Seattle Beerventure Pt. 6.1 – SoDo

 The Plan

We’re in the home stretch, friends!!  Only a few more breweries to go and we will have completed the Seattle Beerventure Challenge of Summer 2014 (sssssssh…just…life happens, guys).  We planned this beerventure based on what was open on Sunday (only four), and luckily got to try some really great beers, including a brand new brewery!  We’ve got plans in the works to finish up SoDo on a Tuesday night, Rainier area on a Sunday, and then I need to do some work rearranging to get to Seapine to round it all out.  (Also, trying to figure out WTF with Triple R and 2nd Chance?  Do they still exist anymore?)  We’ll keep you all posted!

Check out the total progress we’ve made HERE!

3.6 miles/10 minutes/4 breweries/22 beers/3 badges

Schooner Exact Brewing Company
Two Beers Brewing Co
Machine House Brewery
Counterbalance Brewing Company

SoDo Beerventure 6.1

I started the day with my first 5K in over a year…was aiming for a sub-35, so I was pleasantly surprised about the negative splits and the final time.  Now to get another sub-30 under my belt would be lovely.  Thanks Hot Chocolate 5K for a fun run!

Schooner Exact Brewing Company

Beers I Tried:

1. Gallant Maiden Hefeweizen
2. Gateway Golden Ale
3. King Street Brown Ale
4. Emerald ISA
5. Schwarzbier
6. 3 Grid IPA
7. Evergreen IPA
8. Mosaic Saison

I recognized the name of the brewery when I was plotting all of these beerventures, but it wasn’t until I got in and saw the tap handles that I realized what staples these were at the local grocery stores.  I’d only tried a couple of their beers before, but recognized more than half of the beers on the list.  The space was small, but the food menu looked great; we’d already filled up on brunch, so we weren’t hungry enough to order anything (a mistake, we realized later).
$15+tax/8 tasters
They were unfortunately out of the Profanity Hill Porter and their Brave Horse Ale, but that meant a little more room for their seasonals on our tasting board (usually you only get to pick two in addition to the six year-round beers on the taster).  The highlights of the sampler for me were the Gallant Maiden and the Emerald ISA.  Love a good session beer!  The Evergreen was nice and piney, enjoyably refreshing.  The Brown & Golden definitely grew on me, and I also enjoyed the Schwarzbier.  Wasn’t particularly fond of the 3 Grid (too bitter for my taste), and the Saison was very “meh”.  Overall, a great selection, and I’d highly recommend it if you’re down in the area.

Two Beers Brewing Co. (+Seattle Cider Co.)

Beers I Tried:

9. x6 IPA
10. Citra Pale
11. Evo IPA
12. Forester Double IPA
13. Fall Line
(+) Honey Cider

THIS is where you bring your non-beer drinking (or GF) friends.  Not because the beer isn’t beer-tastic, but because it is also the tasting room for Seattle Cider Co.  Two Beers is on tap pretty frequently around town, so I’ve had their Immersion Amber, Pilsner, and Belgian Wit, all of which are good beers, and I’ve been looking forward to Two Beers the whole beerventure challenge…glad to finally get here!
$7/4 tasters ($3 for an extra taster of cider)
Because I’d had most of the standards, we went pretty IPA heavy…LOVED the x6 IPA and the Citra Pale.  Both were hoppy enough for hops lovers, but subtle enough for people like me.  The Evo IPA I’d never had (despite mass distribution in grocery stores), but also extremely drinkable and palatable for the non-IPA lover.  Couldn’t really get behind the Forrester (Toby was a fan), and had a sip of the Fall Line and passed it along; didn’t realize it was brandy barrel aged, which I still can’t do.  Maybe someday.  Really enjoyed the Honey Cider though; a lot dryer than one would expect, but I’d down a 22oz of this in the summer no problem.

Machine House Brewery

Beers I Tried:

14. Best Bitter
15. Gold
16. Rye ESB
17. Crystal Maze

I realized I had never been to Georgetown when I went here; super cute area!  Machine House was easy to find, and the space was really large; games on the wall and sports on the TV.  LOVED the taps (hence the photos).
$2-3/half pint (no flights, although they let us do free tastes)
I’ve gotta say, beer-wise, this was my least favorite of the day.  Not because it wasn’t good, but just overall and personal preference.  The Bitter and the Crystal Maze both threw me off with the initial nose (almost barrel-aged smells), but both were good overall flavors.  I ended up with a half pint of the Gold, which I really enjoyed, but I wasn’t big on the Rye ESB.  Good local pub-type feel in the beer and the brewery.

Counterbalance Brewing 

Beers I Tried:

18. Abigale Blonde
19. Counterbalance IPA
20. Bad Wolf Dark Ale
21. Kushetka Imperial Stout
22. Pogo Duck

Apparently the brewer is a Doctor fan, and I was very excited to see some David Tennant on the screen while I was wearing my Doctor Who scarf.  Also, “Bad Wolf Dark Ale”?  Awesome.  Overall the place was small, kind of an office space feel to it (less like the warehouse feeling we’d gotten from the last two), but really good beer for being a newer brewery!
Seriously good beer here; after the fiasco that was Blue Lightning Brewing this past winter, we didn’t know what to expect.  Loved the Blonde and the Dark Ale, was drinking the IPA along with Toby and Pam (who showed up FINALLY for a post 15K beer!), and I respected and respectfully declined on the Pogo Duck (ISA) and Imperial Stout because I liked the first two so much more.  Definitely worth checking out; go now before word gets out that they’re great and there’s no seating left!!

Also, just because I’m proud, finally hit 50 stamps!!!!  2015-16 WABL membership, here I come!!

Workout Wrap-Up 6/16-6/22

They’re BAAAACK!

My workouts, that is.  Officially have started a training schedule that, for the first four weeks, looks something like this:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Run, Biceps, Back, & Shoulders
Wednesday: Cross Train (Yoga), Triceps & Chest
Thursday: Run, Legs
Friday: Cross Train, Rest, or Short Run, Biceps, Back, & Shoulders
Saturday: Long run (pushing distance PRs)
Sunday: Cross Train, Triceps & Chest

Pretty easy to follow, which I like.  And fairly flexible, all things considered.  If I’m not feeling 100% (like Sunday), I can take it a little easier with lower weights, less reps, or a shortened run.



3 miles (broke it up into .75 miles/2.25 miles)
322 cals (according to HRM)



Weight Training (Sets/Reps/Weight)
330 cals

Warmup Burpees 3/10/BW
Warmup Squats 3/10/BW
Abs Plank 3/30s
Abs Mountain Climbers 2/10
Abs Russian Twists 2/10
Abs Crunch 2/10
Abs Reverse Crunch 2/10
Biceps Dumbbell Curl 3/10/10
Biceps Hammer Curl 3/10/10
Back Inverted Row 3/10/BW
Back Dumbbell Row 3/10/12.5
Back Lat Pulldown 3/10/45
Back & Abs Standing Cable Pulldown 3/10/30
Shoulder Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3/10/7.5
Shoulder Front & Lat Raise 3/10/7.5
Shoulder Shrug 3/10/12.5


1hr 10min
230 cals

Weight Training
117 cals

Abs Side Plank 2/30s each side
Abs Side Crunch 2/15 each side
Abs Hip Cross 1/10
Abs Dumbbell Sidebend 1/10/8
Abs Cable Press 3/10/10
Chest Incline Pushup 3/10/BW
Chest Dumbbell Chest Press 3/10/15
Chest Dumbbell Fly 3/10/10
Tricep Tricep Pulldown 3/10/20
Tricep Tricep Barbell Extension 3/10/20
Forearm Wrist Curl & Extension 3/10/5


3 miles (broke up into 1.5 mile/1.5 miles)
297 cals (HRM)



Weight Training
220 cals

Legs Hip Raise 3/10/BW
Legs Single Leg Hip Raise 2/10 (ES)
Legs Barbell Deadlift 3/10/22
Legs Standing Cable Abductors 3/10/7.5 (ES)
Legs Kettlebell Swings 3/10/12
Legs Squats 3/10/10
Legs Sumo Squats 3/10/10
Legs Walking Lunge 2/10/10
Legs Calf Raises 3/10/10
Legs Calf Raises (1st Position) 3/10/10
Legs Calf Raises (Pigeon Toed) 3/10/10
Legs Bulgarian Split Squat 3/10/10


Weight Training
222 cals

Warmup Squats 3/10/BW
Abs Plank 3/30s
Abs Superman 3/10s
Abs Bicycle Crunches 2/15
Abs Crunch 2/15
Abs Reverse Crunch 2/15
Biceps Dumbbell Curl 3/8/12.5
Biceps Hammer Curl 3/8/12.5
Back Inverted Row 3/10/BW
Back Dumbbell Row 3/10/15
Back Lat Pulldown 3/10/60
Back & Abs Standing Cable Pulldown 3/10/37.5
Shoulder Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3/10/10
Shoulder Front & Lat Raise 3/10/7.5
Shoulder Shrug 3/10/15


4 miles (nonstop)
412 cals (HRM)



Woke up feeling really shitty, so I used today to just walked around the Hill for a bit after my (super super short chill) workout.  Farmer’s Market!

Weight Training
100 cals

Abs Cable Press 3/10/15
Chest Incline Pushup 3/10/BW
Chest Dumbbell Chest Press 3/10/15
Chest Dumbbell Fly 3/10/15
Tricep Tricep Pulldown 3/10/20
Tricep Tricep Barbell Extension 3/10/20

Summer Fitness Goals:
To run a 10K (a race may not happen this summer due to scheduling, but 6.2 miles is the ultimate goal)
To be lifting at least 30% heavier on all the above exercises
20% Body Fat (<-trying not to aim for a goal weight, but I think a goal body fat percentage is a healthy way to gauge my progress)

Other summer things:
Trying to learn more about craft beer this summer, specifically about the more local breweries.  Goal this summer?  To hit every brewery in Seattle.

Totally doable.

But I got this book at Book Larder (the *BEST* local book store…all food/cooking books!!!) and hit up the QFC in UVillage to grab some single random beers.  Didn’t love the S’mores, the bacon was not bacony at ALL, but the Oatmeal Stout was good.  Follow me on UnTappd, I’ll be logging my beer adventure there!


And my new favorite thing?  GRILLED AVOCADO.  Made these steak & avocado skewers ala Cooking Light, and fell in love.  Found my new favorite easy kabobs!


Prepping Food with a Ridiculous Schedule

Brief catch-up:

I tried a new recipe a week in January, and continued it into February! A few good ones below:

20140316-221710.jpgThyme-Rubbed Salmon with Shallots & Cauliflower “Risotto”//Beer Brined Paprika Chicken//Carb-Buster Breakfast//Cheddar Stout Chicken Pot Pie//Baked Brie with Amber Ale-Caramelized Apple and Pancetta//Brown Sugar Rosemary Pork Chop with Brussel Sprout, Onion, & Apple Slaw

Can you tell I’m obsessed with The Beeroness?  Also she just moved to Seattle…I want to be best friends with her and soak in all her abilities and beer knowledge.


The Seahawks won the Superbowl, and we closed Les Miz.  It was an emotional week.

//End catch up.

Guys.  I am literally overbooked.  I’m working at two different pizza restaurants, and I have an internship at the 5th Avenue Theatre.  Here’s my schedule:
M – Pizza PH 11-3, Pizza BO 5-10
T – Pizza PH 11-3, Pizza BO 5-10
W – 5th 10-3, Pizza BO 5-9
Th – 5th 10-3, Pizza BO 5-9
F – 5th 10-3, Pizza PH 4-8:30
Sat – Pizza PH whenever they need me
Sun – Pizza PH whenever they need me

See why I’ve been absent?

Also I haven’t worked out in…forever…

It should be noted that Pizza BO is in Bothell, WA…a solid 30-45 minute drive from my house.  So all that in between time is generally spent commuting.  Holiness.

Look how behind I am on Bloglovin’!  Although it should be noted my recent time-waster is definitely Tinder…don’t judge…

So because I’ve been unable to schedule in a work out (I know, I could just wake up early, buuuuuut that sounds gross), I’ve been trying to be really conscious about what I’m putting into my body.  I have Saturday and Sunday nights after my shifts generally free, so I’ve been using Saturdays to chill and Sundays to prep food.

Cooking for one is hard.  The usual complaint.  Taking boyfriend application.

I had a friend ask me about what I do, so I thought I’d share on here what I did for this week.  It changes up week to week, but the general outline stays pretty much the same:

5 breakfast items
5-6 main meals (usually 2 different options)
5 veggie snacks
5 fruit snacks
Kind bars

A not great photo of my half of the fridge post-prep:


Calorie Count:

Breakfast Raspberry Mango Green Tea Smoothie 174 cals
Snack #1 Veggies & Guac, String Cheese, GF Crackers 336 cals
Lunch/Dinner Thai Peanut Chicken Quinoa Bowl 457 cals
Snack #2 Apple Slices & PB&H Yogurt Dip 202 cals
Dessert/Second Shift Fuel KIND Bar 200 cals
Total: 1,369 cals

I know it doesn’t look like a lot of calories, but it’s low enough that I can eat that messed-up pizza slice or a small plate of nachos when I get home without feeling guilty. It’s also one of the reasons I’ve taken to picking a quinoa-based lunch/dinner (literally, I eat it at like 3pm, it’s definitely a lunch/dinner). It keeps me full, tastes good cold, and goes with everything. I’ve been trying to incorporate more meatless days in my eating schedule, as it’s cheaper, and requires me to incorporate more fruits & veggies to get to my caloric intake requirement, but this week I was hardcore craving chicken thighs.

(Recipe swaps in the Thai Quinoa Bowls: Subbed six brussel sprouts for the coleslaw mix, no peanuts, added 1C frozen veggie mix, no egg, only 1/2 lb chicken thighs, because that’s what I had/wanted)

I also made Quinoa with Caramelized Butternut Squash & Roasted Brussel Sprouts (464 cals, swapped 1 tbs almond slivers for the pepitas, and used 1/4 C parm cheese because that’s what I had) for my other Lunch/Dinner.  Made the full recipes of each, and divided between three.  I honestly couldn’t believe how low the calorie counts were for both…I expected them to be so much higher!  Win.

Shopping list for this week:
Trader Joes:
Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt (2C)- $2.79
Frozen Mango Fruit Chunks (24oz) – $2.69
Frozen Raspberries (12oz/ea x2) – $4.96
Organic Apple Slices – $3.49
Chili Sauce – $1.29
Brussel Sprouts – $2.29
Mini Pearl Tomatoes – $2.29

Whole Foods:
Chicken Thighs (1/2 lb)- $3.18
Frozen Butternut Squash – $2.99
Local Honey – $5.99

Wholly Guacamole Singles (6-pack) -$3.89
KIND bars (4 pack) – $4.99

Things I already had: Soy Sauce, Rice Vinegar, Sugars, Zucchini, Carrots, Crackers, String Cheese, Quinoa, Frozen Veggies, Green Tea, Peanut Butter, Oils, Almond Slivers, Parm Cheese, 2 KIND bars

This grocery shopping trip was pretty light…usually I end up spending $50-75/week.  Buying less meat has definitely kept it on the lower end, which has been nice.  I’ve also been buying less wine & beer, and I’ve been replacing my night time drink with tea most of the time.  I definitely wined tonight while I prepped, because you gotta.  😉  Weekends have become total freebies because they have to be.  Or I’d be sad.

These Ziploc containers are a godsend…the 100-cal packs of guac and hummus fit great in the upper right space.


I’ll be honest…it gets monotonous.  And some (most) days a pizza looks way better than my cold quinoa.  BUT that’s why I’ve been experimenting with different recipes for my main meal, and stick to snacks I already know I love.  Seriously, that PB&H yogurt dip?  Holy BOMBDOTCOM.  (Are the kids still saying that?  No?)  And I could eat all six of those single serving guacs in one sitting, no prob.  Hence the purchase of the single servings.  😉

So that’s my meal prep basics for the week.  If there’s interest, I’d gladly break it down into a step by step and show how I time manage in a small kitchen…I’m not a pro, but I’ve been getting better every week!

Stayed tuned for an announcement later this week about my summer goals.  It definitely involves the following, and not any sort of exercise.

20140316-221735.jpgHasta mañana, Seattle.  Love you.

Meal Prep…Tuesday

I spend a lot of money eating out when I don’t meal prep.  Also I eat terribly.  But bllllerrrrrrgh if I don’t love the street tacos and tasty mango tequila beverages at Las Margaritas.

So my pledge to you this week.  I WILL NOT BUY MORE FOOD UNTIL MONDAY.  Which is my birthday celebration night.  So YAY!  (Also, my parents are coming into town, so there’s that meal on Saturday.  Sssh.)

Also I’m tired of bad photos.  I’m going to do some research and find some tips on how to make my iPhone photos better.


Top Left: Roasted Zucchini Black Bean Goat Cheese Enchiladas (Meatless!) (4 portions)Top Right: Smoothies!  Mango-Raspberry-Coconut Water-Spinach-Vanilla Protein Powder (3)/Kale-Kiwi-Green Grape-Coconut Water-Coconut Oil (3)/Coconut Water-Chia Seed-Lemon Juice-Maple Syrup (4)
Bottom Left: Greek Risotto Stuffed Peppers (Beef, green olives, sauteed cherry tomatoes, basic risotto, feta…a few other random things) (2)
Bottom Center: Bacon Cheeseburger Zucchini Boats (recipe to come if I like them lots!) (2)
Bottom Right: Megan’s Mom’s Soup (I made this meatless, too!) (6)

My plan is pink & chia seed smoothies for breakfast, soup for lunch, green smoothies for snack, and one of the entrees for dinner.  I’ll have to make more smoothies in a few days, but everything else should last me through Sunday.  I have two extra entreés in case I find myself super hungry.

But seriously…I’m pleased with this plan.  It was very do-able.  I did all the cooking/prep in about 3 hours.  It’s healthy for the most part.  And all of this was sans-list.  I just knew what I had in the freezer, and headed to Trader Joe’s right after my shift.  Kind of scary.  So for next week (well, it’s birthday week…so maybe in two weeks, let’s be honest) I’m thinking:
-Stuffed zucchini and/or peppers
-Casserole (like the enchiladas)
-Rice or Pasta dish
-Cut up apples and carrots, portion out some nuts or popcorn

I think sometimes I just get overwhelmed with the amount of things I want to make, or I make a lot of food I dislike and get bored with (plain chicken breast with veggies and brown rice…blech) and then I don’t eat it, but this week I think I’m good…there’s enough variety for new recipes in case I’m not a fan, but I *love* the soup, so no worries there!  YAY!  Meal prep, here I come.

That one time I did Les Miz…

(photo cred: Mark & Tracy Photography, and then I zoomed in to post on Instagram…which is why the colors are odd…just to clarify.)

Yup.  That’s me.  Whore #1/Drinker #3/Young Prostitute/Girl infatuated enough with Feuilly to support the revolution who then decides to sleep with Legles at the barricade after a few too many drinks.

Third time I’ve opened this show in the last 10 years.

And it’s fucking AWESOME.

Guys, there’s nothing more amazing than doing what you love, getting paid for it, and still crying at the end of every show.  Because that little old lady in the front row sobbing is adorable.

I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of this production.  It is brilliant.  The people are so unbelievably professional and talented.  Get your tickets.  And watch this sizzle reel.

Back to blogging.  For reals.  I’m super great at making promises I can’t keep in regards to blogging.

And I’m constantly inspired to take the blog in a different direction and then I get overwhelmed and I decide to just not touch the blog for a while and then I eat out a lot.

So I’m hopefully back for a little bit.  I have a couple posts lined up this week, one for meal prep, and one for knitting projects I’ve been working on.

But for now…THANKSGIVING!!


Stop and drop everything you’re doing right now and go buy the Black Truffle flavored Olive Oil from Trader Joe’s because it is literally the best thing you will ever eat in your whole entire life!!!  I made brussel sprouts for Les Miz Friendsgiving and I was quite proud.  I used TJ’s Truffle Cheese as well.  Aaaaand BOOM goes the dynamite.


This.  Yum.  Drink lots.  Also their Vanilla Milk Stout is really good, too!


One of my contributions to Thanksgiving this year was a pumpkin bread pudding with a homemade caramel sauce.  You can find it on Epicurious.  It was a HIT and will probably show up occasionally for other things.  I also want to try and health-ify it.  Lots of cream and sugar.


I got to spend lots of time with sisser and her boyfriend.  She got the leg of the turkey.


We took a post-dinner nap.  Standing up.


Then we wrestled on the floor and napped some more.

It was very sisser-ly.


Also I’m officially obsessed with Settlers of Catan.  I just really love board games and no one ever plays with me.  Taking applications now for board game friends (in addition to the Spees, obviously) and/or a boyfriend who will put up with my unnecessary shit talking and occasional drunk cheating.

On the games.  Not on the relationship.

Ummm…yeah.  Clarification.


And then there was this.  One of two reasons I moved to Seattle.

New Voices.


When Rj talked to me about it, I seriously nerded out and jumped around the room and looked like a dumbass but I am so unbelievably excited and humbled to be asked to be a part of this, it’s not even funny.  I have loved watching the videos for years, going to the concerts these last couple years I’ve been in Seattle, and now I finally get to do it.  I’m singing in a gorgeous group number and I hope you get to come.  Because if it’s like it normally is, you will pee your pants laughing for one song, and then sit there stunned and sobbing for the next.  LURVE IT.  And GET YO TICKETS.

8 days til my birthday.  Don’t forget.

Love and miss you all, and happy merry Christmas!

No words

I was getting my food photos and birthday photos all edited and loaded onto WordPress (you know, because I’m like 4 days behind of course) when I finally turned to Yahoo News.

And my heart hit the floor.

I have no words to express the sheer horror I feel over what has happened.  I can’t stop crying after reading about how the police had the kids close their eyes as they got them out of the school.

As an eventually-future mom, my heart grieves with those parents.  As an eventually-future teacher, my heart hurts but grows so big knowing those teachers did what they could to keep their students safe.  But as an only-too-recently kid, my heart just breaks.  At that age, no one should have to deal with PTSD or losing their best friend or walking the hallways of their school worrying that it’s going to happen again.

I cannot fathom.

My thoughts & prayers are with that community tonight.

Vegetarian Week

The week before Thanksgiving, I decided to do something crazy.

I was nervous. I like meat. I always would find myself craving it on Meatless Mondays. So I decided to do a whole week vegetarian (and low gluten). And you know what? It was actually not bad at all.

The goal coming out of this is to really work on adding more veggies to my meals in a comprehensive way. If I have to cook them separate, you can forget it. I’m a lot less likely to want to throw something else on the stove. But incorporate it into the main meal? Absolutely.

I always forget when I’m doing things like this that I can still eat foods like mac & cheese and pizza and pretty much anything. There are a lot of options out there!! I will be the first to admit I really could have planned it better…I did minimal meal planning and ate a lot of pasta. BUT I was full every night! I lost a couple pounds, but I think that was just because I wasn’t snacking. I was eating three meals a day, and I was really trying to bulk everything up with veggies. I didn’t really do salads, but I did a lot of leftovers. Below were some of my favorite meals:

Gluten Free Rotini with Zucchini & Skinnified Alfredo Sauce

Annie’s GF Shells & White Cheddar with frozen peas…this actually was NOT necessarily one of my favorite meals, but I really wanted to emphasize the fact that I didn’t notice a different in the pasta texture. I would add more cheese the next time around, the sauce didn’t really do much for me. That being said, I usually add more cheese to any sort of boxed pasta. Hence the reason I don’t eat a lot of boxed pasta anymore.

Tortelloni with Asparagus, Zucchini, Cherry Tomatoes, and Mozzarella Cheese Chunks. Definitely my favorite of the week, and I will be making this more often. (Also, TJ’s frozen grilled asparagus is a godsend.)

Pad Thai with 50% cabbage, 50% rice noodles. Ummm…yeah, expect a recipe soon inspired by this one. I’m gonna bulk it up with more veggies and cut out the noodles completely.


And the all-time Heather Meatless Monday favorite, open face grilled cheese with TJ’s roasted red pepper & tomato soup with some added gorgonzola. Delish.

Crab Quinoa Risotto with Goat Cheese

Crab Quinoa Risotto with Goat Cheese

Hello, hours. Goodbye, social life.

Due to the fact that I missed the Servers-go-to-Vegas memo, I am in Seattle working open to close all weekend.

So I kicked it off Thursday night with a date. And I cooked! Hey, I admit, I take full advantage of a new, willing guinea pig…especially when he says the only thing he doesn’t like is Jell-o. So I got really excited and maybeeee a little ambitious.  (Me?  Ambitiously showing off?  No…)

Remember Mary’s Amazing Goat Cheese Crab Cakes? I decided I wanted to take the crab/goat cheese/green onion flavor and adapt it into a risotto. But I wanted to incorporate this new quinoa risotto I’d seen on numerous other cooking blogs.

Overall, this recipe was a complete WIN.
1) I thought it was creamy and delicious.
2) It was EASY.
3) I literally did a quadruple take when I saw the calorie stats.  256 calories per serving?  It’s perfect.

I served it with the rainbow carrots and some beets I got at the market on Wednesday, which didn’t quite match the risotto, but they were tasty none-the-less.

I’m obsessed with these colors and ready for fall

Super easy and tasty.  I followed these basic instructions on Epicurious, but I also tossed the carrots in thyme, salt, and lemon juice in addition to the olive oil.

Peeling the rainbow carrots. Look at that beautiful inside!

The rainbow carrots were a little more bitter than we expected, but gosh DARNIT they are so pretty!  And still tasty!

Preparing to roast

But now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

(No, not a picture of my date…mom…)

Crab Quinoa Risotto with Goat Cheese

6 servings
Serving Size: 1/6 of pan, ~ 3/4 C
Calories: 256
Fat: 8.67 g
Carbs: 22.5 g
Fiber: 4 g
Protein: 14.4 g

TJ Ingredients

2 tbs olive oil, separated
3-4 shallots bulbs, minced
2 tsp garlic
1 C uncooked quinoa
1 C chardonnay
~4 C reduced sodium, fat free chicken stock
2 6-oz cans crab meat
Half of a lemon, juiced
2-3 tbs chopped chives or green onions
3 oz goat cheese crumbles

The hardest part: patience

With 1 tbs olive oil, sauté the shallots over medium heat. Add the garlic when the shallots start to turn clear. Add the uncooked quinoa and cook for about a minute, then add the cup of chardonnay. Cook until almost all of the wine is evaporated, stirring constantly. Once the wine is mostly gone, add the chicken broth a cup at a time. Slowly cook it down, and continue stirring every 2-3 minutes, maintaining a very low boil. Keep adding the broth and cooking it down until your quinoa is cooked through (I did not use all four cups, but my quinoa cooked pretty quickly.  I also was throwing the lid on there, which might have been part of it).

When you add the last amount of broth you’re going to use, also add the two cans of crab, the chives, and the lemon juice.  Mix all these ingredients into your risotto mixture, and allow the broth to cook all the way down.  Serve immediately, and top with half an ounce of the goat cheese crumbles.

Crab Quinoa Risotto

And here is where I tell you I made skinnified mini cheesecakes with a golden raspberry sauce for dessert…that recipe will be posted tomorrow.

Creamy cheesy crabby goodness.

(And then I definitely made my Light Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Fine, I accept enthusiastically ambitious.)

Finally, a good pic of this dish.

Fitness Update

Guys. I forgot to tell you.

This happened:

(includes 5 min warm-up, 0.31 miles)

WHAT. I ran for a solid 25min/2.46miles???? WHO IS THIS GIRL??

Why I love Seattle

I ran around Greenlake again…holy shittake mushrooms, Batman, did it kill.  My quads were giving my major problems immediately after and for the whole next day.  What is up with that?  I guess I should stretch a little better before AND after.  Possibly invest in one of those foam rollers.

I’ve also been doing a lot of strength training while I catch up on my trashy reality TV shows…Peyton gets a solo?  JEF??  Justin beat Yvon???  FELIX WENT HOME!?!?!?!?!?  <end embarrassment here>  But seriously, I grab my 5 pound weights, do a few different moves, do some abs, and I feel great afterwards.  I will definitely be posting my workout calendar I’ve been trying to follow as soon as I have enough spare time to make it look pretty.

I am starting to see some definition (at least, I’m hoping it’s not just wishful thinking).  If I am feeling good in the next week or so, I definitely took a before pic that already I’m like HOW DID I LET IT GET LIKE THAT.  I’ll post an in-process during pic maybe.  We’ll see.  I really don’t like the before pic, but I’m proud of the fact I’m getting consistently lower than 125 on the scale.  120 is my maintainable goal weight, 115 would be kickass.  When I hit a little above 130 a couple months ago, that was a wake-up moment for me.  I’m not saying that’s big; it’s actually a normal weight for someone of my height.  But I don’t feel GOOD at that weight, and I know where I can get to and still be mentally and physically healthy.  So wish me luck, I’m gonna keep pushing my run time up, hopefully!

Taking the market by (instagram) storm


No line at the Sbux. Strange.



Not a good day to be a fish.

Full of things I desperately want, can’t afford, and don’t need.

Flower pot.

Meet Billy.

Billy loves totem poles.

And breakfast sandwiches.

Me too.

Breakfast Sandwiches. Hash Browns with Brown Butter Salt. Seatown. Get there.

Target: meet downtown.

Produce bounty. Golden raspberries and rainbow carrots.