Where’s Waldo? He’s in Leavenworth!

Growing up, Waldo was always such a ridiculously stupidly frustrating book. Seriously, what is he even hiding from? I remember…I was absolutely NOT that kid that would sit and look for Waldo for hours. If I couldn’t find him in the first few minutes, I was over it. Next page, please.

Now, however, at 25.5 years old, I LOVE Waldo books!

I also love games. And competitions. And prizes.

So when I saw this sign on the front of A Book For All Seasons, I immediately posted this photo to Facebook asking who wanted to join.

Pretty much everyone.

I grabbed some Waldo passports on July 1, and on July 2, Kenneth, Christina, and I ventured around Leavenworth to find all 25 Waldos.


Let me tell you.  You’re gonna want to get in on this ASAP.  It was SO FREAKING FUN.

Find Waldo Here is being held all over the country through the entire month of July.  Secret Garden Books is doing it in Seattle, Village Books is doing it in Bellingham, and Book People is doing it in Moscow.  It’s supporting the “shop local” idea while promoting Waldo in a super awesome way.  A complete list of participating independent bookstores is here.  It took us one afternoon, but you could easily spread it out over a few different days if you don’t have time to do it all at once.  Just do it.  You won’t regret it.  It’s the best.  I wish it happened every month.




Our first stop was the Metal Waterfall Gallery.  We weren’t 100% sure what we were looking for, so it took us a while to find our first Waldo.  Turns out, Metal Waterfall Gallery had done a pretty good job of hiding him (comparatively).  In the above photo, Kenneth is attempting to find Waldo from the point of view of a child.

We proceeded to a few more shops, starting west and working our way east.  Our new BFF Charlotte was fabulously sassy at d’Vinery.  We’re going to go back and visit her soon to do some wine tastings.


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory thought they were pretty sneaky, hiding Waldo in some July 4 themed marshmallows.

We also visited our new BFF Drew at cured and bought bacon for our Big Boomin’ Bacon Bash.  They did not have Waldo.  Neither did Jeanine’s shop.  We were upset.  We did however get to visit the Cheesemonger, the Oil & Vinegar Cellar, the Wood & Hat shops (she gave us smelly stickers!), the library…we hope we brightened some days with our vivaciousness (ie ridiculousness).

The Taffy Shop was the hardest hiding spot (mad props).  Chamber of Commerce was the easiest.  We were especially upset at Tessa Marie’s Children’s Boutique…THEY WERE CLOSED!  Then we were told they had a second shop a couple blocks away that was open where we proceeded to harass the poor cashier there (who had no idea what was going on) to sign our paper.  Don’t fret, I went back and found Waldo, so we legit found all 25.  But for cereal, Tessa Marie’s…can you please move Waldo to your open shop??

We got our last signature at A Book For All Seasons!  Of course we needed a photo with Waldo.

Bradley had done the search the day before, but he met up with us to get his coupon (for a free 1-lb bag of taffy from The Taffy Shop!), sticker, and $1 off of a Waldo book.  We go back on July 31st for a drawing/party.  We’re excited.


We celebrated Waldo with Wine Slushes at the Kestrel Tasting Room.


Highlight of the day: running into some young kids doing the Waldo search at the pharmacy who were having trouble finding him, and the mom coming up to us and saying, “I need a beer, can you PLEASE just tell them where Waldo is?”

This seriously was one of the most fun things I have done in quite a while.  It kept us entertained for about three hours, and was just a really enjoyable, surprisingly exciting way to spend an afternoon in Leavenworth.  We got to visit a lot of shops we had never been to, met some really nice local merchants, and we succeeded at finding all the Waldos.  Ultimately, a really great day.


2 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo? He’s in Leavenworth!

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