Make Ahead Mason Jar Omelets

I used to despise eggs.  I remember feeling obligated to eat them at friends’ houses, and I just never understood why people loved them so much.  I always skipped them for extra bacon during breakfast at home.  It wasn’t until college that I actually got back into them, and even still, not generally my favorite thing.  Unless they have a gorgeous runny yolk for me to dip my toast in, or they’re loaded with cheese and other goodies.  So I really REALLY like these, and I love their versatility.  And I also love that all my veggies are pre-prepped, so I can just throw them in a pan and go.  It’s like mason jar salads for breakfast!

I chose to use an egg substitute to see if I liked it…if you’re doing this because you’re going to be in a hurry, or you are legitimately trying to watch your calorie intake or cholesterol, I recommend the egg substitute.  It’s ready to go, in the carton, and the stats are phenom (ingredient list, not so much).  Taste wise, however, I personally prefer real eggs, and I will definitely use those after this carton is done.  If that’s your choice as well, and you know you are going to be in a hurry the next morning, you could easily put two eggs into another jar the night before, shake them up, and they’d be just as ready as the carton.  Just an extra dish.  Ultimately, your preference.

20130910-131334.jpgMake Ahead Mason Jar Omelets

4 jars
Calories: 253 (333)*
Fat: 12.6g (21.6g)*
Carbs: 6.77g
Fiber: 1.55g
Protein: 29.12g

*these stats are for omelets using 2 real eggs

For four jars:
8 oz Turkey Breakfast Sausage (I cooked the whole pound, froze half of the crumbles)
1 zucchini, diced
1 C cherry tomatoes, halved
4 tsp minced garlic, divided
2 C spinach, coarsely chopped

For ONE omelet:
1 tsp EVOO
1/2 C egg substitute or 2 eggs
1/2 oz goat cheese crumbles
Hot sauce (opt)
Salt & Pepper (opt)


Cook the turkey sausage until just done.  Divide into the bottoms of four jars, let cool for a few minutes while prepping the veggies.  Add the zucchini, tomatoes, 1 tsp garlic, and spinach, all divided evenly.  Seal the jars and refrigerate.


When you are ready to cook the omelet for breakfast, heat EVOO over medium heat in a nonstick pan.  Add the jar of meat & veggies, and saute until the spinach has cooked down.  (If you don’t like your zucchini still kind of crunchy, I recommend lightly sauteing it previous to putting it into the jars.)  Add the egg, and allow it to cook as an omelet, adding the goat cheese before you fold it over.  You can also cook it up as a scramble with the goat cheese from the beginning if you prefer!

*Tip: I find it easiest to briefly relocate the meat & veggies to my breakfast plate so I can spray the pan with Pam before adding the eggs.

Other combos!

Red onion, cherry tomatoes, spinach, oregano, olives, feta

Soyrizo, peppers, tomatoes, Tapatio, pepperjack, with avocado for serving

Sausage or mini pepperonis, onion, peppers, Italian cheese blend, with pizza sauce for serving

A random delicious one:
Prosciutto, spinach, red onion, garlic, pesto, feta

The mason jar is your oyster.  Create away!


One thought on “Make Ahead Mason Jar Omelets

  1. I love that you’re writing a cookbook! Let me know when they hit the market so I can snag one 😉 I love all the recipes and advice you post – I love to cook too, but meal planning/prepping have never been my strong point. Especially with work and shows getting in the way!
    Oh and congrats on Les Mis!

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