Workout 6/24-6/30

Holy bejesus, it’s July.  Where did June go!?!

So we’re going to start this post off with two challenges:

20130630-004155.jpgYou better believe we’re going to find Waldo all over Leavenworth this summer.

AND the more important one (no offense, Waldo):

20130630-005628.jpgJust do it.  50 miles is nothing.  I’m going to run it.  You can run it, bike it, walk it even.  It’s 2.5 miles over 20 days, if you want to spell it out that way.  Totally do-able.  Even if I have to do it on a treadmill one mile at a time, it’s an attainable goal that will help keep me accountable.  Want to join?  Comment below.  I’ll text you Sunday and see how you’re doing, and post it here.  Internet shaming at its finest.  😉

The Workouts
Monday, 6/24 – Zumba!

Tuesday, 6/25-Thursday, 6/27 – Rest

Friday, 6/28 – Weights!  Pretty much same as last week:
Warm-up: 50 Jumping Jacks, 1-min plank, 30 burpees, 30 push-ups, 30 squats, 30 1-legged squats
Chest Press: 3/15/8
Chest Flies: 3/15/8
Step-up with Curl (on Bosu): 2es/15/8
Shoulder Press: 3/15/8
Rows: 3/15/8
Tricep: 3/15/8

Saturday, 6/29-Sunday, 6/30 – Rest

Again, just a busy week.  Another reason for the #july50miles goal.  I need something that will hold me accountable, even if I’m running 10 miles on July 31. 😉  Expect more variety this week.

The Playlist
Same Love – Macklemore
The video is gorgeous, too.  Such a great message.  #seattlepride

Cuz, you know, it was kind of a big week.  Standing with Wendy, and Love is Love, and what not.  EEEEEEEEE!!!!20130627-224847.jpg

The New Thing I Tried This Week
Huckleberry Riesling! 20130629-232737.jpg

The Laugh
The Bloggess’s recounting of how she’d survive a horror movie.  I died.  She is so funny.

The Adventure
Kenneth and I had a date day!  Expect a more thorough “What Heather Loves In Leavenworth” post at some point (spoiler: CHEESE SHOP), but here are a couple pictures!  Raspberry Wine was delicious, and we were “meh” on the new sausage place.  We tried the Chicken Apple Sage sausage, and it was good, but not anything to write home about.  The Cured sausage shop, on the other hand…apparently that’s where they’ve been hiding the cute boys.


20130627-224826.jpgThe Theatre Stuff
We were finally up on the Hill for Sound of Music tech week this week.  It poured rain on Saturday, but cleared up, and it was gorgeous.  Seriously, there is not a better place for this musical to happen.  Except maybe Austria.


20130629-232729.jpgKenneth was wishing he was in The Producers…Hotsie Totsie Nazi Style

20130627-224840.jpgThe conversation:
Gretl: Look what he drew!
Me: (looks like a mermaid…)
Kurt: It’s Nicki Minaj with a fish on her head
Because of course…why didn’t I see that…

20130629-232732.jpgThis is Cherisse.  Narrator in Joseph/Ariel in Footloose.  I like liking the people I understudy, and I like liking my show best friends.  We died laughing in rehearsal on Sunday.  Like, I probably should have just written in “ab exercises” for Sunday above.  (Photo Cred: Michelle A)

The Meal Prep
Chicken Nuggets
Sauteed Zucchini
Taco Dip
Salmon, Feta, Watermelon & Arugula Salad



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