Seattle Beerventure Pt. 7 – The New & Far Out

No Plan

If there’s one thing I learned on the Seattle Beerventuring, it’s that there are so.many.breweries.  And they are everywhere, and constantly closing, opening, reopening, moving…good grief!!!  But it keeps things exciting and honestly, as long as there’s a beer in my hand at the end of the day, I don’t really care.

Below are all the breweries that I had to make specific beerventures to get to; a couple I was able to group together, but for the most part, it was one at a time.  Burdick is the only brewery I currently* have left to hit on the Seattle Beerventure Challange (they had closed for renovations when we did the West Seattle trip, but recently reopened for 7 days a week…I’m coming for you on Wednesday!!  …also West Seattle Brewing got a new brewer, and I really really really want to give them a second try…)
(*Ravenna Brewing is opening soon…the beerventure is never ending)

There is no order to the below breweries…I just plugged them in as I found the photos on my phone, and then found them in Untappd.  Wahoo!

Check out the total progress we’ve made HERE!

N/A miles/hella minutes/8 breweries/36 beers/9 badges

Standard Brewing
Hellbent Brewing Co
Spinnaker Bay Brewing
Flying Lion Brewing
Outer Planet Brewing
Urban Family Brewing
Holy Mountain Brewing
Lucky Envelope Brewing

Standard Brewing

Beers I Tried:

1. Cascadian Dark Ale
2. Beet Ale Juice
3. Wheated Red
4. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer

Really nice brewery down in the Central District…super small, I was very impressed with what they did with the space brewing-wise, and I would love to see this place move to a larger place.  The beer was very palatable, and I’d be curious to see what they did in different seasons.
The CDA was hella strong and the wheated red was very drinkable though not necessarily anything special.  I was glad I was able to hit Standard while they were brewing their beet ale; very odd, very respectable, not particularly my cup of tea, though honestly it didn’t not work.  I’d definitely recommend a taster of it if you love beets like I do!  The ginger beer however is worth the trip alone.  It was amazing!!!  So sweet, so refreshing.  Loved it.

Hellbent Brewing Company

Beers I Tried:

5. Olympic Hills Spring Ale
6. Jasmine Wheat
7. First Born IPA
8. Funky Red Patina Red Ale

Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!  All the yeses.  This brewery is super new (literally opened early June, maybe?), it has an AWESOME space; great couches, great patio.  It’s right up the street from Elliot Bay in Lake City (we hit the West Seattle EBBC), so not too hard to get to, and there’s more good beer & food down the street when it closes.  Check it out ASAP!
$8+tax/4 tasters
Honestly loved them all.  Even the IPA was drinkable for me.  Really can’t wait to see what they do in the coming seasons and what they are going to do with all those taps they have…

Spinnaker Bay Brewing

Beers I Tried:

9. Riptide Rye
10. Amber Ale
11. Black High Heel CDA

Cool older tasting room.  A bit far south, but within walking distance of Columbia City.  They were out of a lot of beer which was a bummer, but the folks at the bar (I assume they were regulars) were super chatty and fun to listen to.
Spinnaker Bay puts out some decent beer.  I’ve had a few of their things at festivals and bars and am always pleased with my choice, but never super impressed.  Of all three of the beers, the CDA was probably the most flavorful.  The other two were fine but nothing mind blowing.

Flying Lion Brewing

Beers I Tried:

12. Single Hop Pale
13. Another IPA
14. Oat Pale Ale
15. Imperial Rye Stout
16. Double IPA
17. Bière de Garde

This brewery was part of a warehousey-strip mall.  About a 15 minute walk from Spinnaker if you want to mini-Beerventure.  Small space with a patio; bartender was a younger guy who was super friendly and I really appreciated his enthusiasm for the brewery (maybe the brewer?).
$12/6 tasters
They are a newer brewery (opened in the last year) and I think they’re still trying to get their feet under themselves.  Good beer that I think is on the way to being great.  The Oat Pale was really refreshingly light; I don’t think I’ve ever had a Bière de Garde but that was definitely my favorite of the bunch.  The Double IPA was kind of chemically, though I am not a double IPA fan, so I may not be the best judge (this was a solo beerventure, I didn’t have the Toby tastebuds to gauge the stronger beers!).  The others were extremely drinkable.

Outer Planet Brewing

Beers I Tried:

18. Bohemian
19. Rye Saison
20. Oatmeal Brown
21. ESB
22. IPA
23. Barleywine

A brewery on the Hill!!  I know, I know, we have Elysian and Six Arms, but this is a small new craft brewery and it just feels different, OK!?  And it’s within walking distance from my house!  Cute little hiding spot on 12th Ave, easy walk to the Pike/Pine area, and a decent amount of indoor seating.
Again, another new brewery I think is still trying to get their feet under them, but a really solid start.  I enjoyed everything we tried with the exception of the Barleywine (not my thing).  My favorites of the night were the Oatmeal Brown and the IPA, though everything else was still really good.  Excited to keep tabs on this brewery, especially since it’s so close!

Urban Family

Beers I Tried:

24. So West It’s East
25. 1885
26. The Velvet Edge
27. Year 1
28. Wheat Pale Ale

I was sad our Ballard beerventuring got screwed up when this place moved (I had balanced everything out! #evertheplanner), though truth be told, this was one of the Seattle breweries I didn’t hear great things about.  But I waited and waited for it to reopen only to be really freaking impressed.  Kicking butt, Urban Family!  I don’t know what was going on before or if I just had some negatively opinioned friends, but I definitely say check it out if you can make it out to Magnolia.
Really dug the Velvet Edge, but the Wheat Pale Ale was definitely my jam in this sampler.  The other three were enjoyable; I could enjoy a pint of any of these beers.  Glad to see a small brewery getting into a large space and flourishing.

Holy Mountain Brewing

Beers I Tried:

29. King’s Head Double Oat Brown w/ Coffee
30. Wayward Black Beer
31. Watchman’s House Oaked Lager
32. The Ox

Out in Interbay, this brewery was a little hard to find (we definitely drove by and had to turn around…also parking…), but DAMN.  DAAAAAAAAAMN.  If there’s A brewery that craft beer snobs have to hit in Seattle, it’s this one.  If I remember the conversation, they’ve been brewing since October and only recently opened the tap room.  Very spacious.  Also a short walk to Number 6 Cidery, which I’ll be talking about in another post (because JUST GO).
This beer is great.  It’s flavorful, smooth, different.  We’ve been selling their Wit at a few of our pizza locations, and it’s become one of my standard go-to’s already.  If I see their handle, unless it’s one of their oak-aged, that’s usually what I’ll pick.  The King’s Head and Ox were so smooth and flavorful; rich, but not too heavy.  Black Beer and the Lager were definitely Toby’s choice, but he gave them very high marks.  I’ve been meaning to go back ever since, but have made sure to recommend them to all my beer-loving friends.

Lucky Envelope Brewing

Beers I Tried:

33. Helles Lager
34. Citra IPA
35. British Stout
36. Fog Dart Pale Ale

Another great addition to the Ballard beer family!  Right in the heart of Brewery-ville, Seattle, it’s in a warehouse/office building type place.  Patio & indoor seating, big open garage doors, and really spacious while maintaining a cozy feel.
Really solid beers; while nothing really jumped out, I admit I picked the safe beers.  I really need to start being braver with my choices when solo-beerventuring, though the options I passed over were the Thaiger Mom Trippel and the Two Pepper Pale.  Definitely going to go back with the boyfriend and give this place a second go-round.  The Citra was my favorite and really, really great…the Lager and Pale were both refreshing and something I’d order pints of.  Great start!

Seattle Beerventure Pt 5 – West Seattle


The Plan

We decided to hit West Seattle up for this next beerventure since I had a Saturday night off of work!  We planned this one around closing times to make sure we hit them all, and managed to time it just right.  This is *not* a walkable beerventure for sure, and I’d recommend taking it easy if you decide to do this one.  Truth be told however, we were definitely only impressed with about 3/5 breweries we made it to.  (Burdick is apparently closed for the season, or the people at Lowercase just thought we were so awesome they wanted us to hang out longer…Burdick’s Facebook and website were unclear, so I’m not sure what was going on).
*Also, it should be noted…I’ve been trying to keep track of the cost of the samplers, but when Toby & I take turns paying, combined with drinking, well…the note-taking lacks.

Check out the total progress we’ve made HERE!

8.2 miles/20 minutes/5 breweries/23 beers/5 badges

Tin Dog Brewing
Lowercase Brewing
Big Al Brewing
West Seattle Brewing
Elliot Bay Brewing Co

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.20.59 PM

Tin Dog Brewing


Beers I Tried

1. Belgian Blonde
2. Saison
3. Stout

This was our first stop on our West Seattle tour…honestly, was kind of underwhelmed.  Besides being in the middle of a business park (not out of the ordinary, but it’s odd thus far on the tour), the two employees were not particularly excited about their product, and spent the majority of their time on their tablet computers.  One of things I’ve grown to enjoy about these beerventures is talking with the brewers or employees about the beer; what they’re doing, what they like, what’s coming up…so this was a disappointed stop.
Schooners only
We tried the Saison, the Belgian Blonde, and the Stout.  I preferred them in that order.  Nothing exciting, nothing to write home about.  Decent, and if I lived in the neighborhood, I might go there again, but far down my list of “musts” in the Seattle beer scene.

Lowercase Brewing


Beers I Tried

4. pALE
5. eSB
6. iPA
7. bROWN

THIS PLACE was my favorite place of the evening.  The people were hella fun, knowledgable, and the space was just cool.  We did the mug puzzle, but we’d already paid for our beers.  THIS is my kind of neighborhood brewery.
$5/5 tasters
I’m usually not an ESB fan, but I really enjoyed theirs.  Pale was fine, my least favorite of the five.  The IPA had some nice floral notes, making it actually drinkable for me (STILL not on the IPA bandwagon guys, sorry!).  But I LOVED the Brown and the Squash!  The Brown had a great subtle coffee taste, and the squash had a great spicy quality to it.  Definitely recommend going out of the way for this one.

Big Al Brewing


9. Time Capsule July 2014
10. Time Capsule August 2014
11. Irish Red
12. Tutta Bella Amber
13. Winter Warmer

This is one of those Seattle breweries that’d I’d already unknowingly tried their beer, liked it, but had never made the connection that it was in the city.  I was excited to realize this and hit the source!  It was hoppin’ (<-Ha.  Ha.), so we didn’t really interact with employees, but the upstairs area was awesome.  It’d be a great party room to reserve, with a huge TV, couches, and pool table.  We had the whole upstairs to ourselves, but got interrupted by a beer tour that was passing through.



~$7-9/5 tasters (?)
The Time Capsule beers were definitely interesting; the July was a sour blonde that I actually liked, but I was disappointed in the August…not as hoppy as described, which surprisingly saddened me.  I’d had the Red before, and I’m a huge fan; my favorite of the five.  Also really enjoyed the Amber, but the Winter Warmer is one I’ll definitely be adding to my list of winter go-to’s.

West Seattle Brewing Co


14. Dumb Blonde Ale
15. Road Rage Red
16. Timberline IPA
17. Imperial Stout
18. Bourbon Barrel Pale

This was so not awesome.  We were there on a Saturday, it is a *great* location, but the beer was not good.  Mind you, when we went, it was still a baby brewery; I hope they’ve gotten their act together since then.  It’s a cool space, but just doesn’t warrant a return.
$6/4 tasters
The Blonde and Bed were very “meh”, the IPA was bland, and the Imperial Stout was the best of the bunch, though still nothing mind-blowing. (I won’t judge the Bourbon Barrel because I am never a bourbon barrel fan.)  So here’s hoping it’s gotten better since November; they do have potential to be a good brewery.


Elliot Bay Brewing Co


19. Luna Weizen
20. Dry Hopped IPA
21. Noale Holiday Ale
22. B-Town Brown
23. No Doubt Stout

I LOVE ELLIOT BAY.  Ever since I went there for NYE 2014, I’ve been a fan.  The beer is solid, but the food is what I really love.  Seriously.  The elk burger in the Lake City location?  The Cuban sandwich I had in West Seattle?  My mouth is watering again.  Check it out!  Great date night location.  (And right across the street almost from ArtsWest…)
$7/5 tasters
Again, the beer is solid.  The five we tried were more of their more popular brews, but I really enjoyed all of them quite a bit.  My least favorite was the IPA and my most favorite was the Stout, but they were only separated by one star on my UnTappd.  Avg. 3.5 star rating.  Check them out; they do good, consistent, tasty work.


So there it is, ladies and gentlemen.  Beerventure: West Seattle (#5) has been completed.  Only SoDo left!


Cutie Mimosa

Another belated Christmas recipe that I loved. Another drink. Because apparently that’s all I did during Christmas, was drink.

But yet another anytime beverage.  I would drink one right now if I didn’t have to work later today.  And it’s JUNE.

If you haven’t already discovered the fact that they make Cutie juice, get thee to a Whole Foods (or Albertson’s, or probably other grocery stores, too) and buy some yesterday. Because it’s so yummy. And because IS ANYONE AS OBSESSED WITH CUTIES AS I AM.  I literally could eat them all Christmas season.  I get really sad when they start selling the ugly little ones that don’t taste good, because you know Cutie season is over.  😦  So the year round juice was a kickass find.

It’s easy.  Seriously easy.  Standard mimosa.  But with Cutie juice, so already better.

Cutie Mimosa

1 part champagne (CHEAP.  Unless you’re fancy with your Moet & Chandon)
1 part Cutie juice
Splash of cranberry juice


That’s it. Adjust according to your alcohol taste preference. Literally the only reason I felt the need to post the specs is because I felt obligated to actually post the recipe I used. Serve it however you want. Heck, drink half of the Cutie juice and then pour the champagne & cran juice in the bottle (it’s a cute bottle, too) and drink with a swirly straw while catching up on Masterchef. Whatever.

Good brunching, y’all.

Trader Joe Inspired Cranberry-Pear Sangria

WARNING UP AHEAD: Not the best pictures.

I’m working on it, OK???

Seriously, after spending a week with MY BFFFF ARI (& her hubby & her puppies & Lucious) in Phoenix, I’ve gotta say, I’m jealous of her skills and set up.  Regardless, food blogging is obviously not my number one priority, so iPhone pictures will just have to suffice for now.  NO SHAME!

Eventually I’ll post my Phoenix adventure and recent life updates.  Like this week, when I’m procrastinating packing.

Oh, PS I’m spending the summer in Leavenworth working at their summer theatre from June 10-Sept 2.  Playing Sister Margaretta again (YES!) in Sound of Music, understudying the Narrator in Joseph…Dreamcoat, and RUSTY IN FOOTLOOSE!!! (Can you tell which I’m most excited about…hashtag bucket list role.)  Come visit!  Come see the shows!  More info later.  During procrastination periods.


A belated recipe from Christmas!

My TJ’s White Berry Sangria from last summer is definitely the most popular post I have (you know, a couple hits a day…not to brag or anything ;-)), so I attempted a part 2 for Christmas.  This is definitely NOT just a Christmas recipe though…sangria is a year round delicious treat!  And all of this stuff is still find-able in stores, if not TJ’s.

Trader Joe Inspired Cranberry-Pear Sangria

1 bottle Charles Shaw Savignon Blanc
1 bottles Sparkling Cranberry Juice
2 tbs pomegranate seeds
2 pears
2 oranges
2 limes


Juice the oranges and limes, and slice the pear into eighths or cubes (your preference).

Mix the wine, cranberry, fruit juices, pears, and seeds into one pitcher, or into 4-5 separate servings in mason jars.  Let sit in the fridge for a few hours, or overnight, and serve cold.

Note: If the idea of “juice” makes you nervous, you could always get real cranberry juice and some ginger ale to get that carbonation.


S’more martini

In honor of my birthday week, I created a cocktail that is a LOT like my secret guilty pleasure winter coffee beverage.

Wait for it.




I KNOOOOOOW!!! I KNOW!!!! Ridiculous. Everyone always gives me a face when I make them try it before dissing it and then they continue dissing it.

So if you don’t like overly sweet, this might not necessarily be for you. But if you’re as obsessed with the marshmallow vodka as I am? Make this. Today. Even if you judge my love of marshmallow mochas.


Marshmallow Mocha Martini

Yields ~2 drinks

1 part Kahlua
1 part marshmallow vodka
1/2 part white creme de cacao
2 parts fat free half-and-half
Sprinkle of Hershey’s Cocoa Powder


Shake all the liquids together with ice.  Pour into glasses.  Sprinkle with cocoa powder and serve.

I tried so hard to garnish with toasted mini marshmallows…didn’t really turn out.  😦  But I had so much fun lighting the on fire with the candle lighter, I couldn’t not post the pic!

Candy Cane Martini (with Candy Cane Infused Vodka) – 25 Days of Christmas: Day 7

Have you noticed this last week I’ve already had two posts that are all about the candy cane? I’m a little obsessed with the peppermint flavor that is EVERYWHERE this season. Believe me, the first day Starbucks has peppermint mochas? I’m there. I even sought a Starbucks out when I was in London for a peppermint mocha.

Mainly because I didn’t know how to say it in Spanish.

Don’t judge.

So this is my last candy cane related post (as of what I have drafted up on my to-make list), and let me tell you, I think you’ll like this one. It’s easy and tasty and quite potent.

And pink. Don’t forget pink.

I also discovered that taking pictures of drinks is WAAAAAAY harder than taking pictures of food. 1) They are more difficult to make look interesting, and 2) they are more difficult to make look interesting (in retrospect, I should have rimmed the glass with crushed candy canes…next time). Also my photographic equipment is lacking. So forgive the pics, and just enjoy the beverage.


Candy Cane Martini

1/2 750-ml bottle of vodka (you’ll see what I used the other half for later!!)
12 mini candy canes, plus more if you want to garnish
White Creme de Cacao
Fat Free Half and Half

Put the vodka in a sealable container (I used a 20oz canning jar). Add the candy canes and set aside, away from sunlight. You will have a decently strong peppermint flavor pretty quickly as the candy canes dissolve in a matter of a couple hours. I had it sit there for a few days, but it seemed that the flavor strength was there by the next morning.


Also, it’s really cool to be able to tell people that you’re infusing your own vodka.  People seem impressed.  Honestly, you just put shit in a jar and let it sit for a few days.

The drink recipe I used is as follows: 2 parts vodka, 1 part creme de cacao, 1 part cream. Shake together and pour into glasses. Delish.


Detox Smoothie – 25 Days of Christmas: Day 1

Picking day one for 25 days of Christmas was a difficult choice, but then I realized I’ve never posted my favorite smoothie recipe!!!!!  It’s a great way to get your fruit servings, probiotics, some greens, and BREAKFAST in one!  So while you’re munching on all those tasty Christmas goodies, maybe try replacing breakfast or lunch with one-two of these?  They really energizing, delicious, and actually filling!

I really like making large batches and freezing them.  They are so easy to drink while I work, and I’m terrible about getting my fruit servings in, so this is a great dose of Vitamin C for me.

Detox Smoothie

Makes 4ish smoothies

Greens (Spinach is a great choice, I really like the green mixes that include spinach, swiss chard, and kale…arugula is a little strong, I learned)
2 bags of 365 frozen fruit (Mangos, peaches, all the berries…I love everything except the pineapple…it’s really fibrous)
1/2 C carrot juice (I use Bolthouse Farms 100% Carrot Juice)
1/2 C orange juice (I use Naked OJ)
1 C coconut water
1/2 C frozen cranberries
2 bananas
2 packets Emergen-C (optional)

Let all the frozen items you are planning on using thaw for about 20-30 minutes before hand so they blend easier.  You can totally freeze bananas by peeling them, cutting them into slices, and bagging them into snack-size ziplocs.  This makes them totally usable for smoothies and you won’t have to worry about them going bad!!

In the blender, add 1/4 C carrot juice, 1/4 C orange juice, 1/2 C coconut water, Emergen-C, and fill the rest of the blender (loosely) with the greens (a handful or two).  Blend.

Add 1/2 of each of the bags of fruit, 1/4 C cranberries, and one banana slowly.  Add more coconut water if necessary.

Pour into mason jars or ziploc bags.  This recipe makes anywhere between 30-40oz of smoothie, so I’ve done this a few different ways:
1) 16oz Mason Jars: The above recipe makes 4+ 16oz mason jars.  The downfall is these take up a lot of space if you’re going to make a large batch.
2) Ziploc bags: 2 quart size Ziploc bags.  These take up less room in the freezer, and after thawing them out, I usually pour them into mason jars for transportation/drinking.

Layered Jell-o Shots

Raspberry Lemon Margarita Jello Shots!

College kids everywhere, take my advice: ditch the dixie cups, hit up a restaurant supply store, and pick up a ton of the 2oz salad dressing to-go containers with lids.  I traveled all the way to the Tri-cities from Seattle with 100 of these tasties for a bday adventure.  And an adventure it was.  Birthday boy fell asleep at the restaurant wearing a sombrero.

Danny and his first birthday Jell-o Shot (pre-Mexican food). Happy Birthday, Uncle Wilson!

Basic Jell-o Shot Recipe

~2 cups alcohol (one fifth = almost four cups)
2 cups boiling water
6oz Jell-o

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, and use a tablespoon measuring spoon to measure 2 tbs worth into each small cup.  Put into fridge and let set.  Mine were ready in about 2 hours, if that.  They were really speedy.

Orange Creamsicle, Raspberry Lemon Margarita, Strawberry Lime Margarita, Berry Cherry Vanilla

Layered Jell-o Shots

If you’re layering, half the above recipe, using the 3oz package of Jell-o, and only put 1 tbs worth of the mixture into the cups.  Let set for about 20-30 minutes, then add the second layer.  Make sure it’s set pretty well, or else you won’t get that impressive (yet easy) line you see in my pictures.  🙂

My combos were: Orange+Vanilla Vodka (not layered), Berry+Cherry+Vanilla Vodka, Lemon+Raspberry+Tequila Blanca, and Strawberry+Lime+Tequila Blanca

These traveled SO WELL.  We even left a few out of a fridge for a solid 24 hours, and they were still totally set (thank you, alcohol!).  I used real orange juice in the orange creamsicle and in the strawberry part of the strawberry lime, making it 1/4 part juice, 3/4 part water.  Each person had a different favorite, so I can’t say which was the most popular.

Our hotel fridge full of Jell-o shots

The Best Margaritas Ever

Seriously.  Way better than those overly sweet margarita mixes you can buy, which is what always makes me feel not so hot when drinking margs.

Real Fruit Lime Flavored Popsicles (usually a box per half fifth of tequila)
Lemon Juice
Optional Ingredients: Fresh strawberries, beer

Remove the popsicles from the sticks. Put in blender. (Usually you can only do about half the recipe at a time)

Start pouring tequila, make sure the mixture remains pretty thick, like a blended margarita. Add about a tbs of lemon juice, and VOILA! Delicious margaritas. You can also add a beer, as the fantastic Chris Thompson likes to do with his margaritas, and/or fresh sliced strawberries. And really, you can use any flavor of the real fruit popsicles, it’s just a lot less fake sugar, which is why I prefer it.