Workouts 7/1-7/7

Holy week. First things first.

July 15, 7:30pm: Nicholas and I will be performing Joseph & the Narrator on understudy night here at Leavenworth Summer Theatre. Belting for Jesus, literally. I have 50 free tickets. Email or text me.

Also, come see the shows for realsies. Information for tickets, etc. is HERE.
I am playing Rusty in Footloose, Sister Margaretta in Sound of Music, and Asher’s Wife in Joseph. Sound of Music is just GORGEOUS up on the hill with the sunset behind it, Joseph is going amazingly well (it is currently tech week…holiness), and Footloose is the show to see if you want to see me belt my face off with “Let’s Hear It For The Boy”.
That is all.  Here are the schedules (green is SoM, blue is Joseph, red is Footloose).

July Schedule
20130708-141325.jpgAugust Schedule

The Workouts
Monday, July 1 – rest

Tuesday, July 2 – 2 miles


Wednesday, July 3 – 1.5 miles
This one was on a treadmill at the gym. Those treadmills are ancient and I got into a fight with it. Hence no picture and hence the measly 1.5 miles. I could have gone longer had my fight with the treadmill not taken 10 minutes to get me started running.

Thursday, July 4 – 2 miles


Friday, July 5 – 3 miles


Saturday, July 6 – Rest

Sunday, July 7 – Rest

How’s everyone doing on their running??I know Pam was 6/50 this morning! I’m currently sitting at 8.5/50. Could be worse, should be better.
“I betta step it up and fight the heat, cuz I’m not making money if the coffee isn’t light and sweet!”…yeaaaaahh…I tried. #musicaltheatreprobs
Because how do I really feel after a 2 mile run in 80 degree weather? Like this:
The Playlist
“The Chain” – Ingrid MichaelsonNot on my workout playlist, but I have a big ol’ lady crush on a couple chicas out here and definitely want to have a lady singalong jam session. This song is one of my favs.

The New Thing I Tried This Week
Actually buying an outfit from Ross & Goodwill. I hate to dig for clothes, I hate the smell of Goodwill, so if something doesn’t catch my eye in the first five minutes, I’m back at American Eagle and Target. We went thrift shopping in Wenatchee for Footloose costumes, and I ended up with the below dress for the BBQ Palace scene and the boots for myself.

Aaaand here’s the Ross dress (also the Footloose Trio with Ariel…read on). With boots and belt ala Goodwill. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many compliments on an outfit, and it only cost me about $26. Worth it.

20130708-132045.jpgThe Laugh
This sign I found in Leavenworth:


And this pic from the 4th of July picnic, where I literally was trying so hard not to pee on Kenneth from laughing so hard. Don’t worry, I held it together. (Photo cred: Shari S!)


The Adventure
Where’s Waldo followed by wine slushies at Kestrel! SO YUMMY!!!

The Theatre Stuff
We opened Sound of Music on Friday FINALLY! We celebrated at Visconti’s, where I had some brussel sprouts with pancetta, gnocchi in a sage butter, and 23oz of Whistling Pig Hefeweizen that was well deserved and unexpectedly large.


We also attended a Soireé at Icicle Ridge Winery, where we got to sing some songs from the shows we were in. It ended up pouring rain and we had to sing inside, but the location was amazing. We chatted with the wine makers for a while (the husband is a U of I alum, GO VANDALS!), and hopefully will get to do a cabaret later on this summer out there. If you get out to the Leavenworth area, definitely go check out their house-turned-winery. It’s freaking gorgeous, and the Gewurztraminer was amazing.
Ariel (Cherisse), Ren (Nick H-S), myself, and Williard (Kenneth) decided to do a prom pic for y’all.


The Strong Feelings
I love Post Secrets! If you don’t know what it is, check out the website, read about it, it’s pretty awesome. This week, two just hit really close to home, and I wanted to share.

20130708-124710.jpg20130708-124713.jpgI hate going to doctors, and having them tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about, sending me on my way without a fix, only for me to end up back there with strep throat. Not that that happened or anything.
Seriously, do doctors not understand that singers/dancers/actors understand parts of our bodies better than the average person? Can they not just trust us when we say GIVE US ANTIBIOTICS, WE HAVE AN AUDITION IN THREE DAYS, AND MY THROAT IS PRACTICALLY SWOLLEN SHUT, THIS IS NOT A VIRAL INFECTION.
End music.

The Best Parts
There were a lot of highlights this week, but two of the biggest were this growler of Huckleberry Ale from The Alehouse (Coeur d’Alene Brewing Company) that my parents brought me:


And these beautiful pictures I took of the river after one of my runs this week:


The Taco Tuesday
We made nachos! I brought the chili, and I was in charge of grating all the cheese. Two blocks. The only reason I’m bringing it up/bragging is because it was epic. Also, Dani brought Margarita cupcakes. They had tequila in the frosting and sugared raspberries in the center. Just stop it. Or let me live with you and nanny your dogs. This week, it’s crockpot fajitas!

20130703-013531.jpg20130703-013527.jpgThe Meal Prep
Ummm…I bought some sandwich stuff, yogurt, grapes, and a bunch of cherry tomatoes. I didn’t really do any prep. Slash I ate out a lot, I feel like.


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