Beerventure Pt. 8: The Finale…sort of…

The Plan

Remember when I mentioned in the last post that there are so.many.breweries?  Well.  For realsies. I just can’t keep up.  But you guys…I FINALLY FINISHED!  I completed the Seattle Beerventure on June 24, 2015 at Burdick in West Seattle/South Park, only to have another taproom open up and a brewery down the street from my work (no taproom) get a tap at Naked City!

Before I delve into the Beerventure, a *quick* life update (my apologies to those of you who don’t care…ish)

  1. I moved to Ballard on September 1st.  It was time to leave Cap Hill, and pretty much Toby is super dreamy and heroic and saved me from the swarms of ants and stupid rent increases.  That being said, I definitely had a few Monica moments where I realized I was going to be living with a boy.  #chachaandrizzo4eva
  2. I went to Washington Brewers Festival, turned in my first WABL passport with 57 breweries and 63 total stamps.  I WON.  A scarf and a new membership.
  3. I sang in New Voices again at the beginning of August…got to sing backup for the stupidly amazingly talented Andi.  I assume it will be on YouTube soon.  You should watch it.  #rifftastic #beltingschool
  4. I helped my friend Mike Spee bottle the OkTOBYfest beer for Toby’s 32nd birthday.  Because it’s PUNNY.
  5. I’m studying my Spanish for my tests at the end of this month.  Adios mío.
  6. Work sells hard alcohol now and now I’m more than a beer maid Thursday-Saturdays.  Come visit and drink a basil citrus Counterbalance Crush.  It’s not delicious at all.
    …that was a lie.  I could drink a pitcher.

So back to Beerventuring…I have seriously had so much fun in the last year.  And to be honest, I’ve learned a lot, my tastes have changed, and I feel like I’m part of a community.  I get asked a lot, “Top 5?” (it’s always Top 5), so I’ll be doing a final write up, hopefully in the next couple weeks, to spotlight some of my favs.  But now on to the finale!

Burdick Brewing

Beers I Tried:
1. Pale
2. IPA
3. Azacca IPA

Another brewery in a warehouse space; shares a building with Lowercase, so you can get a two-for-one trip out of it!  It was an almost 2-hr bus ride from Ballard, but the things you do to complete your goals, amiright?  They had a big projector and were showing the Sounders game, but not a lot of seating options.  Bartender was super friendly!
They only had three beers on tap when I got there (they had *just* reopened, maybe a month earlier?); definitely liked the pale the best, then the IPA, then the Azacca (I haven’t been a big fan of Azacca hops so far…prove me wrong, beer world!).  Overall, it was good beer.  I will try it again at Festivals or if I head down to Lowercase, but I don’t know if I’d go THAT out of my way to try it again; South Park, why are you so far away??

And in other Seattle beer news…

Northwest Peaks

Toby and I went to the new Northwest Peaks location…it’s great!  Where the 2 Bit Saloon used to be; so much more space, and cool feel to it.  The two new (to me) beers I tried were the Ingalls Ginger (good) and the Brown Berlinweisse (YUM!  An odd one, but surprisingly super tasty!)

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewing


Beers I tried:
1. Fly-PA
2. Airship Ale
3. Pale Hoppy Thing Vol. 1
4. Lavender Haze IPA
5. Bike Rye’d Saison
6. Penny Farthing Golden Wheat Ale
7. 7 Spoke Stout
8. Storm Cycle CDA

I really wanted to hit this place up opening weekend…as luck would have it, the boys couldn’t join, so WE ENDED UP GETTING ALL THE GIRLS TOGETHER!  #sisterhoodofthetravelingpints (<-PS for reals.  I want shirts.)  (Also I love these girls so much.)  Had to go back a second time with the boyfriend a week later, hence the many beers.

Love the space.  It was PACKED opening weekend, and for good reason: good beer!  The Pale Hoppy Thing was by FAR my favorite, I also enjoyed the CDA and the Golden Wheat.  Usually I appreciate a lavender beer, but the IPA was giving me full soap.  Also wasn’t a huge fan of the stout.  I understand that they were having troubles getting things done in the time constraints, so hopefully they’ll have some time and space to dial things in…seriously, it’s off to a great start, and there’s plenty of great options.  Excited that it’s so close to my new place!

Olympic Range Brewing

Beers I tried:
1. Gravelly Beach Session IPA

I met the ORB brewer Todd at work; the brewery is only a couple blocks from the pizza place, so when he told me his beer had been tapped at Naked City (and they were in talks to tap it at the pizza place…*SPOILER ALERT* it’s now on tap!), Pam and I headed over to check it out after Flying Bike.  I’m a sucker for a session beer as they still have that hoppy flavor but a bit less of the bitterness in IPAs and IIPAs, and really enjoyed the Gravelly Beach.  It’s 2.8%, so you can have a few; also low calorie!  A bit more bodied than what I expect for a session, so if you want flavor and low alcohol, this is a great option.  He’s got a session brown listed on his website that I am intrigued by as well.  Can’t wait to see how customers respond in the store!


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