Workouts 7/15-7/21

Monday, 7/15 – Rest! Day of the show, y’all!

Tuesday, 7/16 – 2.5 miles, plus strength:
Chest Press: 3/10/10
Chest Flies: 3/10/10
Bicep Curl: 3/10/10
Shoulder Press: 3/10/10
Rows: 3/10/10
Tricep: 3/10/10
Squats: 3/15/15
One-leg squats: 3 sets each leg, 10 reps

And then this is where I petered out. I’ve been fighting something for the last couple weeks, not sure if it’s allergies or a legit sickness. But when our Maria went out a couple weeks ago, and one of our Leisls went out last week, I decided regardless of what it was, I needed to take a break. Rehearsals have been wearing me out, and I haven’t been getting a good amount of sleep. So the 50 miles isn’t going to happen, but I’ll have a voice for opening of Footloose. And that’s more important. I’ll definitely still keep running (starting up again this week), but probably no more than two mile runs to keep it easy. I was planning on focusing more on strength training next month, anyway. And hopefully my bike will be fixed soon!

The Playlist
The Story – Brandi Carlile
I just love this song, and I just keep pushing play on my iTunes. Not sure why it’s been in my brain this week, but holy balls, if Brandi Carlile doesn’t just sing the shit out of it.

The New Thing I Tried This Week
I didn’t take a picture of it…mainly because all of a sudden, it was gone…in three days…but Tillamook has a new kind of sandwich cheese out. It’s White Cheddar with Garlic. And it’s amazing. AMAZING. Like, you won’t be smooching anyone for at least a week after eating a slice of it. They have a black pepper one I’ll have to try, too. Darn.

The Laugh
I went to McDonalds after a dance spacing rehearsal with the Central kiddos & Baby Morgan, and had a blast just being ridiculous. Check out my instagram for the video of us serenading a “Just Married” car with “Kiss the Girl”.
Also, remember those refreshers I’m obsessed with from last week? Well, I went into sbux with Kenneth, and since he wasn’t behind the counter, they actually had to fill out the cups with the drinks how he makes it. And holy bananas, does it look ridiculous. Sorry baristas!!

The Adventure
Nicholas and I hit up the brewery to run lines. And by run lines, I mean get halfway through Act I and proceed to talk about life. Also, check out my new camera app on my phone!!! Camera+ (only $1.99, and I think totally worth it)20130723-122818.jpg
The Theatre Stuff

We finally had our Understudy Show!! We had way too much fun, but are glad it’s done. Understudying is stressful.

And we opened Joseph. And celebrated with a pool party. Where I did not want to get in the pool, so I provided lighting for all the photos with my phone.
20130723-122801.jpgTwo down, one more to go. Footloose is coming along well, but the Festhalle show always gets screwed for rehearsal time. Fingers crossed it still looks good on Saturday when we’ve had six days off! :-\ But get your tickets, we open Wednesday. Also, I do this in the show. Four octaves of F, nbd. #altoslament
20130723-122825.jpgThe Best Meal
THIS. THISTHISTHISTHISTHISTHIS. I love beef bolgogi, but this dish was the perfect easy adaptation with really similar flavors. So good. Everyone that tried it loved it. And seriously, SO EASY. (Click the pic or above for the recipe…obviously not my picture)


But then I had leftover rice and a bunch of stuff I needed to get rid of, so I made “paella”, which came in at a close second. Sausage, shrimp, red pepper, zucchini, garlic stuffed green olives, cherry tomatoes, saffron, and smoked paprika.
20130723-122830.jpgThe Taco Tuesday
Taco Mac & Cheese. If I made this again, I would definitely put the taco meat in with the mac & cheese, but I was just impressed crockpot mac & cheese worked out in the first place!!!



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