LST’s Big Boomin’ Bacon Bash for ‘Merica!

Happy ‘merica Day!

We here with LST decided to celebrate with bacon, water balloons, bacon, kiddie pool, bacon, puppies, and more bacon.

Seriously. We had a bacon themed picnic!!! It stemmed from this conversation (paraphrased…obviously):
Kenneth & I: Bacon is so awesome, PUT IT ON EVERYTHING!
Michael: It’s not good on everything.
Kenneth & I: Name one thing it wouldn’t be good on.
Michael: Cheesecake.
Kenneth & I: Challenge accepted.

So we headed to the Hatchery today to celebrate being ‘merican.  It was SO FUN.  Wish I’d gotten more pictures, but I was busy playing with the water balloons and puppies.  Shari was the one with the camera!

20130704-214802.jpgNancy needed a poolboy.  Kenneth volunteered.

Bradley & Stella

We had waaaaay too much fun with a water balloon sling shot.  Check out this video we made on Instagram.
(Photo cred: Michelle)

Michelle, Cherisse, Morgan, Christina, Dan, James, and Ryan sitting pretty.

This is Kenneth’s face tasting his bacon cheesecake for the first time.  The other photos were a little too foodgasmic and weren’t appropriate to be posting on the internet.  😉

Now onto the food.  Sit tight.

And everyone gets an award because I love awards.  Sadly, I definitely missed pictures of a few dishes.  Sorry if it was yours!!  But everything was SO GOOD.  Seriously, I didn’t try anything that made me go, “meh”.  I loved it all!!!  I LOVE BACON!!!!

It’s not a problem.

Shut up.

What I Brought

Peach BBQ Bacon Pulled Pork (recipe to come!)

The Creamiest/Cheesiest

Bacon Alfredo Pasta (by Natalie)

The Healthiest

Green Bean Bacon Salad (by Michelle)

The Best Attempt at Healthiest

Veggie Bacon Pasta Salad (by Nancy)

The Most Addictive

Bacon Queso (by Phil)

The Best Take on a Classic

Bacon Avocado Pasta Salad (by Christina & Dan)

The Least Bacon-y

Red, White, & Blue Rice Krispie Treats (by Brian)

The Best 4th of July-style Tie-in

Bacon Burger Sliders (by Ernest & Michael)

The Best Picnic Food
(Honorable Mention: Dish that Disappeared First)

Bacon Deviled Eggs (by Ryan and James)

The Dish I’m Going to Recreate Immediately

Bacon Jalapeño Parmesan Dip (by Morgan(‘s mom))

The Most Surprisingly Freaking Delicious Dish
Runner-up Best Dish

Peas, Cheese, Bacon, & Pickles in a Mayo/Mustard creaminess (by Shari)
Seriously.  I could have eaten the whole bowl EASILY.  Who’da thunk?

The Best Dish

Mini Maple Bacon Cheesecakes (by Kenneth)
Challenge completed.  Suck it, Michael. 😉

And to finish the day off…
The Most Bacony Dish
The Bacon Explosion (by Kevin)
Bacon and sausage wrapped in bacon, smoked, and smothered in BBQ sauce.  Don’t fret, I linked it so you could either a) make it yourself or b) see that I’m not lying and it’s a real thing.


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