Seattle Beerventure Pt. 6.1 – SoDo

 The Plan

We’re in the home stretch, friends!!  Only a few more breweries to go and we will have completed the Seattle Beerventure Challenge of Summer 2014 (sssssssh…just…life happens, guys).  We planned this beerventure based on what was open on Sunday (only four), and luckily got to try some really great beers, including a brand new brewery!  We’ve got plans in the works to finish up SoDo on a Tuesday night, Rainier area on a Sunday, and then I need to do some work rearranging to get to Seapine to round it all out.  (Also, trying to figure out WTF with Triple R and 2nd Chance?  Do they still exist anymore?)  We’ll keep you all posted!

Check out the total progress we’ve made HERE!

3.6 miles/10 minutes/4 breweries/22 beers/3 badges

Schooner Exact Brewing Company
Two Beers Brewing Co
Machine House Brewery
Counterbalance Brewing Company

SoDo Beerventure 6.1

I started the day with my first 5K in over a year…was aiming for a sub-35, so I was pleasantly surprised about the negative splits and the final time.  Now to get another sub-30 under my belt would be lovely.  Thanks Hot Chocolate 5K for a fun run!

Schooner Exact Brewing Company

Beers I Tried:

1. Gallant Maiden Hefeweizen
2. Gateway Golden Ale
3. King Street Brown Ale
4. Emerald ISA
5. Schwarzbier
6. 3 Grid IPA
7. Evergreen IPA
8. Mosaic Saison

I recognized the name of the brewery when I was plotting all of these beerventures, but it wasn’t until I got in and saw the tap handles that I realized what staples these were at the local grocery stores.  I’d only tried a couple of their beers before, but recognized more than half of the beers on the list.  The space was small, but the food menu looked great; we’d already filled up on brunch, so we weren’t hungry enough to order anything (a mistake, we realized later).
$15+tax/8 tasters
They were unfortunately out of the Profanity Hill Porter and their Brave Horse Ale, but that meant a little more room for their seasonals on our tasting board (usually you only get to pick two in addition to the six year-round beers on the taster).  The highlights of the sampler for me were the Gallant Maiden and the Emerald ISA.  Love a good session beer!  The Evergreen was nice and piney, enjoyably refreshing.  The Brown & Golden definitely grew on me, and I also enjoyed the Schwarzbier.  Wasn’t particularly fond of the 3 Grid (too bitter for my taste), and the Saison was very “meh”.  Overall, a great selection, and I’d highly recommend it if you’re down in the area.

Two Beers Brewing Co. (+Seattle Cider Co.)

Beers I Tried:

9. x6 IPA
10. Citra Pale
11. Evo IPA
12. Forester Double IPA
13. Fall Line
(+) Honey Cider

THIS is where you bring your non-beer drinking (or GF) friends.  Not because the beer isn’t beer-tastic, but because it is also the tasting room for Seattle Cider Co.  Two Beers is on tap pretty frequently around town, so I’ve had their Immersion Amber, Pilsner, and Belgian Wit, all of which are good beers, and I’ve been looking forward to Two Beers the whole beerventure challenge…glad to finally get here!
$7/4 tasters ($3 for an extra taster of cider)
Because I’d had most of the standards, we went pretty IPA heavy…LOVED the x6 IPA and the Citra Pale.  Both were hoppy enough for hops lovers, but subtle enough for people like me.  The Evo IPA I’d never had (despite mass distribution in grocery stores), but also extremely drinkable and palatable for the non-IPA lover.  Couldn’t really get behind the Forrester (Toby was a fan), and had a sip of the Fall Line and passed it along; didn’t realize it was brandy barrel aged, which I still can’t do.  Maybe someday.  Really enjoyed the Honey Cider though; a lot dryer than one would expect, but I’d down a 22oz of this in the summer no problem.

Machine House Brewery

Beers I Tried:

14. Best Bitter
15. Gold
16. Rye ESB
17. Crystal Maze

I realized I had never been to Georgetown when I went here; super cute area!  Machine House was easy to find, and the space was really large; games on the wall and sports on the TV.  LOVED the taps (hence the photos).
$2-3/half pint (no flights, although they let us do free tastes)
I’ve gotta say, beer-wise, this was my least favorite of the day.  Not because it wasn’t good, but just overall and personal preference.  The Bitter and the Crystal Maze both threw me off with the initial nose (almost barrel-aged smells), but both were good overall flavors.  I ended up with a half pint of the Gold, which I really enjoyed, but I wasn’t big on the Rye ESB.  Good local pub-type feel in the beer and the brewery.

Counterbalance Brewing 

Beers I Tried:

18. Abigale Blonde
19. Counterbalance IPA
20. Bad Wolf Dark Ale
21. Kushetka Imperial Stout
22. Pogo Duck

Apparently the brewer is a Doctor fan, and I was very excited to see some David Tennant on the screen while I was wearing my Doctor Who scarf.  Also, “Bad Wolf Dark Ale”?  Awesome.  Overall the place was small, kind of an office space feel to it (less like the warehouse feeling we’d gotten from the last two), but really good beer for being a newer brewery!
Seriously good beer here; after the fiasco that was Blue Lightning Brewing this past winter, we didn’t know what to expect.  Loved the Blonde and the Dark Ale, was drinking the IPA along with Toby and Pam (who showed up FINALLY for a post 15K beer!), and I respected and respectfully declined on the Pogo Duck (ISA) and Imperial Stout because I liked the first two so much more.  Definitely worth checking out; go now before word gets out that they’re great and there’s no seating left!!

Also, just because I’m proud, finally hit 50 stamps!!!!  2015-16 WABL membership, here I come!!


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