Of course no photos of the actual picnic. Because that would be too predictable.

Or I just forgot.

Or I didn’t want you to see my three plates of food.


20130613-124342.jpgStarted my day off at the gym. Did you?


Went to Starbucks for some coffee and Internet (finally got it back up and running yesterday afternoon!), enjoyed this pre-packed snack box.

1) Ziploc container
2) Light Babybel cheese
3) Applesauce
4) Pistachios
5) Cherry tomatoes
6) Avalanche bar from RMCF (apparently they weren’t made right…free=no calories, yeah?)
All above (except the container and treat) were Costco finds. They are your best bet for inexpensive healthy snacks. I’m obsessed.

20130613-204627.jpgI’m in love with these cats. A bunch of strays live up around here, and I love them!! We even have kittens, but they run away before I can take a good picture. 😦

20130613-204424.jpgI made these beet “crostinis” with Michelle and Kenneth for the opening picnic, also.  They were….AMAZING!  Spee-inspired.  Recipe tomorrow.
Here’s my awesome biking selfie.  Definitely walked all over Safeway with my helmet on and owned it.


Fed Kenneth some food.  Mostly I just liked this photo.  Credit: Michelle A.


And then today we went to Zumba, sang some Joseph, (seriously, pages of “banana banana banana etc.” for the wives), and now I have the rest of the night off!


Also I had a nun costume fitting (where I learned I was not going to be waltzing this time…YIPPEEE!) and got to see the new Sound of Music stage.  Holy.  COW.  This stage is 10bazilliontimes better than last year.  They’d had that set for years, and it had been gnawed on, it took 14 people to turn it, and it was just too much.  This is magical.  David did an amazing job.


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