That one time I did Les Miz…

(photo cred: Mark & Tracy Photography, and then I zoomed in to post on Instagram…which is why the colors are odd…just to clarify.)

Yup.  That’s me.  Whore #1/Drinker #3/Young Prostitute/Girl infatuated enough with Feuilly to support the revolution who then decides to sleep with Legles at the barricade after a few too many drinks.

Third time I’ve opened this show in the last 10 years.

And it’s fucking AWESOME.

Guys, there’s nothing more amazing than doing what you love, getting paid for it, and still crying at the end of every show.  Because that little old lady in the front row sobbing is adorable.

I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of this production.  It is brilliant.  The people are so unbelievably professional and talented.  Get your tickets.  And watch this sizzle reel.

Back to blogging.  For reals.  I’m super great at making promises I can’t keep in regards to blogging.

And I’m constantly inspired to take the blog in a different direction and then I get overwhelmed and I decide to just not touch the blog for a while and then I eat out a lot.

So I’m hopefully back for a little bit.  I have a couple posts lined up this week, one for meal prep, and one for knitting projects I’ve been working on.

But for now…THANKSGIVING!!


Stop and drop everything you’re doing right now and go buy the Black Truffle flavored Olive Oil from Trader Joe’s because it is literally the best thing you will ever eat in your whole entire life!!!  I made brussel sprouts for Les Miz Friendsgiving and I was quite proud.  I used TJ’s Truffle Cheese as well.  Aaaaand BOOM goes the dynamite.


This.  Yum.  Drink lots.  Also their Vanilla Milk Stout is really good, too!


One of my contributions to Thanksgiving this year was a pumpkin bread pudding with a homemade caramel sauce.  You can find it on Epicurious.  It was a HIT and will probably show up occasionally for other things.  I also want to try and health-ify it.  Lots of cream and sugar.


I got to spend lots of time with sisser and her boyfriend.  She got the leg of the turkey.


We took a post-dinner nap.  Standing up.


Then we wrestled on the floor and napped some more.

It was very sisser-ly.


Also I’m officially obsessed with Settlers of Catan.  I just really love board games and no one ever plays with me.  Taking applications now for board game friends (in addition to the Spees, obviously) and/or a boyfriend who will put up with my unnecessary shit talking and occasional drunk cheating.

On the games.  Not on the relationship.

Ummm…yeah.  Clarification.


And then there was this.  One of two reasons I moved to Seattle.

New Voices.


When Rj talked to me about it, I seriously nerded out and jumped around the room and looked like a dumbass but I am so unbelievably excited and humbled to be asked to be a part of this, it’s not even funny.  I have loved watching the videos for years, going to the concerts these last couple years I’ve been in Seattle, and now I finally get to do it.  I’m singing in a gorgeous group number and I hope you get to come.  Because if it’s like it normally is, you will pee your pants laughing for one song, and then sit there stunned and sobbing for the next.  LURVE IT.  And GET YO TICKETS.

8 days til my birthday.  Don’t forget.

Love and miss you all, and happy merry Christmas!


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