Workouts 6/17-6/23

I know, I know…so late posting this! Had it halfway done and then spaced on actually finishing/posting. My bad!

The Workouts
Moment of honesty: last week was rough.  A completely packed rehearsal schedule, still adjusting to LST, and other stuff going on that needed to be taken care of.  I did not exercise nearly enough last week OR this week.  We open Sound of Music next week however, which I think will help.  I did bike a lot, though!

Monday, 6/17 – We choreographed Footloose.  Like, the opening number.  Dance-tastic.

Tuesday, 6/18 – Rest

Wednesday, 6/19 – GYM!  Strength Training
Warm-up: 50 Jumping Jacks, 1-min plank, 30 burpees, 30 push-ups, 30 squats, 30 1-legged squats
Chest Press: 3/15/8
Chest Flies: 3/15/8
Step-up with Curl (on Bosu): 2es/10/8
Shoulder Press: 2/10/8
Rows: 3/15/8
Tricep: 3/15/8
Abs: 90 bicycles, 20 mountain climbers (with Bosu), 30 side lifts, 15 butt-ups, 15 windmills, 30 Russian twists
*I definitely make up names for ab exercises…I probably should find out what they’re actually called…

Thursday, 6/20 – Rest

Friday, 6/21 – 2 mile run!  Did it in 18 minutes because I ran the first mile, then the two half miles with breaks in between.  I forgot to use my inhaler before going on the run.  Still learning with that thing!!
Then we preceded to choreograph Go Go Go Joseph.  You know.  THE dance number.  FML if I’ve ever regretted a workout, it was this one. 20130627-142038.jpgLook how pretty the mountains are!!!


Saturday, 6/22 – Rest

Sunday, 6/23 – Rest

The Playlist
When I’m Gone (Cups) – Pitch Perfect soundtrack.
I’m actually really looking forward to seeing her as Cathy in the L5Y movie.  Not so much Jeremy Jordans (sorry, dude, you’re talented, but you’re not a Jamie in my brain), but I’ve been obsessed with Anna since Up in the Air.  And then her performance of “Ladies Who Lunch” in Camp?  Brilliance.

The New Thing I Tried This Week:
Asking for feedback on life.  Sometimes the truth is harsh but needs to be heard.

The Rant:
*cue Heather Strong Feelings back-up singers*
This SIGN.
This sign is seriously hanging in a middle school lunch room advertising an educational travel company.  Awesome, except for THEIR ADVERTISING.
“ur totally rite. ❤ DC!”
“told u DC is awesome see the president yet?”
“nope just his house! :)”
“im gonna live there someday :)”
No, middle schooler, you’re not.  Not if you can’t learn to capitalize, punctuate, and SPELL.
World Strides.  I am publicly shaming you.  This is completely appalling and unacceptable to be validating a bastardized, lazy version of the English language in an advertisement geared towards young students.  Middle schoolers are impressionable, and we should be setting a better example for how to communicate with one another, even just our own friends.  My grammar isn’t perfect, my punctuation isn’t perfect, and sometimes I shorten things to make it easier (wtf, etc).  But I refuse to spell things incorrectly when it is literally a letter longer.  This is becoming a common trend with students…essays being turned in with “ur”, “rite”, etc, and it has started to carry over into the professional world.  Find a better way to advertise, your program sounds legitimately cool.  You don’t need to stoop to misspelling and grammar mistakes in order to be accessible to 12 year olds.

The Meal Prep
Turkey Provolone wraps with GoGo applesauce
Zucchinis, Carrots, and hummus
Salad fixings
Greek Salad with Chickpeas
Roasted Sweet potatoes, zucchinis, and black beans for tacos
Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Asparagus
Asian Tuna
Teriyaki Tuna
Hard boiled eggs, mangos, blueberries, PB cheerios, plums, and Babybel
I didn’t go hungry at all last week, obviously.  And a lot of this carried into this week.




The Taco Tuesday:
So we’ve decided to implement a permanent Taco Tuesday night which took off like a rocket last week.  We had normal beef tacos, but we’re gonna start livening things up over the next few weeks and make it a “Taco” (ie Mexican) Tuesday.  I’ll try to get pictures next time!!

The Favorite Meal:
The sweet potato black bean tacos were bomb.  I added some Tapatio & cheese, and that was it.  Great to just bring the container and my tortillas to rehearsal.


2 thoughts on “Workouts 6/17-6/23

  1. Yay Heather! You’re doing awesome! Life doesn’t always let us follow our schedule the way we hope, but the best part of living a healthy lifestyle is that you can just keep going! How did you ask for feedback on life? What does that mean? I’m intrigued. 🙂

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