Heather Adventures in Leavenworth

I’m officially in Leavenworth for the summer!! I’m staying in a house near the Sound of Music stage, which I’m stoked about, and within biking distance to rehearsals and downtown. Speaking of, I picked up this girl on Saturday from 2020 Cycle in Seattle. She needed a tune-up, and they were quite affordable.
So I get her to Leavenworth, only to discover a major flat. Literally, I heard the wheel pop and empty. She was done. Happy first day, y’all.
I walked her down to the town bike shop, Das Rad Haus, (oooooh, I was craaaaanky) and was immediately and quickly helped by a very friendly guy who used to live in Seattle himself. I love helpful, nice people. He absolutely turned my day back around. Thank you, friendly guy!
I biked a total of 3 miles today, but forgot my inhaler, so I had to do some walking up hills. But I visited my favorite place, Waterfront (Enchantment?) Park and got some sunshine. Biked up to Safeway and got some cooking-free snacks so I could just quick get some tasty healthy food in my system. (Especially since I went to Muchenhaus for lunch…yummmm…)
Here were my snacks. I definitely prefer the Blue Diamond Almond crackers for my GF snacks, but these weren’t bad. Love the cheese slices, though!! And the grapes! I ate them all (the grapes, not the cheese).
Ended the night with some movie watching at the Phradley (Brilip?) household, and a walk home in which I cried over how amazing the stars looked. You forget how many there are when you live in a city. Beautiful.

Some goals for the summer:
•Stay active and stay out of the car as much as possible! I want to bike where I feasibly can! Gym membership! Hiking!
•Eating healthy and minimally processed/pronounceable ingredients (ie the Farmer’s Market!) but still staying within a budget. (ie Super Walmart and Grocery Outlet. :-/)
•Read those books I’ve been meaning to read (finish Gatsby, start World War Z, a couple of acting books).
•Getting into and sticking with a summer schedule/routine (balancing sleep/rehearsals/working out/socializing)
•Holding myself accountable via this blog, twitter, instagram, and with my friends (Phil, Kenneth, I’m looking at you guys!)
•Enjoying this summer and loving life and loving who I am and where I’m at when I leave. I don’t want to look back on this summer and be like, “I wish I’d started/continued with running…I wish I’d visited the farmer’s market…I wish I’d floated down the river on an inter-tube…”
For reals, this kid is my inspiration for this summer. I want to be in the front of my metaphorical raft with my arms out, heart open, and yelling for adventure. Maybe I’ll even get in a real raft. That’d be something. I better get some goggles.
More goals to come, more info on the shows this summer, I just wanted to start this whole series out with a “Welcome to Leavenworth” post.
Here we go!


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