Workout 6/10-6/16

Everyone has their own version of “Friday Favorites” or “Tuesday Talent Show”, and I have been secretly wanting to jump on the band wagon. Kind of. Except different. More like my personal life Monday updates on life that are just going to include my workouts, meal preps, new things, obsessions, etc.

The Workouts:
Monday, 6/10 – Moved to Leavenworth! Ended up with a flat tire on my bike immediately, but got it fixed and went on a 3ish mile ride around town. The hill up to my house is a killer! At least on a bike for someone who hasn’t really biked in years. So shush! 3.5% incline, 56 feet in .34 miles. My thighs have been burning all week.

Tuesday, 6/11 – Biked to the gym. Signed up. Biked to a wine tasting downtown with Kenneth. Sensible workout day. 🙂

Wednesday, 6/12 – Did this workout from Women’s Health at the gym (with some mods). Nay loaned me some books during AMT that I brought with (I promise you’ll get them back in September!) that I love and I will definitely be investing in some when I get back to Seattle. I am someone who prefers hard copies rather than a computer screen, though.


Warm-up: 50 Jumping Jacks, 10 burpees, 10 pushups, 10 squats, 10 1-leg squats, each side, 1 min plank, stretching
Step-up with Curl: 3 sets/10 reps/8 pounds
Bench Press with Crunch: 3/10/8
Pushup with Leg Lifts: 3(each side)/10/Body Weight
Lateral Lift: 3(es)/10/4
Reach Squat: 3(es)/10/5
Charlie’s Angel Abs: 3(es)/10/BW
Cardio: Got an elliptical, realized it was the same muscles as a bike, faked (sort of) a pain in my leg, and got off after a minute. Because my thighs were like FUCK THAT.
And all you need is the below equipment:


I used a step instead of a bench because it was handier. It’s a small gym and there’s not enough room for me to do my warm-ups & everything downstairs, so I have to use the classroom.

Thursday, 6/13 – Zumba!

Friday, 6/14 – Same weight training as above

Saturday, 6/15 – My day was pretty much packed solid, but I started it off with a couple dance (movement…) rehearsals.

Sunday, 6/16 – A modified version of the weight training…grabbed a Bosu ball and used it for the push-ups and the squat curls, and subbed out balancing side crunches instead of the lateral lift cuz my hips were bruised.  :-\  Added some flies, and those muscles were killing me today!!


The Playlist:
Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Because DUH, totally makes me feel gangster…also Seattle pride, gotta love an artist from the PNW

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (cover) – Sara Bareilles
Because I am unbelievably obsessed with this cover. So moving. Yes it’s on my workout playlist right now because I want to hear it ALL THE TIME.

The New Thing I Tried This Week:
They were on sale at Safeway 2/$4. I’d seen them on a lot of the Instagrams I follow because they’re Vegan, GF, DF, and Organic, so I thought I’d give them a try. The cappuccino flavor was better than the chocolate in my opinion, but overall I thought they were too expensive for what they were and I didn’t feel very full afterwards. Worth it if you like protein shakes, and they’re on sale.


The Obsession:
Cold Brewed Iced Coffee
Here’s how to do it, from Ari’s Menu. She introduced me to Toddy’s when I was down there last month, and I’m legitimately in love with the tasty beverage that comes from making it this way. I like to add cinnamon and Stevia while I’m brewing it so that it already has that taste when I drink it, because the sugar and cinnamon don’t really break down in the cold. Delish. I would drink these all day if they wouldn’t give me the shakes! 🙂

The Meal Prep:
Picture Fail. I meant to, I promise! Here’s what I portioned out though:
Turkey, Provolone, Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Wraps
Cottage Cheese
PB Cheerios
HB eggs
Zucchini, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes with TJ’s cilantro dressing to dip
Smoothies (fail…I totally forgot chia seeds get gooey, and I *hated* the texture in the smoothies I’d made)

The Favorite Meal:
Crockpot Chicken Curry with TJ’s Curry Sauce. Recipe to be posted soon. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very pretty meal, so I didn’t take a pic, but I will DEFINITELY be making this again ASAP, so I’ll just take one regardless next time. Maybe I’ll sprinkle some cilantro on it to prettify it. Also it just went straight into Tupperware, so…yeah.


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