysmal failures…seriously, I will post the white chocolate apple pie cookie butter fudge recipe later (2 attempts!), and see if we can’t figure this out together.  IT WAS SO AMAZING AND TASTY it just never set.



I started my new year resolutions yesterday.  I do better starting things on Monday because then I feel like at least I have a whole week to try and keep up. 

Less along the lines of losing weight, more along the lines of eating cleaner and getting out and running at least 3 times a week.

Say Heather, speaking of exercise, where have your Monday workout posts gone?

Well, dear blog readers…it was time for some new running shoes.  My left knee got F*CKED up, so I’ve been resting it.  Went on a couple of runs, taking it easy.  But check out my Pump It board on Pinterest, specifically the VS Model Ab Workout…HOLINESS the entirety of my abs, from the bottom of the bra to the top of my pants line, and my obliques, wanted to die the day after.  I ❤ blogilates.  So I’ve been doing more at-home strength training than getting out and running.

But I went shopping yesterday and spent lots of gift card money and bought lots of cute new workout gear from Target, so if that doesn’t motivate me, I’m a lost cause.

New things in my life:
#1) Got cast in AMT (Adventure Musical Theatre) again this year!!  Excited to work with Director Mat, Stage Manager Pam, and friends Mike & Daniel.  Expect lots of solid instagramming starting Jan 14.  Upsides: solid pay for a theatre job, getting to perform for kids, getting to perform, getting weekends off which is the best thing ever.  Downsides: Missing Ari’s marathon.  😦  Also, wanting to die around the month of March.

#2) Also starting Jan 14 (well, technically it started yesterday, but it’s in preparation for Jan 14), I’m going to be eating on the road a lot.  Last year, I spent a lot of money (and gained about 7-10 pounds) eating poorly.  I’m really excited to get a second chance at this and do a complete 180.  Besides the fact that I have to save $$ for Leavenworth this summer, I need to cut back on the amount of calories I’m eating, and I need to revamp my diet.  So I will be cutting back on gluten & meat products (specifically pork…except bacon bits, I love bacon bits!! #dontjudge), and working towards incorporating a solid 8-10 servings of fruit and veggies.  I tried this Green Smoothie yesterday and loved it.  A food journal is in the works.

#3) Sort of in addition to #2, obviously my schedule is going to be hell for the next few months, so blogging will become less frequent.  I absolutely plan on getting back on track with Weekly Wins and Monday Workout Posts (which will now hopefully include my food journal-pics).  But the goal is to still keep posting recipes/ideas.  It will just be based more on eating on the go, and crockpots, and Mason Jar Meals.  That sort of thing.

#4) I’m drinking less coffee.  We’ll see how long this lasts.  I’m trying to switch to tea.

#5) Taking care of my well-being!  Vitamins and vocal health!!!  Flu shot!  Emergen-C!!!!!!!

Ok, that is pretty much it.  Just checking in.  Expect those recipes I promised over the next couple of weeks.  I’ll space them out.  Just don’t hate me for posting the peanut butter balls, they’re kind of the devil.


2 thoughts on “I promise I did not fail you!

  1. I’m so happy for you about AMT! It’s been a while since you’ve had a performing opportunity, and I know you will be here in spirit. Plus this means a vay cay soon where I can actually focus on you as opposed to getting married or running a marathon. 😉 I hope you got your running analyzed at a legit running store–trust me, it will be worth the $$ for some Brooks or Asics to get the right fit and avoid injuries. Love, your pushy running bestie 😉 xoxo

    • For sure! I went to a podiatrist last year for my bunion, and he gave me some shoe recommendations. I went to a legit running store last year and picked out the Mizunos. This year, I went to a new store and decided on the exact same shoe, just slightly updated. $125 well spent, as my knee already feels better after today’s run.

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