Seattle Beerventure Pt 4 – Ballard


The Plan

My first beerventure with my new guy!!  I apologize for the belated post (yet again!), but I was part of putting Little Shop of Horrors up in 10 days in Bellingham (THAT beerventure post later this week!) and I returned to the end of soccer season commencing, which means hella hours at work.
I split the beerventure into two sets: Reubens, Stoup, and Populuxe just with Toby, and then Peddler, NW Peaks, and Hilliards with the Spees (Toby & I actually started the night at Rooftop, but it was a bit out of the way AND they’re moving!  So I’ll include that in my Other Breweries post!).  The map above shows the path we had planned on taking if we hadn’t split it up, but schedules only allowed for nighttime venturing.  This would be hands down the easiest, most fun beerventure thus far; Reuben’s and Hilliards are Seattle Standards, and the other four are great microbreweries doing some interesting things.  I’d recommend this one for out of town beer geeks who are open to trying new things.

Check out the total progress we’ve made HERE!

1.1 miles/26 minutes/6 breweries/33 beers/7 Untappd badges

Peddler Brewing Company
Northwest Peaks Brewery
Hilliard’s Beer
Reuben’s Brews
Stoup Brewing
Populuxe Brewing

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 6.29.21 PM

Reuben’s Brews


Beers I Tried

1. Foreign Export Stout
2. Cream Ale
3. Kenya Cream
4. American Rye
5. Robust Porter


I have always been a fan of Reuben’s…we’ve always carried it at the pizza place, and it’s always good.  I was definitely not disappointed!  The space was small, a lot smaller than I expected, but it was cozy.  And they had pretzels! Always a plus in my book.
The two cream ales were hands down my favorites.  I really liked them both; I would order the Cream Ale again as a full beer, but I enjoyed the sweetness of the Kenya.  The stout and porter were very enjoyable, wasn’t a huge fan of the rye, but really, one of the most consistent breweries I’ve been to during these beerventures.

Stoup Brewing


Beers I Tried

6. Robust Porter
7. Wheaton IPA
8. Northwest Red
9. Citra IPA
10. Bavarian Hefeweizen

Yay Stoup!  I’d had a couple of their beers on various taps throughout Seattle and was eager to check them out.  Another small space, food truck out front, but really friendly bartenders.  A very straightforward brewery with only a handful of beers on draft.
Robust porter, the red, and the Citra IPA were all really good.  I’ve realized I’m a huge fan of Citra hops and never turn down the opportunity to try a new one.  The Hefe was my choice, and the Wheaton IPA was Toby’s, and I can’t say I was a huge fan of either.  I was actually really disappointed by the hefe, they are generally my go-to at breweries.  The Wheaton was just a little too hoppy for my taste.

Populuxe Brewing


Beers I Tried

11. Rye Pale Ale
12. Expansion IPA
13. Double IPA
14. Dunkelweizen
15. Beer Snob Brown
16. Blackberry Pale


I LOVED THIS SPACE!!!  Such a cool outdoor beer garden with lights!  I want to have parties here!  Totally chill, not trying to be anything except a yard next to a junk yard with some picnic tables.  Loved it.
This place had my highest and lowest ratings of the night…lots of hits and misses.  I LOVED the blackberry pale and the Beer Snob Brown, but really couldn’t get behind either of the IPAs (although, again, a reminder I’m not an IPA fan…).  The rye pale was pretty good, and felt mediocre about the dunkelweizen.  They seem to have a pretty frequently changing list, so I’d love to go back seasonally to see what they’re up to.  Recently tried their Peach Saison at a party and very much enjoyed it.

We then proceeded to end the night with a beer at the Jolly Roger (I also needed my stamp!!), and by then, we were drunk enough to think beer battered deep fried bacon with maple aioli would be a great idea.  And it was delicious.


Peddler Brewing Co


Beers I Tried

17. ISA (India Session Ale)
18. Stage 22 – Oatmeal Stout
19. Coffee Saison
20. Tangerine-Wheat
21. Pumpkin Spice Belgian
22. Golden Pedal – Belgian
23. Caramel ESB

A cool space; it is definitely a great hangout for cyclists.  My friend Adam loves this place and was raving about their use of bicycle parts in the decor.  I am not a cyclist, so I missed these little nuances unfortunately, but I definitely get the appeal.
The ISA was pretty good, a subtle ginger flavor.  The Pumpkin Spice and Caramel ESB were very mediocre, and the Tangerine-Wheat tasted like cleaning supplies.  Coffee Saison I couldn’t decide on; the lightness was odd for the coffee flavor.  I enjoyed the Oatmeal Stout and the Golden Pedal, but overall, not a place I would go back for the beer.  If six breweries in one day seems daunting, this is the one you could skip (unless you’re a cyclist…then you should draw straws).

NW Peaks Brewery


Beers I Tried

24. Enchantment Saison
25. Tinkham Berlinerweisse
26. Stuart Stout
27. Eldorado Pale Ale
28. Challenger IPA
29. Redoubt Red


Very, very tiny space.  The line took up a lot of room, and it was extremely crowded but not a lot of people.  Definitely a place to go in the summer when the weather allows for outside seating.  Really friendly people though, especially the customers
LOVED the Berlinerweisse, which is weird, since I’m not a huge sour fan.  The Redoubt Red was disappointing.  Not as sweet as I like a red to be, but I’m always let down by dryer reds and darks.  Everything else I gave 3.5 stars; good, drinkable, I’d definitely drink there again.





Beers I Tried

30. All Hopped and Lager
31. Opulator Doppelbock
32. Chrome Satan
33. Murdered Out Stout

The space is a huge warehouse.  I’ve hung out here a few times because Toby’s Biscuit Box used to do weekend mornings, and they’re great for Seahawks games, but the seating is not plentiful inside.  Another brewery you’d want to hit in the summer with good weather, or bring your own chairs if you’re planning on watching a game.
No tasters; good thing there were four of us so I could try four different ones!
I’d had Hilliard’s around Seattle as well.  They aren’t big on the taps, but huge can production.  Overall, their beers are solid.  There is nothing I’ve tried that I strongly dislike.  The Lager was the only one I didn’t dig; Chrome Satan is my go-to when I go there.

We ended the Beerventure Pt 4.5 back at Bad Jimmy’s where I proceeded to buy a tanktop, drunkenly effuse to the brewer(?) how he was my favorite so far, and love on their Strawberry Mango Hefeweizen.  Yes fruit beer!