Cutie Mimosa

Another belated Christmas recipe that I loved. Another drink. Because apparently that’s all I did during Christmas, was drink.

But yet another anytime beverage.  I would drink one right now if I didn’t have to work later today.  And it’s JUNE.

If you haven’t already discovered the fact that they make Cutie juice, get thee to a Whole Foods (or Albertson’s, or probably other grocery stores, too) and buy some yesterday. Because it’s so yummy. And because IS ANYONE AS OBSESSED WITH CUTIES AS I AM.  I literally could eat them all Christmas season.  I get really sad when they start selling the ugly little ones that don’t taste good, because you know Cutie season is over.  😦  So the year round juice was a kickass find.

It’s easy.  Seriously easy.  Standard mimosa.  But with Cutie juice, so already better.

Cutie Mimosa

1 part champagne (CHEAP.  Unless you’re fancy with your Moet & Chandon)
1 part Cutie juice
Splash of cranberry juice


That’s it. Adjust according to your alcohol taste preference. Literally the only reason I felt the need to post the specs is because I felt obligated to actually post the recipe I used. Serve it however you want. Heck, drink half of the Cutie juice and then pour the champagne & cran juice in the bottle (it’s a cute bottle, too) and drink with a swirly straw while catching up on Masterchef. Whatever.

Good brunching, y’all.


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