Weekly Wins!

A little belated on the Weekly Wins, but I promise, it’s worth it.  Lots of wins this week!

I made an AMAZING Applesauce Mac & Cheese with Apple Chicken Sausage (I used TJ’s Cheddar/Gruyere blend & the Unexpected Cheddar…seriously, AMAZING)

I have an audition for Leavenworth Summer Theatre in a couple weeks, but I was so excited for them to get this email…apparently this is the fastest the audition slots have ever filled up!!!!!  Looking forward to meeting some new people and getting to see some friendly faces I’ve been missing!!

I lunch and dinner prepped like crazy for this week.

Broiled halibut, brussel sprouts, and scallion noodles!

Shrimp, asparagus, and more scallion noodles…I was kind of obsessed.

Many wins for AMT…going to the school where we did samesies again!

Hilarious letters from children.
Also two children making their stage debut, including one who decided to just plop down on the stage with us during our big production number.  Seriously, I love children’s theatre!

Bought my Footloose dance audition outfit…also came across this gem.  I’m thinking singing audition dress?  Slash…DIBS FOR PROM!

Getting to see the Space Needle in all it’s beauty before the rest of the city has woken up.  As much as 5:45 is not my favorite time to wake up, I’ve really been enjoying the walk in the morning to the van meeting place.

My health life this week was training for the Hot Chocolate 5K (today!), doing some barre3 classes (obsessed!), and really going back to the Mediterranean diet with my food.  I also got to take a beginning Jazz dance class at Exit Space in Greenlake, and I loved it!  I forgot how much I love dance class, I will definitely be going back.

Fuck yeah 5K!

Post-race photo!  My unofficial runkeeper time…I busted ASS to get across that finish line before 30min, and I was so pleased with my time.  Despite walking a couple times due to some awesome phlegm-induced nausea.  Gag.  (#tmi)

Post 5K refuel at Toulouse Petit…Duck Confit Hash!


What an amazing week.  This week, I’m looking forward to more barre3 classes, a dress rehearsal hopefully, dinner at Terra Plata, and a trip to Portland with the folks for food and a voice lesson!


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