Life Update #19429

Hi, 2013!

Well. I’ve been busy. If you don’t religiously check my instagram feed (ummm, wtf), here are some photos from this fabulous year that I would like to share with you

I did this and I loved it.  (TMI ALERT!) I was pooping like crazy, but I didn’t have any weird side effects (or any crazy pooping, like some people reported), and I felt great.  Totally worth the $15!!!  Check it out!


I left the pizza place full-time…still picking up occasional shifts, but I miss these fabulous jewels.  No idea what I did that inspired the above note, but lo que sea, sometimes people think they’re really funny.


And this made me laugh.


I’ll miss Mya’s coloring sheets!!



Megs and I moved to Capitol Hill finally!  I bought a new bed and grown-up girl sheets!


My room is a bit of an odd shape, but I found a bookcase that fits in a nook perfectly.  LOVE Ikea, and I’m obsessed with my new “nightstand”.


I’m doing an awesome show with an awesome group of people.

(Photo cred: Pamela Campi Spee)

(Photo cred: Pamela Campi Spee)

I’m auditioning for LST this year…a couple of bucket list roles that I can’t turn up the opportunity to at least try out for!



My parents rock and bought me new pots and pans.  What.


I made homemade honey roasted peanut butter.  Literally just threw the peanuts in my dad’s food processor and WAH-BAM.  Peanut butter in less than five minutes.  No added oil, no separation.  It’s amazing.


I’m running my second 5K on March 3 with a couple of the girls from the show.  I’ve been a little nervous, cuz I haven’t really had time to work out (tsk), but then I randomly busted this out!?!  (Mind you, this was at home with the ‘rents, it’s a little flatter up there than in Seattle, BUT STILL)


And then this is my bro.  He’s pretty kickass.  I’ve been having to stock him via his groups fbook page, but found this AMAZING pic of him.  So proud.  He’s technically a Navy Corpsman, but he’s working with the Marines in North Carolina right now.

Photo Cred: US Marines

Well, that’s all folks.  As soon as I have some extra time, I will be back to posting recipes I hope.  You may just be getting these random updates for a while, but we’ll see!  Love you all! ❤


One thought on “Life Update #19429

  1. I can’t wait to see your new place when I’m in your hood this summer! I love reading your catch up life posts–I wish I was there experiencing it all with you girrrrrl!

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