Squares-within-Squares infinity scarf & hat pattern

20130909-162557.jpgAs I’m sure you’re aware, I got to spend the summer in beautiful Leavenworth, WA doing theatre with some really beautiful people.  Life in the theatre is a blessed life.

Anyways, as was the same two years ago, a bunch of us got back into our yarn habits and spent a good chunk of time with knitting needles or crochet hooks in our hands.  Especially as a nun, I had a lot of time backstage to bust out some knitting projects.  One of my FAVORITES was the scarf & hat set I made my Joseph “husband” for closing!

I found the yarn at the local yarn shop in Cashmere, WA (Cashmere Cottage Yarn), and it was spot on for our color.  I started with the scarf, needed three skeins to finish it, and ended up having enough to attempt my first hat!  Loved it.  A few people asked me for the pattern, so here it is (this being said, these are my first patterns being written out…if I have the formatting or math incorrect, let me know!!):

20130909-162635.jpgCast on 234 stitches in the round.  I used size 10.5, 29″ circular needles with a medium weight wool (I believe it was 128 yards/skein?).

Rows 1-4: *K9, P9* (to end)

Rows 5-8: *K3, P3* (to end)

Rows 9-12: *K9, P9* (to end)

Rows 13-16: *P9, K9* (to end)

Rows 17-20: *P3, K3* (to end)

Rows 21-24: *P9, K9* (to end)

Repeat the patterns for Rows 1-12 for a third row of squares.  I think it made it wide enough, but that’s kind of up to your discretion!  Cast off, and weave in the ends!

20130909-162612.jpgThe hat was made on size 8 double pointed needles.

Cast on 72 stitches

Rows 1-3: *K2, P2* (to end)

Row 4: purl all the way around

Rows 5-7: *K6, P6* (to end)

Rows 8-10: *K2, P2* (to end)

Rows 11-13: *K6, P6* (to end)

Row 14: purl all the way around

Row 15: *K5, kfb1* (to end) (84 stitches)

Row 16-23: knit all the way around

Row 24: *K6, kfb1* (to end) (96 stitches)

I’ll be honest, I just knit the hat until I felt it was tall enough…probably about 20 more rows of just knit stitch.

To decrease:

1st row of decrease: *K6, k2tog* (to end) (84 stitches)

2nd row: purl all the way around

3rd row of decrease: *K5, k2tog* (to end) (72 stitches)

4th row: purl all the way around

5th row of decrease: *K4, k2tog* (60 stitches)

6th row: purl all the way around

7th row of decrease: *K3, k2tog* (48 stitches)

8th row: purl all the way around

9th row of decrease: *k2tog* (24 stitches)

10th row: purl all the way around

11th row of decrease: *k2tog* (12 stitches)

12th row of decrease: *k2tog* (6 stitches)

Cut an 8-inch tail off the yarn and thread it through the remaining stitches.  Pull the tail tightly through the inside of the hat, tie it off, and weave the ends in.  Wahoo!

Seriously, the hat was so much easier than I thought it was going to be…I’d always been intimidated by them, but I finally got over it, busted out the double pointed needles for the first time, and absolutely loved it.  Hats for everybody!  If you’ve stuck to mostly scarves and pot holders, try it.  If you’re in Seattle, let me know, and I will come show you how to get started!!!  So simple!



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