June is Bustin’ Out All Over!

“Just because it’s June!  June!  JUUUUUUUUUUUUNE!!!!”

And what better way to celebrate June with only the best singing fail video of all time.  (Apparently her cue card guy fell in the mud, so I will cut her some slack…it is Leslie Uggams, you know.)

But seriously guys, June is here, and I realized I needed to kick my ass into shape.  So I got another Groupon.


Vision Quest was a fail last time (God, what was that, almost two years ago now??), but I figured that Gold’s is only a 10-15 minute walk from my house (or 3 mile run if I go through Volunteer Park), on top of a grocery store (convenient), and my friends say they only pay $25/month.  I can do that!  And I appreciate that I haven’t been bombarded every time I come in with a “ready to sign a contract yet?”  Even though I totally am!
(Mainly because I saw DAN SAVAGE there, and I totally fan-girled, and then moved because I was taking up unnecessary room by the weights.)

But also I totally love working out.



I do love that shirt, though.

For reals, workout posts are coming back this summer.  To help keep me accountable!!  Also, I bought new running shoes, so now I have to work out.  I have been re-inspired to run.  Thanks, Ari!



Colie and Graham met when Ari & I lived with Colie my junior year of college.  Ari actually introduced them because he was literally the boy next door.

I can’t even.

Colie and I were never as close as she and Ari were, but I really enjoy her a lot, and I know how important and positive this relationship has been in her life, so it was super great to go as Ari’s Plus One and get to support such a lovely union.  Also, Colie’s dad (who owned the condo we lived in, and was super great to rent from) gave the most sob-wrenching toast.  We were all a mess and it was beautiful.


Dresses from Ann Taylor Loft Outlet!!!!  WE LOVED IT!!!

And let’s be honest, it was really awesome to get to spend a few days with this wonderfully awesome lady.  We got to stay with my little sister and her boyfriend while we were in Vancouver for the wedding (THANKS EM AND DAVID!), and of course we made them food the night we were there.


Brussel Sprouts, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Chicken, Caramelized Onions, Goat Cheese, and a Balsamic Reduction Sauce…I wish we lived closer together so we could cook together more often!

We also got kind of drunk at the wedding and ran to the store for GF pizza (Ari), more beer (me), and ice cream (both of us).  We ended up crashing and forgetting about the ice cream.  So we ate it for breakfast.  Hashtag sensible.  Hashtag vacation.  Hashtag don’t judge.


So that’s it.  I felt like I needed to post an update.  My internship is winding down (one more week!), my auditions are winding up (two down, three more for sure, we’ll see what else June brings), and I have lots of strong feelings to post & new recipes to try.

Seriously, I’ve been brainstorming posts since the last one, but I always get distracted by naps.

Speaking of, this 30 day challenge will definitely be implemented post-internship.  June, I hope you’re ready for me.


Lots of love, y’all.


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