Seattle Beerventure: Pt 1 (Fremont & Ballard)

It’s official, guys.  We finally kicked off the SEATTLE BEERVENTURE yesterday!!!

Keep track on the above page to see where we’ve been/where we’re heading.

The Plan

The plan was to hit the first five breweries, but we ended up adding the sixth when we realized we could totally handle it.  Because we’re awesome.

1.9 miles/37 minutes/6 breweries/34 beers/6 Untappd badges

Asgard Tavern (Odin’s)
Fremont Brewing Co.
Outlander Pub
Hale’s Ales Pub
Bad Jimmy Brewing Co.
Jolly Roger Tap Room (Maritime Pacific)

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 12.36.47 PM

Asgard Tavern

Beers I Tried:
1. Freya’s Gold (Kolsch)
2. Odin’s Gift (American Amber/Red Ale)
3. Thor’s Equinox (Belgian Dark Ale)
4. Sigrun IPA

The tasting room was small on the inside, but had a nice patio out front that would be great early in the day while the sun is still high.  They didn’t have food (I stuffed my face with a PCC roll before starting), but they do allow dogs and we met the PRETTIEST husky dog!!
$6/4 beers
I had tried the first three before, and am a fan of their beers.  Pretty standard in Seattle, Thor’s Equinox is probably my favorite (9% alcohol content makes it tough to put back a lot of it, though!)

Seriously, somehow we lucked out and the rain never showed up!  Gorgeous day in Seattle!!


Mike, Pam, & I are excited to head off to venue #2!


Fremont Brewing Co.


I have to say, Fremont was the one I was most excited about.  I’m a huge fan of their winter, summer, and spring beers (Abominable Ale is one of my top 20, hands down!).  Fremont is another Seattle standard, and a tap staple at a lot of local bars, so I was excited to try it at the source.



Beers I Tried:
5. Universale Pale Ale
6. Summer Ale (Pale Ale)
7. Wandering Wheat
8. Proletariat Porter
9. Dark Star Nitro (Imperial Oatmeal Stout)
10. Randall #1 (IPA brewed with Grapefruit & Lime) (not shown)

Loved the beer garden.  Would definitely bring out-of-towners here on a nice day.  No food (just pretzels), but the beer was great.
$7/5 beers
Like I said, I am no stranger to Fremont beer, and had tried the Summer Ale & Wandering Wheat numerous times, but I’d never had the Pale Ale, or the two dark beers.  The Randall beer is brewed differently every time, we just happened to be there on a day when it had fruit!  And I do love fruity IPAs…only way I’ll drink ’em!  Didn’t do the Interurban IPA (one of their most popular), and I added the Midnight Rider to my Untappd wishlist.  Next time!
We also RANDOMLY ran into Mike, Andrea, and Kelly Locke!  Great to see some friendly Wenatchee faces that I of course forgot to grab a picture with.  Blergh.  But maybe I’ll make a trip east to hit up some central Washington breweries…

Outlander Brewery


Beers I Tried:
11. Wit (Belgian Wheat)
12. How Boydy (Brown Ale)
13. Noble IPA
14. Dry Stout
15. Biggus Dickus II (Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine)
16. Chili Amber

LOVED the space!  It used to be a house, and was just a really great atmosphere with super nice guys behind the bar.
$2/5-oz taster
I liked the Wit & Chili Amber, but my favorite was the How Boydy.  The stout was definitely dry, and I prefer my stouts to be sweeter, but I think it would be totally great if you like that!  Could not for the life of me get into the Biggus Dickus.  All three of us agreed it was just not our cup of tea, so Mike took one for the team and finished it off (leave no beer behind!).  I’d definitely hit this place up for a casual pint before heading to dinner somewhere in Fremont.

Mike and Pam give me their best beer connoisseur faces.  We ignore Mike’s Brasil jersey.


Hale’s Ales 


Pre-dinner telephone booth photo shoot because at this point, we were feeling awesome.  This one was the reason we hit up Ballard, because Pam’s vote was Hale’s.


Also, we got to see the beautiful KATE JAEGER!  Jet City Improv was holding their fundraiser there, so we poked our heads in and were lucky enough to get some hugs and smooches from the host herself.  Now I just need to get my butt to one of the shows!


Beers I tried:
17. Supergoose IPA (Imperial/Double IPA)
18. Wee Heavy Winter Ale (Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy)
19. Troll Porter
20. El Jefe Weizen (Hefeweizen)
21. Hale’s Cream Ale on Nitro
22. Pale American Ale
23. Red Menace Big Amber (American Amber/Red Ale)

It’s essentially a restaurant in a brewery.  Food was good, and pretty decently priced! My Vesuvius pizza was super yummy, as was Mike’s Palermo pizza.  Next time, I will get the Troll Porter meatloaf sandwich.
$1.35-$2/5-oz taster
I’ve had the IPAs and their Hefe before, and was excited to try some of the beers I always see at the grocery store but just haven’t tried yet.  LOVED the Troll Porter and the Red Menace.  Wee Heavy is fine, not my fav, and I was very confused by the Cream Ale.  Isn’t a cream ale a cream ale?  It was described in the menu as a blonde.  What??
Regardless, this was a great halfway place to stop for food.  And apparently a great venue for events!

Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co.


Beers I Tried:
24. IPA
25. Red IPA
26. Solo Summer Blonde
27. Blood Orange Honey Wheat Ale
28. Habanero Amber (not shown)

This was my favorite of the bunch!!  I had never had anything from Bad Jimmy’s, but I loved the tasting room, the guys working, the beers…small, dark, open garage door, dog friendly.  I’m a fan.  I will definitely bring beer-loving friends back here.
$8/4 beers (but they threw in a half taster of the Amber for free)
The IPA was pretty standard, and I actually didn’t mind the Red IPA, but I freaking LOVED the blood orange honey wheat!!  Need to go back and fill a growler.  The blonde was really nice and refreshing, a great summer beer.  The habanero amber had great flavor, but I definitely could not drink a whole pint.  Kickass spiciness, so if you’re a jalapeño margarita fan, you’d probably love this beer.
This is also where Jes and Randy met up with us!!  YAY for being the fifth wheel!  🙂

Jolly Roger Tap Room


A serious picture for the creator of the Beericade, Czarnecki.  We take our Seattle beer VERY seriously, y’all.

Also, I was hungry again.  So I got the CUTEST and most tasty single slider (I mean, at this point, all food is delicious…let’s be honest).  I love small food.  Next time I will get a plate of them.



Beers I Tried:
29. Nightwatch Dark Amber Ale
30. Flagship Red Alt Ale
31. Old Seattle Lager
32. Dunkelweizen
33. Jolly Roger Christmas Ale
34. Imperial Pale Ale (not shown) (it was Randy’s that I demanded a taste of)

Loved the taproom!  Good looking menu, good looking waiter (hey oh!), and the beer is just classically great.  Apparently it was very slow for a Saturday night, which was probably for the best, because I definitely remember there being a lot of loudness and musical theatre singing.
$9/5 beers
I really liked the all five of the ones I had in my flight!!  It was the first place where there wasn’t a standout “meh, I wouldn’t order this again”.  My favorites were the amber & the red, but the lager is just so classic, and we have it on draft at all the pizza places.  The Jolly Roger is similar to the Thor’s Equinox in that I like it a lot but the alcohol content level is kind of obscene for an ale.  This would be the tasting room I would take my parents to when they come to visit (although that might put a cramp in my flirting with the waiter…hmmm…)

Randy calls this my Disney Pixar Character face.  I call it my I Have Tried 34 Different Beers Today And Am Ready For Bed face.


So that’s all, folks!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE join us next time, we’d love to have you!

Again, keep up with the Seattle Beerventure on the Beerventure Page!


2 thoughts on “Seattle Beerventure: Pt 1 (Fremont & Ballard)

  1. Wait – you did these all in one day?! I am impressed with your dedication. Kind of similar to what I am hoping to do in Nashville, but…I usually only hit one at a time. Looking forward to your continuing adventures…

    • Yeah! We started at 3:30 and ended at about 9:30-10pm. Probably had the equivalent of about 7-8 beers over that time, since I included a few beers I only had a few sips of (the IPAs, mostly!!). With walking and food, it didn’t seem too bad!
      Good luck on your Nashville excursions!

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