Knitting Projects Update!

Hey guys, guess what.

I’m bad at secrets.

Whoops…that was a secret…




Natey is getting a Cougar colored hat for Christmas.  Gotta ship this off to Afghanistan ASAP!!!  I loved the solid colors with the mixed color pattern.  Not exactly what I wanted in the end, but it was a valiant try, and it looks fine.  I used Cascade Sport 220 yarn and found the pattern in their book I checked out from the library.  But these last few hats have definitely proved why I need to use smaller needles for the brim.  It flares out otherwise.


Sisser is getting an owl hat!!!  I’m going to add buttons for eyes, but seriously, this hat was so easy and turned out so freaking cute!!!  It’s a basic cable, and took me only a couple days to complete.  Fabulous.


I’m in process on this lace panel scarf for Mom for Christmas.  It will be done, but it’s kind of a frustrating pattern.  I keep skipping yarn-overs, but it’s coming along.


I bought size 35 needles and I’m obsessed.  I’ve been using Michael’s Loops & Threads Charisma yarn doubled up in different colors to make a basic infinity scarf and I can’t stop.  I can make a scarf in a day.  It’s so fast, and it was exactly what I was going for.  I’m going to make a couple matching-ish hats with the leftover yarns, but with smaller needles and a solid color.  LOVE.  Like, love them enough to model them for you.  Slash pretend to be surprised when you receive any of these in the mail.




(photo cred: Beth Devries)

We have a club.  Or something.  Knitters on the barricade.  There are 11-12 of us who all knit or crochet in the cast and we love it so much.  Rachel even made us all knitting bags!!  So awesome.

Viva la revolución.  Or something.  In French.

More projects to come!!  I had to take a break from Ari’s gift cuz it was long, but


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