Workouts 7/8-7/14

The Workouts
Monday, July 8 – Rest

Tuesday, July 9 – 3 miles. Got into a fight with a dirt road at mile 2. Slash got distracted by a puppy, tripped over a sewer thing, and Superman-ed through the dirt. Like you I do.


Wednesday, July 10 – Rest

Thursday, July 11 – I did some of these exercises with my 5-pound weights at home. A good guide of things to do if you’re not sure where to start weight lifting. I was mentally prepping for the understudy rehearsal, and wanted to save my energy for the show, so no run today!

Friday, July 12 – 2.5 miles

20130715-132724.jpgSaturday, July 13 – Gym!I did 2.5 miles between the elliptical and the treadmill…I tried to do circuit-style (1 mile, weights, 1 mile, work on dances, 1 mile) because I hate treadmills, but that actually made it worse. The last .5 mile was done on the elliptical, but again, those machines are so old, it took me too long to figure out how to use it, so I didn’t do the full mile to round it out to three.
Chest Press: 3/15/8
Chest Flies: 3/15/8
Bicep Curl: 3/15/8
Shoulder Press: 3/15/8
Rows: 3/15/8
Tricep: 3/15/8

Sunday, July 14 – 2.75 miles. Shitty run. I got started too far into the heat of the day, and had to keep stopping because I could feel myself overheating. My 30-min run was closer to 50-min. :-\

So the 50 miles may have been a bit of a large goal to set, but I’m still going to go for it. Because why not. I just wish this heat wasn’t so killer and so early in the morning! But I remember having this problem last summer, too, having to wake up early in the morning to get my run in. I’ll work on it.#July50miles – 19.25/50
I’m 38.5% towards my goal at 50% of the way through the month. Really, not bad. But I can do better! I just need to do 4 days of 3 miles a week, and I’ll be fine!!

The Playlist
Hotel Room – Pitbull
I love the abs-centric zumba routine I pinned to this song, but it’s also just a catchy song. Albeit totally shockingly raunchy. If you’re easily uncomfortable, just don’t hit play.

The New Thing I Tried This Week
Meaning MY NEW FAVORITE THING FROM STARBUCKS. I had tried the canned version last summer, but this year, since Kenneth works at Starbucks, I asked him to just make me something fruity and awesome, and he made me a tasty mix of the Pomegranate and Valencia Orange one, and subbed lemonade for the water. So yummy.


The Laugh
Cherisse, Shari, Erin, and I went to karaoke where our new friend Mark proceeded to call us singing sluts and told everyone we accepted free drinks. Whatever, we got a free beer out of the deal. Even though Cherisse doesn’t drink beer. It was the thought that counted.


The Adventure
Hobby Lobby, Ross, and Olive Garden in Wenatchee, where we met our new server BFF Maggie! Seriously, she made our day at OG. We also ate 5 baskets of breadsticks between the four of us. Don’t judge.  And she brought us extra mints!!  THE BEST!!!


The Theatre Stuff
We open Joseph this week! AAAAAH! Also, it’s understudy performance night, so Nicholas and I are going on as Joseph & Narrator, respectively. So stoked. And ready.

We also had an understudy night in Sound of Music the other night! Thank goodness Nikki is on top of her stuff and just rocked it, but definitely wishing Jenness better as soon as possible. No one likes completely losing her voice.

But because Nikki was going on as Maria, that meant Christina got to go on as the postulant! Big part. She was a nervous wreck. 😉


The Strong Feelings
I have strong feelings about the cats at my house. The little grey one is sick/slow, so the little black one sits with it and hisses if I get too close. Its too stinking cute.

20130715-132706.jpgThe Best Parts
Beach Day! I started my day with a coffee date with Bradley, and then we headed down to the river where we met up with Cherisse, Kenneth, Kable, Nicholas, Megan, and Morgan. Too much fun!

20130715-132742.jpg20130715-132944.jpg20130715-132646.jpg20130715-132643.jpg20130715-132639.jpgCherisse and I also filmed our audition for Annie on Broadway. We will be performing the role as Siamese twins.

The Taco Tuesday
We made crockpot fajitas! One of chicken, one of beef. Recipe to come. Totally the easiest thing on the planet to make, and it was perfect that it was already ready to go when we got there after rehearsal.



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