Rehearsal-free Day Adventures

Rehearsals start tomorrow! Which meant a day of adventuring! (And errands, but really ADVENTURES!)
So I met this kid Kenneth two summers ago here at LST. I hate him. We didn’t hit it off at all.
Meaning I’m totally obsessed and so excited he’s back this summer and we get to play together as Williard and Rusty in Footloose!!! #constantmakeoutsesh
We started the day out with Starbucks and getting gym memberships! Followed by a sensible trip to the wine shop.
This place (Pasek Cellars Tasting Room) is the best. The wine is amazing. Especially their fruity wines, *amazing* (blended with some frozen fruit…?). And I’m not generally a dessert wine person, but their late harvest Viognier was brilliant. Also, the staff here is always phenom and super friendly. This is my favorite wine shop in Leavenworth, hands down. Affordable, adorable, and agreeable.
From left to right, if my memory serves:
Pinot Gris, Syrah, a couple different red blends, Chardonnay (YES), Riesling, the Viognier, Cranberry, Blueberry (Noooo), Raspberry, and Blackberry. I loved the whites and the fruity (except blueberry), but the reds were definitely still great. I’ll be drinking plenty more wines this summer, so expect more tasting room reviews.
Then Kenneth, Phil, Christina and I went to Costco, Hobby Lobby, Taco Bell, and Walmart to stock up on essentials. Kenneth enjoyed the bike section. I got lights and a gel seat cover, so I’m set now bike-wise. And expect meal prep plans soon.
Followed by BBQ at Country Boys BBQ in Cashmere. Literally some of the best BBQ you can get for inexpensive and within a 100 mile radius. If you know better, tell me immediately because I love BBQ.
Ended the night with beer with new friends (speaking of, find me on Untappd (heathermcq) to follow my beer-ing this summer. Good beering, heather). I’m excited to start rehearsals tomorrow!


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