Why Musical Theatre? Pt. 1

Why musical theatre?

I get asked the question, “So when are you going to move to L.A.?” a lot.  I guess it makes sense; the obvious place to a non-theatre person to go to be an actor would be Hollywood.  Because if you’re pursuing a career as an actor, you must be pursuing fame and money.  Right?

And then people get confused when I tell them, “No, actually, I really have no desire to be a film actor at this point in my life.”

(which inevitable leads to: “So then New York?  Broadway?”

“No, I’m actually really happy doing musical theatre here in Seattle.”  Props to people who move to NYC and love it, but I just don’t know that that life is for me.)

“But you can’t become famous acting in live theatre.  You can’t get rich acting in live theatre.  And why else would you go into acting?  You want money and fame, DON’T YOU?!?!”

And at this point in the conversation, I usually just shake my head, shrug, and walk off, because GAH IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

I always loved performing; musicals and singing were a big part of my life growing up, and it seemed like a natural choice to attend college for musical theatre when the time came around to decide what I was going to do.  I went to the University of Idaho, had some amazing professors for five years, made some unbelievable friends, and then was spit out into the real world to fend for myself.

Seattle has been amazingly welcoming, and I consider myself to be lucky enough to have gotten decent work thus far.  But still…why musical theatre?

About a year ago, I was talking to my parents about musical theatre and Audra McDonald came up in the conversation.  They didn’t know who I was talking about, so I immediately dragged them to a computer to watch one of my favorite Audra videos: the Jeff Blumenkrantz song “I Won’t Mind”:

I had heard this song in college and, and in my mind (not sure of the context of the song), this song was sung by a nanny who was unable to have children of her own.  A beautiful piece sung by a stunning voice, and I was excited to share it with my parents.

Barely a verse into the song, my mom was weeping.  I asked if she wanted me to turn it off, but she signaled to let me know it was ok.  We got to the end of the song, she was still weeping, and when she finally was able to take a breath, she said, “All I can think about is your Gamma.”

My dad’s mom, my Gamma Naomi, passed away at 93 years old in 2004, my sophomore year of high school.  My dad was an only child, as my Gamma had had him when she was 40 years old.  My dad moved her north to live closer when I was in middle school, but by that point, a series of mini strokes had taken away most of her ability to remember things.  I was unfortunately never super close with Gamma, but I do remember her loving and joyful spirit.

My junior year of college, I received a phone call from my parents explaining they had just been contacted by my dad’s half niece; apparently, my Gamma had gotten pregnant out of wedlock around the age of 21 (1930’s) and given the baby up for adoption.  She had been allowed to visit the baby up until the girl was two years old, when the adoptive parents explained that she was getting confused and they felt it would be better if Gamma stopped visiting; she never saw or contacted her daughter again.  The only other people who knew about the child were her sisters.  She never talked about it to my grandpa or my dad, and we had no idea until we received that phone call.

Where I’m going with this story, in regards to musical theatre, is that my mom and I heard the same song, but we heard two completely different stories.  One was singing to a baby she’d never have, the other was singing to her own baby she couldn’t keep.  Both are legitimate, truthful interpretations of the song.  I have to wonder…maybe hearing that song would have helped my Gamma feel more comfortable telling her story, and helped her feel less alone.

Another story:  In 2012, I was cast in the 5th Avenue Theatre’s Adventure Musical Theatre’s production of “Klondike!”.  The story, written by Bill Berry and David Austin, is a touring, 50-minute musical that follows two families’ journeys north to find gold.  About two-thirds of the way through the show, the uncle/caregiver of Katherine and Nicholas passes away on stage.  Heavy subject matter for K-8 kids, but death happened on the Klondike trail, and the writers did a lovely job honoring real-life journeys with fictional story lines.

We had the opportunity to take the show to my mom’s elementary school late in our tour.  Apparently, only a week or two previously, a student who didn’t really fit in with her classmates had lost her mother.  My mom, who had seen the show, was fully prepared to help get the student out of there if necessary during the death scene.  Instead, my mom said that when she looked back at the girl, there were tears silently streaming down her face, and the classmate sitting next to her had their arm around her; the rest of the class was leaning in and comforting her in a way to let her know they were there.  For that moment, this girl who didn’t really fit in, who was having a really hard time, got the opportunity to really KNOW that she wasn’t alone.

And that’s what I believe is the true beauty of musical theatre: you never know who’s story you’re telling, and you never know who needs to hear what you’re saying.  Musical theatre reminds us that no matter how hard it gets, we are not alone.  We as actors are blessed with the opportunity to create those personal connections from the stage, and to approach those hard subjects in the medium of live theatre.

I live for those moments; those moments of truthfulness, of vulnerability, told by means of song or dance, that are fewer and further between in today’s over-sung contemporary musicals or overdone classical musicals (those are broad generalizations, I know, and a whole other blog post).  As a performer and as an audience member, those are the moments that give a sense of oneness, of community.  Regardless of how sad the topic, there is pure joy in knowing that you are truly not alone.

And for that, for my own personal reasons, that is why I have no desire to ever move to L.A. and attempt to recreate that truthfulness behind a camera lens; while some actors have those skills (and are AMAZING), that just doesn’t call to me.  Nothing can compare to the thrill and personal-ness of live theatre.

*A quick note: I wrote this post specifically about musical theatre because that’s what I have experience in; I stand behind everything I say in regards to “straight theatre”, or even musical concerts, as well.  Just something about performing live, or being in the audience at a theatre…that’s magical to me.

June is Bustin’ Out All Over!

“Just because it’s June!  June!  JUUUUUUUUUUUUNE!!!!”

And what better way to celebrate June with only the best singing fail video of all time.  (Apparently her cue card guy fell in the mud, so I will cut her some slack…it is Leslie Uggams, you know.)

But seriously guys, June is here, and I realized I needed to kick my ass into shape.  So I got another Groupon.


Vision Quest was a fail last time (God, what was that, almost two years ago now??), but I figured that Gold’s is only a 10-15 minute walk from my house (or 3 mile run if I go through Volunteer Park), on top of a grocery store (convenient), and my friends say they only pay $25/month.  I can do that!  And I appreciate that I haven’t been bombarded every time I come in with a “ready to sign a contract yet?”  Even though I totally am!
(Mainly because I saw DAN SAVAGE there, and I totally fan-girled, and then moved because I was taking up unnecessary room by the weights.)

But also I totally love working out.



I do love that shirt, though.

For reals, workout posts are coming back this summer.  To help keep me accountable!!  Also, I bought new running shoes, so now I have to work out.  I have been re-inspired to run.  Thanks, Ari!



Colie and Graham met when Ari & I lived with Colie my junior year of college.  Ari actually introduced them because he was literally the boy next door.

I can’t even.

Colie and I were never as close as she and Ari were, but I really enjoy her a lot, and I know how important and positive this relationship has been in her life, so it was super great to go as Ari’s Plus One and get to support such a lovely union.  Also, Colie’s dad (who owned the condo we lived in, and was super great to rent from) gave the most sob-wrenching toast.  We were all a mess and it was beautiful.


Dresses from Ann Taylor Loft Outlet!!!!  WE LOVED IT!!!

And let’s be honest, it was really awesome to get to spend a few days with this wonderfully awesome lady.  We got to stay with my little sister and her boyfriend while we were in Vancouver for the wedding (THANKS EM AND DAVID!), and of course we made them food the night we were there.


Brussel Sprouts, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Chicken, Caramelized Onions, Goat Cheese, and a Balsamic Reduction Sauce…I wish we lived closer together so we could cook together more often!

We also got kind of drunk at the wedding and ran to the store for GF pizza (Ari), more beer (me), and ice cream (both of us).  We ended up crashing and forgetting about the ice cream.  So we ate it for breakfast.  Hashtag sensible.  Hashtag vacation.  Hashtag don’t judge.


So that’s it.  I felt like I needed to post an update.  My internship is winding down (one more week!), my auditions are winding up (two down, three more for sure, we’ll see what else June brings), and I have lots of strong feelings to post & new recipes to try.

Seriously, I’ve been brainstorming posts since the last one, but I always get distracted by naps.

Speaking of, this 30 day challenge will definitely be implemented post-internship.  June, I hope you’re ready for me.


Lots of love, y’all.

That one time I did Les Miz…

(photo cred: Mark & Tracy Photography, and then I zoomed in to post on Instagram…which is why the colors are odd…just to clarify.)

Yup.  That’s me.  Whore #1/Drinker #3/Young Prostitute/Girl infatuated enough with Feuilly to support the revolution who then decides to sleep with Legles at the barricade after a few too many drinks.

Third time I’ve opened this show in the last 10 years.

And it’s fucking AWESOME.

Guys, there’s nothing more amazing than doing what you love, getting paid for it, and still crying at the end of every show.  Because that little old lady in the front row sobbing is adorable.

I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of this production.  It is brilliant.  The people are so unbelievably professional and talented.  Get your tickets.  And watch this sizzle reel.

Back to blogging.  For reals.  I’m super great at making promises I can’t keep in regards to blogging.

And I’m constantly inspired to take the blog in a different direction and then I get overwhelmed and I decide to just not touch the blog for a while and then I eat out a lot.

So I’m hopefully back for a little bit.  I have a couple posts lined up this week, one for meal prep, and one for knitting projects I’ve been working on.

But for now…THANKSGIVING!!


Stop and drop everything you’re doing right now and go buy the Black Truffle flavored Olive Oil from Trader Joe’s because it is literally the best thing you will ever eat in your whole entire life!!!  I made brussel sprouts for Les Miz Friendsgiving and I was quite proud.  I used TJ’s Truffle Cheese as well.  Aaaaand BOOM goes the dynamite.


This.  Yum.  Drink lots.  Also their Vanilla Milk Stout is really good, too!


One of my contributions to Thanksgiving this year was a pumpkin bread pudding with a homemade caramel sauce.  You can find it on Epicurious.  It was a HIT and will probably show up occasionally for other things.  I also want to try and health-ify it.  Lots of cream and sugar.


I got to spend lots of time with sisser and her boyfriend.  She got the leg of the turkey.


We took a post-dinner nap.  Standing up.


Then we wrestled on the floor and napped some more.

It was very sisser-ly.


Also I’m officially obsessed with Settlers of Catan.  I just really love board games and no one ever plays with me.  Taking applications now for board game friends (in addition to the Spees, obviously) and/or a boyfriend who will put up with my unnecessary shit talking and occasional drunk cheating.

On the games.  Not on the relationship.

Ummm…yeah.  Clarification.


And then there was this.  One of two reasons I moved to Seattle.

New Voices.


When Rj talked to me about it, I seriously nerded out and jumped around the room and looked like a dumbass but I am so unbelievably excited and humbled to be asked to be a part of this, it’s not even funny.  I have loved watching the videos for years, going to the concerts these last couple years I’ve been in Seattle, and now I finally get to do it.  I’m singing in a gorgeous group number and I hope you get to come.  Because if it’s like it normally is, you will pee your pants laughing for one song, and then sit there stunned and sobbing for the next.  LURVE IT.  And GET YO TICKETS.

8 days til my birthday.  Don’t forget.

Love and miss you all, and happy merry Christmas!

Workouts 7/8-7/14

The Workouts
Monday, July 8 – Rest

Tuesday, July 9 – 3 miles. Got into a fight with a dirt road at mile 2. Slash got distracted by a puppy, tripped over a sewer thing, and Superman-ed through the dirt. Like you I do.


Wednesday, July 10 – Rest

Thursday, July 11 – I did some of these exercises with my 5-pound weights at home. A good guide of things to do if you’re not sure where to start weight lifting. I was mentally prepping for the understudy rehearsal, and wanted to save my energy for the show, so no run today!

Friday, July 12 – 2.5 miles

20130715-132724.jpgSaturday, July 13 – Gym!I did 2.5 miles between the elliptical and the treadmill…I tried to do circuit-style (1 mile, weights, 1 mile, work on dances, 1 mile) because I hate treadmills, but that actually made it worse. The last .5 mile was done on the elliptical, but again, those machines are so old, it took me too long to figure out how to use it, so I didn’t do the full mile to round it out to three.
Chest Press: 3/15/8
Chest Flies: 3/15/8
Bicep Curl: 3/15/8
Shoulder Press: 3/15/8
Rows: 3/15/8
Tricep: 3/15/8

Sunday, July 14 – 2.75 miles. Shitty run. I got started too far into the heat of the day, and had to keep stopping because I could feel myself overheating. My 30-min run was closer to 50-min. :-\

So the 50 miles may have been a bit of a large goal to set, but I’m still going to go for it. Because why not. I just wish this heat wasn’t so killer and so early in the morning! But I remember having this problem last summer, too, having to wake up early in the morning to get my run in. I’ll work on it.#July50miles – 19.25/50
I’m 38.5% towards my goal at 50% of the way through the month. Really, not bad. But I can do better! I just need to do 4 days of 3 miles a week, and I’ll be fine!!

The Playlist
Hotel Room – Pitbull
I love the abs-centric zumba routine I pinned to this song, but it’s also just a catchy song. Albeit totally shockingly raunchy. If you’re easily uncomfortable, just don’t hit play.

The New Thing I Tried This Week
Meaning MY NEW FAVORITE THING FROM STARBUCKS. I had tried the canned version last summer, but this year, since Kenneth works at Starbucks, I asked him to just make me something fruity and awesome, and he made me a tasty mix of the Pomegranate and Valencia Orange one, and subbed lemonade for the water. So yummy.


The Laugh
Cherisse, Shari, Erin, and I went to karaoke where our new friend Mark proceeded to call us singing sluts and told everyone we accepted free drinks. Whatever, we got a free beer out of the deal. Even though Cherisse doesn’t drink beer. It was the thought that counted.


The Adventure
Hobby Lobby, Ross, and Olive Garden in Wenatchee, where we met our new server BFF Maggie! Seriously, she made our day at OG. We also ate 5 baskets of breadsticks between the four of us. Don’t judge.  And she brought us extra mints!!  THE BEST!!!


The Theatre Stuff
We open Joseph this week! AAAAAH! Also, it’s understudy performance night, so Nicholas and I are going on as Joseph & Narrator, respectively. So stoked. And ready.

We also had an understudy night in Sound of Music the other night! Thank goodness Nikki is on top of her stuff and just rocked it, but definitely wishing Jenness better as soon as possible. No one likes completely losing her voice.

But because Nikki was going on as Maria, that meant Christina got to go on as the postulant! Big part. She was a nervous wreck. 😉


The Strong Feelings
I have strong feelings about the cats at my house. The little grey one is sick/slow, so the little black one sits with it and hisses if I get too close. Its too stinking cute.

20130715-132706.jpgThe Best Parts
Beach Day! I started my day with a coffee date with Bradley, and then we headed down to the river where we met up with Cherisse, Kenneth, Kable, Nicholas, Megan, and Morgan. Too much fun!

20130715-132742.jpg20130715-132944.jpg20130715-132646.jpg20130715-132643.jpg20130715-132639.jpgCherisse and I also filmed our audition for Annie on Broadway. We will be performing the role as Siamese twins.

The Taco Tuesday
We made crockpot fajitas! One of chicken, one of beef. Recipe to come. Totally the easiest thing on the planet to make, and it was perfect that it was already ready to go when we got there after rehearsal.


Workouts 7/1-7/7

Holy week. First things first.

July 15, 7:30pm: Nicholas and I will be performing Joseph & the Narrator on understudy night here at Leavenworth Summer Theatre. Belting for Jesus, literally. I have 50 free tickets. Email or text me.

Also, come see the shows for realsies. Information for tickets, etc. is HERE.
I am playing Rusty in Footloose, Sister Margaretta in Sound of Music, and Asher’s Wife in Joseph. Sound of Music is just GORGEOUS up on the hill with the sunset behind it, Joseph is going amazingly well (it is currently tech week…holiness), and Footloose is the show to see if you want to see me belt my face off with “Let’s Hear It For The Boy”.
That is all.  Here are the schedules (green is SoM, blue is Joseph, red is Footloose).

July Schedule
20130708-141325.jpgAugust Schedule

The Workouts
Monday, July 1 – rest

Tuesday, July 2 – 2 miles


Wednesday, July 3 – 1.5 miles
This one was on a treadmill at the gym. Those treadmills are ancient and I got into a fight with it. Hence no picture and hence the measly 1.5 miles. I could have gone longer had my fight with the treadmill not taken 10 minutes to get me started running.

Thursday, July 4 – 2 miles


Friday, July 5 – 3 miles


Saturday, July 6 – Rest

Sunday, July 7 – Rest

How’s everyone doing on their running??I know Pam was 6/50 this morning! I’m currently sitting at 8.5/50. Could be worse, should be better.
“I betta step it up and fight the heat, cuz I’m not making money if the coffee isn’t light and sweet!”…yeaaaaahh…I tried. #musicaltheatreprobs
Because how do I really feel after a 2 mile run in 80 degree weather? Like this:
The Playlist
“The Chain” – Ingrid MichaelsonNot on my workout playlist, but I have a big ol’ lady crush on a couple chicas out here and definitely want to have a lady singalong jam session. This song is one of my favs.

The New Thing I Tried This Week
Actually buying an outfit from Ross & Goodwill. I hate to dig for clothes, I hate the smell of Goodwill, so if something doesn’t catch my eye in the first five minutes, I’m back at American Eagle and Target. We went thrift shopping in Wenatchee for Footloose costumes, and I ended up with the below dress for the BBQ Palace scene and the boots for myself.

Aaaand here’s the Ross dress (also the Footloose Trio with Ariel…read on). With boots and belt ala Goodwill. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many compliments on an outfit, and it only cost me about $26. Worth it.

20130708-132045.jpgThe Laugh
This sign I found in Leavenworth:


And this pic from the 4th of July picnic, where I literally was trying so hard not to pee on Kenneth from laughing so hard. Don’t worry, I held it together. (Photo cred: Shari S!)


The Adventure
Where’s Waldo followed by wine slushies at Kestrel! SO YUMMY!!!

The Theatre Stuff
We opened Sound of Music on Friday FINALLY! We celebrated at Visconti’s, where I had some brussel sprouts with pancetta, gnocchi in a sage butter, and 23oz of Whistling Pig Hefeweizen that was well deserved and unexpectedly large.


We also attended a Soireé at Icicle Ridge Winery, where we got to sing some songs from the shows we were in. It ended up pouring rain and we had to sing inside, but the location was amazing. We chatted with the wine makers for a while (the husband is a U of I alum, GO VANDALS!), and hopefully will get to do a cabaret later on this summer out there. If you get out to the Leavenworth area, definitely go check out their house-turned-winery. It’s freaking gorgeous, and the Gewurztraminer was amazing.
Ariel (Cherisse), Ren (Nick H-S), myself, and Williard (Kenneth) decided to do a prom pic for y’all.


The Strong Feelings
I love Post Secrets! If you don’t know what it is, check out the website, read about it, it’s pretty awesome. This week, two just hit really close to home, and I wanted to share.

20130708-124710.jpg20130708-124713.jpgI hate going to doctors, and having them tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about, sending me on my way without a fix, only for me to end up back there with strep throat. Not that that happened or anything.
Seriously, do doctors not understand that singers/dancers/actors understand parts of our bodies better than the average person? Can they not just trust us when we say GIVE US ANTIBIOTICS, WE HAVE AN AUDITION IN THREE DAYS, AND MY THROAT IS PRACTICALLY SWOLLEN SHUT, THIS IS NOT A VIRAL INFECTION.
End music.

The Best Parts
There were a lot of highlights this week, but two of the biggest were this growler of Huckleberry Ale from The Alehouse (Coeur d’Alene Brewing Company) that my parents brought me:


And these beautiful pictures I took of the river after one of my runs this week:


The Taco Tuesday
We made nachos! I brought the chili, and I was in charge of grating all the cheese. Two blocks. The only reason I’m bringing it up/bragging is because it was epic. Also, Dani brought Margarita cupcakes. They had tequila in the frosting and sugared raspberries in the center. Just stop it. Or let me live with you and nanny your dogs. This week, it’s crockpot fajitas!

20130703-013531.jpg20130703-013527.jpgThe Meal Prep
Ummm…I bought some sandwich stuff, yogurt, grapes, and a bunch of cherry tomatoes. I didn’t really do any prep. Slash I ate out a lot, I feel like.

What I’ve Been Up To

So here’s a brief (photographic) summary of what I’ve been up to!!

20121115-011446.jpgI ran my first 5K: The Iron Girl in Seattle, WA.  We ran around Greenlake, and my time came in at 32:31.  An early NYR is to get my mile avg to 9:30, and to come in under 30 minutes.  By the summer, I’d like to get the mile avg down to 8:30.  That’s what I’m aiming for.

I got my headshots retaken by my lovely friend Jasmin (she also did my hair & makeup).  We settled on the middle one for obviously reasons.  (The corner ones are my favorite.)

20121115-011512.jpgI went camping for the first time in FOREVER!  We went out to Lake Crescent, about an hour out of Port Angeles.  Beautiful beautiful beautiful and a lot of fun!

We spent a lot of time playing Queen of Spades and drinking Miller High Life.  Jasmin did all the cooking as I am afraid of fire.

This was our campsite in the daytime!  Look at how gorgeously clear the water is!!!

We went on a hike on an old rail road path.  In full lesbian garb.  Jasmin attempted a dip in the freezing cold water while I made friends with the butterflies.

The PNW is seriously one of the most beautiful places in the world.

We made friends with this butterfly.  He latched onto my backpack and hung on for dear life for the last like 30 minutes of our hike.

The water was SO blue.  Seriously, could that top right picture not easily be Hawaii??

20121115-012300.jpgI discovered my new favorite fall beverage: Hard Cider with a shot of Fireball.  It tastes like fall deliciousness.  Also, it goes down really easily, so definitely be careful!

20121115-012319.jpgMy hair is back to dark FINALLY.

20121115-012337.jpgI got to vote YES for marriage equality in my beautiful home state.

20121115-012350.jpgGot to celebrate my parents’ birthdays at Wild Ginger!

Got to be a zombie back-up singer in my friends Danny & Michael’s Halloween cabaret.

Got to dress up at work.  As Super Margarita.

20121115-012539.jpgI hella sliced my finger with my mandolin.  Didn’t have any bandages, so I wrapped it up in paper towels and duct tape.  Walked around target looking for bandaging with my hand on my head to get the bleeding to stop, it definitely kept going for about 24 hours.

Forced my coworkers to have an election party since I had to work a close shift.  Luckily it wasn’t busy, so we could keep our eyes on the TV for most of it!  I themed the food for hot issues on the WA state ballot: Not-Pot Red White & Blue Brownies for I-502, Rainbow Fruit Skewers for R-74, Corndog Bites for I-1240 (one of my fav cafeteria treats from my younger years), and Deviled Eggs (because the devil you know…)

So there we go.  I’ll see you next time for my GF post!!!

Orzo with Wild & Long Grain Rice (and Moscow via Instagram)

I don’t care for rice.  There.  I’ve said it.

You know how plain white rice is like a standard side dish for EVERYTHING?  So I never really liked it.  I think that’s why I’ve latched onto quinoa so hard, because I just have never been a huge rice side dish fan.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good paella, fried rice, risotto…but rice as a plain side dish?  Nope.  No gracias.  Not for me.

But seriously this might be my absolutely favorite basic side dish ever.

Every time my dad makes it, I go back for thirds.  It’s delicious and easy.  And keeps well in the fridge for a couple days.

Also, you’ll need it for tomorrow’s Tuna “Noodle” Casserole recipe.  😉  Tah DAAAAAAAH!

Dad’s Orzo with Wild & Long Grain Rice

1/3 C Orzo
2/3 C Wild/Long Grain Rice blend
1 tbs olive oil
2 C chicken broth
Salt to taste

Browning the orzo

Heat the oil over medium heat. Add the orzo and brown for a couple minutes…DEFINITELY keep an eye on it, it burns unbelievably fast (what? That didn’t happen to me or anything…despite my dad totally warning me…). The SECOND it starts to brown, add the rice and the chicken broth. Bring the mixture to a boil, then cover and bring down to a simmer. Cook until the broth has completely cooked down, about 20-30 minutes. Serve with anything.

Legit best side dish ever

Also, PS…I went to Moscow, ID last week to sing in an IRT Benefit.

Too much construction outside of Colfax…but I enjoyed following the pilot car! *dream job*

Fab beer #1: Huckleberry Honey Ale from Bitter Root (Montana)

Got to hang out with this kid…showing off his duck face.  (Sorry Nick, the pic was just too good!!!!)

Fab beer #2: Double Pilsner from Odell (Colorado)

Hungover from the night before…Fab cure #1: Starbucks

Fab Cure #2: The Platter from The Breakfast Club. Only ate about 2/3 of it. SO GOOD.

Went back to David’s (Em’s BF) so she could prep for HP trivia at the bee’s that night. She went a little crazy (in a very adorable way) (even if David and I were kind of laughing at her) 😉

Then she came to see me sing!! Check out her homemade Gryffindor shirt. Nice. ❤ SISSERS!

Fierce Idaho Beltresses. This girl rocks my socks. Check out the video below of us from my senior recital, LOVE IT.

Hopefully we’ll have videos of the performance soon!